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  1. Olympic Bodies: Body types and their advantage in certain sports....
  2. Myanmar
  3. Why the Fastest Runners are Black and Swimmers are White...
  4. Scientists Discover How Brains Keep Clean...
  5. Brain structure and social networks
  6. Genes for face shape identified
  7. Will Humans Eventually All Look Like Brazilians?
  8. Male DNA present in female brains
  9. Big brains=prone to cancer but longer lives?
  10. Hair colour in the Balkans
  11. Plato's Chair-ness proven?
  12. Like Girls, Boys Are Entering Puberty Earlier
  13. People without Gene for Underarm Odor Still Wear Deodorant
  14. The art of reconstruction
  15. The Amazing Story Of The $300 Glasses That Correct Colourblindness
  16. What are your ABO & Non-ABO Blood Groups?
  17. Rare brain condition leaves woman seeing world upside down
  18. How A Sneeze Can Reveal Your Real Peronality
  19. Smartphone Face
  20. Man, 66, goes to doctor and finds he's a woman
  21. People in their 90s are getting smarter
  22. KELL +
  23. Origin and ancient history of red hair
  24. Classify J Man
  25. Faces from discarded DNA
  26. Why do some people prefer bitter drinks?
  27. Physicists probe urination 'splashback' problem
  28. "Pierce Brosnan gene" - dark hair, blue eyes and freckles
  29. Y chromosome: Why men contribute so little
  30. Men and women's brains are 'wired differently'
  31. Science Finally Able To Tell The Genetic Difference Between Identical Twins
  32. Looking for a photo of someone that matches this skull
  33. KLOTHO gene and intelligence
  34. Scientists: Human Muscles May be Just as Unique as Brain
  35. "Drug gives bald man full head of hair"
  36. What are Your Foot Roots
  37. Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain
  38. "Most Humans Use Only 10% Of Their Brain"
  39. Scientists discover why some thrive on less sleep than others
  40. The Secret to A Better Night’s Sleep? Your Foot
  41. European height study - diet and genes
  42. another cool thing about Peanut Butter!
  43. types of tears
  44. brachycephalic vs dolichocephalic
  45. Knuckle cracking debate settled
  46. North Europeans were Brown Eyed and Swarthy in the Bronze age
  47. Blue-eyed people are inclined to be more addicted to alcohol
  48. North-Norwegians, North-Swedes and Finns
  49. Cranio-Facial features influenced by Y-/mtDNA: Urban legend?
  50. Agriculture to blame for crooked teeth?
  51. extended time in space and how it changes the human body
  52. Genes help determine education level: study
  53. Bizarre, Long-Headed Woman from Ancient Kingdom Revealed
  54. Human pigmentation
  55. How common are light eyes, lose textured hair, and tanned skin amongst CentralKenans?
  56. Your predicted phenotype
  57. Largest ever global study of height
  58. New craniometric evidence on the origin of the karelians
  59. Smarter Brains Are Blood-Thirsty Brains.
  60. Facial Reconstruction of Mycenaean era Griffin Warrior from Ancient Greece
  61. brow ridge ?????
  62. Face Of 9,500 Year Old Neolithic Man From Jericho Reconstructed
  63. Inuit, Native Americans Adapted to Cold Through Mixing With Archaic Humans
  64. So what is "curly" hair?
  65. 83 new genetic variants that strongly influence human height revealed in global study
  66. Face Of ‘Brutally Murdered’ Pictish Man Reconstructed
  67. Genetic variation in chromosome Y regulates susceptibility to influenza A virus infec
  68. Electroencephalographic Recordings During Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Therapy Until
  69. ANE substrate in NW Europe genotype and phenotype!?
  70. Evolutionary population history of early Paleoamerican cranial morphology
  71. Tuberculum sextum (six cusps on mandibular molar)
  72. Face Of 'Ordinary Poor' Man From Medieval Cambridge Graveyard Revealed
  73. Face Of Stone Age Woman From Thailand's Northern Highlands Revealed
  74. The mountains of giants: an anthropometric survey of male youths in Bosnia and Herzeg
  75. Taiwan aborigine look more Caucasian than Central Asian Turks , Southeast Asian. Why?
  76. Upper Paleolithic European more similar to groups from northern and northeastern Euro
  77. never published papers on this blog about physical traits related to old migrations
