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  1. The Child and the World: How Children Acquire Language
  2. Turkic Linguistics thread
  3. Radio Free Cherokee: Endangered Languages Take to the Airwaves
  4. New paper on the origins of Indo-European Languages
  5. American state names in Cherokee
  6. Lexical Comparison of vernacular Syriac ("Sureth"), Akkadian, and other languages
  7. Language Use is Simpler than Previously Thought
  8. Americans Don't Seem To Mind Britishisms Recently Creeping Into Their Language
  9. Some History of the Conception of the Seasons of the Year
  10. Where Have All the Adverbs Gone?
  11. Korean guy with a southern accent
  12. P.S. Last Call for the Postscript
  13. "Mismodeling Indo-European Origins": Recent Lecture
  14. Proto-Italic: How did it develop?
  15. Position of Nuristani Dardic
  16. Indo-European Swadesh Words
  17. Peoples, Languages and Genes in the Caucasus
  18. Vinca: Language and Culture
  19. The Last Of The Livonians
  20. Mysterious Voynich manuscript has 'genuine message'
  21. DNA will not resolve the issue of PIE
  22. The Problem with Thracian
  23. Language diversity in California linked to ecological diversity
  24. "Evidence for the influence of Iranian on the emergence of Qtil li"
  25. "Martin Lewis’ Lecture on Indo-European Origins"
  26. The Caucasus
  27. Linguistic identities of Post Yamnaya cultures
  28. "James Mallory, Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Uralic and Nostratic"
  29. The Vexatious History of Indo-European Studies
  30. Are these names of Persian origins?
  31. Frankish
  32. Ergativity
  33. Tyrsenian languages
  34. Similarities between Gaelic and Slavic
  35. Any Hindi speakers know the meaning of the word Tapena and its origins
  36. "The Urartian Substratum in Armenian"
  37. "Hind Leg' + 'Fish': Towards Further Understanding of the Indus Script"
  38. Norse Rune code cracked
  39. Linguistic Phylogenies Support Back-Migration from Beringia to Asia
  40. "Historical Linguistics by Darkstar" site discussion
  41. Etymology/Origin of "Europe"?
  42. Translation help from Latin/Greek to English?
  43. Hardest and easiest languages for English speakers.
  44. The Great Language Game
  45. Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
  46. If we were forced by God to speak one language, what would you want?
  47. Tracing indo-european linguistic origins
  48. A look at the English tongue
  49. Mutually intelligible languages
  50. Monoglot Gaelic speaker from 1980s
  51. Lake/Hu/湖 -- foreigner/Hu/胡 ??
  52. Comparing Agglutinative nature of Tamil with Turkish, Korean, Japanese and others
  53. Chinese cognate words with English
  54. An "Etnocretan" Inscription from Praisos and the Homeland of the Sea Peoples
  55. "No one could see the color blue until modern times"
  56. Europe's Languages Were Carried From the East via the steppes, DNA Shows
  57. Is there Tocharian influence in Uralic? Implications?
  58. P in Arabic
  59. Understanding informal Latin in Spain through graffiti
  60. Afroasiatic dispersal and E-M78
  61. Sumerian Language Project
  62. Anglo-Norman treatise on cooking without fire
  63. Paul Heggerty: desperate or clueless?
  64. Learning Farsi
  65. German Linguists: Why Stauber rather than Müller
  66. Is the Basque language ENF or WHG?
  67. Map of the diffusion of the runic script
  68. Proto-Semitic urheimat in the Levant
  69. The earliest use of the F-word discovered
  70. Italian linguistic database
  71. The sexiest accent in Britain is apparently Glaswegian, according to Americans
  72. Akkadian? :-)
  73. How to spot pseudo-linguistic articles in the media
  74. Pre-Semitic Arabia
  75. Age of Indo-European folk Tales (da Silva and Tehrani 2016)
  76. Pre-Greek toponyms in Greece and Anatolia
  77. Proto-Indo-European homelands from 1653 to present-day
  78. Wallacea, a linguistic area
  79. New Etruscan Text Found
  80. [Split] Iranian Languages: Traits & Cognates
  81. Pre-christian calendars of Indo-Europeans
  82. The Long Quest to Find Ashkenaz, the Birthplace of Yiddish
  83. Mayan: A Sino-Tibetan Language?
  84. Time travelling to the mother tongue
  85. Northeast US accents (New England, New York, Philadelphia) and East Anglian dialects?
  86. Chomsky's downfall
  87. Old English Place names
  88. Humans may speak a universal language, say scientists
  89. find the linquistic error
  90. who were the original chinese speaker?
