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  1. Why We do Dumb or Irrational Things
  2. Troll Psychology: Why People Are So Mean on the Internet?
  3. Does Wisdom Bring Happiness or Vice Versa?
  4. A presence of fear(s)
  5. Why We Laugh
  6. Study Says People are Inclined to Help Others
  7. Lifting the Veil of Morality: Choice Blindness and Attitude Reversals
  8. Ten-minute online test estimates 'Face-Name Memory IQ'
  9. The Behavioral Sink
  10. The Evolutionary Advantage of Depression
  11. Unmasking The Biggest Troll on the Web
  12. 12 Signs of Depression in Men
  13. What you do think about coffee?
  14. 'Binge-drinking gene' discovered
  15. A Psychological Assessment of Biblical Figures
  16. People With Brown Eyes Appear More Trustworthy, But That’s Not The Whole Story
  17. Dreams, a facinating world inside our brains
  18. Of course the Tooth Fairy's real: How parents lie in the U.S. and China
  19. Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Car.
  20. Does Your Car Have To Be A Certain Color
  21. New Study Confirms that Owning Teddy Bears Does Not Reflect Immaturity.
  22. Stress balls fail to curb temper
  23. Yoghurt from a silver spoon tastes best
  24. Human mind how much it takes negatives, bad bad things?
  25. boarding school from a very young age as damaging as being put into care
  26. Sympathy and empathy in a human being?
  27. The Existence of OWD or off white delimma!
  28. Human Memory-why things stick?
  29. ADHD: Scientists discover brain's anti-distraction system
  30. Impact of childhood bullying still evident after 40 years
  31. Quote of the day -- philosophy for life
  32. WORK, the importance in your life and in general?
  33. Acquired math ability-- geometry expert after concussion
  34. Links between neanderthals and autism
  35. Man vs Machine: Big Blues big bug
  36. Suicide, Alternative Narratives, and Anthropology
  37. How Coffee Habits Relate to Our Genetic Code and Enhancing the Caffeine Experience
  38. Intuition May Reveal Where Expertise Resides In The Brain
  39. Celebrity men who have been sexually assaulted
  40. 'Detecting a coming betrayal' study
  41. too honest obit goes viral STOCKS, Mary Patricia (nee Morris)
  42. Metacognition: recognizing your mistakes
  43. Psychologist try using genetics to predict therapy outcome,shades of Minority Report?
  44. Is this world men's world and why?
  45. Psychics and psychosis - hearing voices with different outcomes
  46. Science says that happier people have these 9 things in common
  47. Genetic evidence of assortative mating in humans
  48. Jung in North America Academia
  49. Death: Individual Practices in Mourning, but Universal Emotions
  50. Cold War Coca Cola and Mental Health. Genetics?
  51. Mensa Finland IQ test
  52. Eminent Genius IQs - Hmolpedia
  53. Logic/Math, or Verbal/linguistics....what is your primary strength between the two?
  54. The Highest IQ in America... Christopher Langan... 200+
  55. Any experiences with Histrionic and/or Borderline Personality Disorders?
  56. Identifying psychopaths/sociopaths
  57. Descartes’ Dream Argument (Can you prove right now that you are not dreaming?)
  58. Work of renowned UK psychologist Hans Eysenck ruled ‘unsafe’
  59. Do good and bad people exist in all ethnicities?
  60. Anyone else suffer from serious learning/listening deficits? How to solve it?
  61. Is Chess ability strongly associated with IQ/intelligence?
  62. Genes and family are biggest predictor of academic success, study suggests
  63. Morris Berman
  64. Are You a Morning Person?
  65. Cognitive Bias in Genetics and Anthropology Discussions