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  1. Chemo potentiates tumor resistance to chemotherapy?
  2. Obese Diabetics Live Longer than Lean Diabetics?
  3. Access to the American Journal of Sports Medicine
  4. CDC No Longer Recommends Oral Drug for Gonorrhea Treatment
  5. Exercise Doesn't Help with Weight Loss?
  6. Eating egg yolks healthy or not?
  7. Caucasians better at storing fat than South Asians
  8. Involuntary celibacy & violence: a causal link?
  9. Self-explanatory
  10. Low-calorie diet may not prolong life
  11. The Laziest Countries on Earth
  12. 30 Minutes of Exercise as Good as 60 Minutes
  13. World Suicide Prevention Day
  14. Have You Ever Smoked?
  15. Shucks---deal those cards again
  16. Anxiety: Foods That Help, Foods That Hurt
  17. The secret to why the French live longer - Roquefort cheese
  18. Planning to drink in the new year - get some asparagus extract
  20. Body Piercings and Body Fat
  21. Diet drinks' 'link to depression' questioned
  22. Why Dont I Get Colds
  23. The Truth About Butter
  24. Surprise! Cooking With Lard Is Healthier Then Oil
  25. Has Anyone Lost a Significant Amount of Weight?
  26. TED 2013: Uchek app tests urine for medical issues
  27. Study suggests pessimism makes you live longer.
  28. Pros and cons of superoxide dismutase
  29. Salt linked to immune rebellion in study
  30. The Truth About Heart Disease And Cholesterol.
  31. Black tea protects against radiation damage
  32. Are Thunder Thighs In Your DNA
  33. 'Weight loss gut bacterium' found
  34. The Health Warnings Written On Your Face
  35. Curious reaction to honey 'can cause heart arrhythmia'
  36. Russian Subways Now Accept Squats for Payment
  37. Eating nuts 'may prolong life'
  38. Why you eat red meat?
  39. Stress gene linked to heart attacks
  40. Monkeys Show Alcohol May Boost Your Immune System
  41. A study of 5 biomarkes predicting of All-Cause Mortality (Plos Medicine)
  42. High-Protein Diet Raises Cancer Risk As Much As Smoking
  43. Dumbbells Are A Girls Best Friend
  44. Ginseng can treat, prevent influenza, RSV, researcher finds
  45. For an immune cell, microgravity mimics aging
  46. Herbal medicine goes mainstream
  47. Height compared to 23andMe height assumptions
  48. Black Death skeletons give up secrets of life and death
  49. Brain implant to alleviate OCD made man a Johnny Cash fan. Effect is reversible.
  50. Good news for those living in snake countries!
  51. New Ebola breakout
  52. Obesity research paper from Sweden
  53. Anemia
  54. What percent of men between 18-30 lift regularly
  55. The microbiology that is necessary for our lives
  56. Anglo-Saxon remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA
  57. Direct evidence of gadolinium deposition in brain tissues following contrast-MRI
  58. Olive Oil crooks
  59. Our Posture (bad backs of the modern age)
  60. Proton Pump Inhibitors(PPI's): Friend or Foe?
  61. Processed meats do cause cancer - WHO
  62. The Iceman had a tummy bug
  63. Sunbathers live longer than those who avoid the sun?
  64. Milk & Breast Cancer: Association Study Review
  65. CPR Training Can Save A Life
  66. Have questions about high cholesterol, read on!
  67. Zika Virus: 2 billion people in potential areas affected
  68. Scientists zero in on mosquito DNA to repel malaria transmission
  69. The genetics of aging well
  70. "Biological explanation for wheat sensitivity found"
  71. "Resveratrol appears to restore blood-brain barrier integrity in Alzheimer's disease"
  72. Endurance exercises might play role in regulating telomere transcription
  73. Hide Your Children, The Vampires Are Coming
  74. Calorie-burning 'good' fat can be protected, says study
  75. Antidepressant drugs - risky in stressful environments?
  76. Brains had the telltale signs of Alzheimer’s, why did they still have nimble minds?
  77. Study finds key protein that binds to LDL cholesterol
  78. Clinical validation for shrooms?
  79. Personality traits and psychiatric disorders linked to specific genomic locations
  80. Scientists identify gene predisposing to artery-damaging disease
  81. You may have more control over aging than you think, say ‘The Telomere Effect’ author
  82. "Mediterranean is the fountain of youth, study claims"
  83. Telomere test
  84. Genetic testing for diet
  85. 'Late-life' genes activated by biological clock to help protect against stress, aging
  86. Water's capacity to remember
  87. 'How exercise, interval training, helps your mitochondria stave off old age'
  88. Looking for Important Body Supplement
  89. 12,000 yr old 'Mexican' girl had a very hard life
  90. Isotopic analyses suggest mammoth and plant in the diet of the oldest anatomically mo
  91. Some Neanderthals were vegetarians and used medicines, study says
  92. Nutrition has benefits for brain network organization
  93. Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world
  94. 20,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found in Australia
  95. What about a sauna, good for you or something you would never experience?
  96. New study suggests leprosy came from Europe
  97. King George III was probably suffering from a mental illnes-- new research
  98. What is your Blood Group?
  99. What is your body fat percentage?
  100. Why eating too much chilli could lead to memory loss
  101. Practicing medicine without a licence is not free speech
  102. Does anyone have the personal training certificate?
  103. Overtraining can lead to brain fatigue
  104. Why do so many people have myopia since childhood?
  105. is being vegetarian against nature or with nature?
  106. Post ADNtro Nutrition and Fitness results
  107. Mouth Guard
  108. COVID vaccine done
  109. Recherche doctorale
  110. Covid risk factors
  111. Question about the Khoisan people of Southern Africa.