  78. upper body strength and support for war
  79. afontova gora 3, blondism and r1b
  80. not only r1b,wheel but also plague with steppe
  81. The Bell Beaker phenotype and the flat occiput.....
  82. Association of mitochondrial DNA haplogroups with elite athletic status in Iranian p
  83. Why were Sardinians the shortest Europeans? A journey through genes, infections, nutr
  84. blood type and personality fake science
  85. The Omo-Kibish I pelvis
  86. Ancient Egyptian Dignitary's Face And Brain Reconstructed
  87. Polygenic Adaptation has Impacted Multiple Anthropometric Traits
  88. Neanderthal-Derived Genetic Variation Shapes Modern Human Cranium and Brain
  89. Face Of Ancient Pictish Man Digitally Reconstructed
  90. Changes in stature from the Upper Paleolithic to the Medieval period in Western Euro
  91. Weird Science
  92. Sex and age determination of an old mineralized skeleton
  93. Athletic ability and finger length linked?
  94. New AI can guess whether you're gay or straight from a photograph
  95. Genome-wide Variants of Eurasian Facial Shape Differentiation and a prospective model
  96. All blue-eyed people have a single ancestor in common
  97. Isotope Issues
  98. Online Pigmentation Predictor
  99. 23&Me Hair curliness results
  100. Facial Reconstruction of Neolithic Girl from Greece
  101. The evolution of modern human brain shape (Neubauer et. al 2017)
  102. Tallest populations : the real story
  103. How much do i resemble my Middle Eastern origins? (Taxonomy)
  104. Epicanthic fold in North Western European
  105. Scando Nordid vs East Nordid
  106. HIRISPLEX-S, HIRISPLEX & IRISPLEX Eye, Hair and Skin colour DNA Phenotyping webtool!
  107. Should Eastern Indonesia (Wallacea) even be considered Southeast Asia?
  108. Classification and ethnicity
  109. How accurate is your gedmatch eye color prediction?
  110. Archaic Characters of America
  111. "Craniometrics Reveal “Two Layers” of Prehistoric Human Dispersal in Eastern Eurasia"
  112. Can you have phenotype traits from past generations?
  113. eye color spectrum
  114. EDAR mutations
  115. Coevolution of eyes, hair skin in NW Europe
  116. modern behaviour begins with modern language development 70,000 years ago
  117. What are the genetics of breast size?
  118. Is it possible to determine Otzi the iceman's original skin color, from his remains?
  119. Facial reconstruction of a 1,000-year-old female Viking warrior
  120. Dinarization and sexual selection.....
  121. Have genetics for nose, lip shape, bone structure and facial fat identified?
  122. 1 of the 7 beauties: blond and brown eyes or dark and blue/gray eyes!?
  123. Mal'ta boy dental analisys
  124. I found my red hair variant
  125. Are there notable differences between Eastern Bantu and West Africans (Niger-Congo)?
  126. I can find very little information on Angola DNA results
  127. Jamaica much more related to Ghana/IvC than Nigeria - Is this study reliable?
  128. Facial reconstruction of Motala HG
  129. Is Height Genetic?
  130. The Peschanitsa Skull
  131. Skin color in Levantines and Jews
  132. What is your body type?
  133. Single Grave>Bell Beaker in Davidski and Kurt Gerhardt
  134. Did Neandertals have large brains? Factors affecting endocranial volume comparisons
  135. Is SE Asian blonde hair related to European blonde hair?
  136. Afontova Gora II skull
  137. What's your PD (Pupillary distance)?
  138. What's the current thinking on where different light pigmentation traits were born?
  139. Your Best Explanation for the Epicanthic Fold in East Asians and Others
  140. Did Neanderthals Hibernate? New Study Presents Evidence
  141. Any explanation for the presence of epicanthic folds among berbers ?
  142. Facial reconstructions of Ancient Egyptians
  143. New facial reconstruction of Akhenaton ( KV55)
  144. "Human burials at the Kisese II rockshelter, Tanzania" - Laird et al 2021
  145. Motala Female Reconstructed
  146. A 3D basicranial assessment of 5th to 9th century CE Anglo-Saxons
  147. Anthropometric Description of Xinjiang People
  148. Does blonde hair and blue eyes go together in europeans?
  149. Height of ancient peoples from East and SE Asia
  150. Human hair color
  151. Ancient human relative, Australopithecus sediba, 'walked like a human, but climbed
  152. National Geographic's reconstrution of a Hispano-Roman from Lisbon
  153. Selective Sweep Papers - Titles and Abstracts Only Please
  154. rs16891982 in the Horn
  155. The people of Avaris: regional biodistance analysis using dental non-metric traits
  156. Reason behind high rate of Blondism among Sintashta-Andronvo and their descendants ?
  157. Head hair color is different to mustache and beard hair color in a Filipino.
  158. Open problems in human trait genetics