  91. Language and human evolution (Klein 2016)
  92. Philistine Names and Terms
  93. Is the Italo-Celtic a valid note within Indo-European ?
  94. Proto-Indo-European landscapes
  95. Edo Nyland
  96. "Linguist's 'big data' research supports waves of migration into the Americas"
  97. Indo-Aryan Linguistic Tree
  98. Germanic/Finnic loanwords
  99. Origins of Germanic
  100. How Robust is the P-I-E model ?
  101. Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian
  102. The Anthropological Context of Euskaro-Caucasian
  103. The Wave Model of the Propagation and Changes of Linguistic Information in the Indo-E
  104. On the stratification of Indo - Iranian borrowings in the Uralic languages
  105. What does Burushaki sound like to you?
  106. [Split] Indo-Aryan Classification & Scythian Influences
  107. Baltic, Slavic, Germanic
  108. new papers about indo-european language origin
  109. IE languages with most non-IE substratum?
  110. Militarism and the Indo-Europeanizing of Europe
  111. Tracing Maltese ancestry through surnames and etymology.
  112. Were the Mitanni Aryans really Indo-Aryans?
  113. PIE Homeland in Western Asia a plausible theory?
  114. The transitions between Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in Greece, and the “Indo-Europ
  115. What does Tocharian sound like to you?
  116. Physics of bubbles could explain language patterns
  117. Lunatic fringe
  118. Iceni Coinage - Language
  119. Similarities between southwest Irish accents and Jamaican English.
  120. Name Origins of Eastern Europe
  121. Talking Neolithic: Linguistic and Archaeological Perspectives IE S Scandinavia
  122. Professional Linguists: Can you tell me what Word Order this French sentence is?
  123. Query about the existence and identity of relevant proto roots for one Sanskrit word
  124. What Do You All Think of This Guy's Videos?
  125. Langfocus Youtube Channel
  126. American vs British English
  127. Badeshi: The language only three men speak
  128. How to pronounce “deux “
  129. New linguistic analysis finds Dravidian language family is approximately 4,500 years
  130. PIE Homeland: after David Reich, MPI-SHH supports the "southern Caucasus hypothesis".
  131. language tree
  132. "A New History of Arabia, Written in Stone" - New Yorker
  133. "A critical period for second language acquisition"
  134. Sumerian and Indo-European connections
  135. Limburgish language area
  136. Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology - CALA 2019
  137. About PIE craddle. Why the anatolian theory is insane.
  138. Origin of Scots (Language)
  139. Bayesian climatologic speculations in the uralic domain
  140. Albanian Linguistics
  141. Artificial Trade Languages
  142. Which famous author do you write like app!
  143. Which English dialect do you speak test
  144. Interesting post about Germanic-Baltic-Slavic and Satem
  145. Help identifying what script this is?
  146. Evidence for the Proto-Indo-European-Euskarian Hypothesis
  147. Is the sect of the continuitists still alive?
  148. An interesting video on Indo-European languages
  149. Call for Papers - The International Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology
  150. Relationship between genitive and preposition-less locative in IE languages?
  151. Uralic
  152. How did the Gaulish language affect Occitan, Catalan, and the Langues d'oc?
  153. What exact kind of accent do you think I have?
  154. What does Tagalog language sound like to you??
  155. Post your favorite poem(s)!
  156. Call for Abstracts - Conference on Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology
  157. University backtracks on disputed Voynich manuscript theory
  158. The CALA 2,The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology 2020
  159. The CALA 2, The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology 2020
  160. Basque-Armenian Linguistic Ties: BBC Article (June 2019)
  161. What kind of accent do you have, from your perspective?
  162. What is your favorite English language accent?
  163. Saami Toponyms In Southern and Western Finland
  164. Does my writing look more 'high school'...or 'college' level?
  165. Medieval Albanian Placenames/Settlements in Kosovo & Serbia 13-15th Century
  166. Contacts between Finnic and Celtic? Merlijn de Smit 09.08.2019
  167. Is English a North Germanic language?
  168. Ante Aikio on Proto-Uralic
  169. Educate me on sardines and Sardinia
  170. What is the most aesthetically beautiful sounding language from your perspective?
  171. Why does GREEK sound similar to/have similar phonology to the Romance languages?
  172. Would you rather have a native English speaker's accent, or a foreign type of one?
  173. What's the EASIEST foreign language to learn from your perspective??
  174. What foreign language(s) are you currently studying at the moment?
  175. Kleos aphthiton, sravas aksitam, "imperishable fame"
  176. What are some languages your ancestors never taught you?
  177. Languages you have never studied but are still intelligible to you?
  178. Question on Anatolian languages
  179. Which Levantine ethnicity would have this surname?
  180. Inherited Piece of Jewelry W/ Unknown Transcription
  181. what does this mean?
  182. A. Kloekhorst and the Indo-Uralic thesis
  183. Damp, coal, sky - (Common root words from the language of carries of the paragroup P
  184. Etymology of the words 'Siberia', 'Volga'. The Sabirs people
  185. Genetic relation between Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic
  187. Ancient connections of Native American languages (& also of other language families)
  188. Indo-European spread from Anatolia and not from Steppe. Nature. 2012
  189. Uralic homeland and genetics and their implications for PIE
  190. How accurate is this video???
  191. Old Albanian & Proto-Albanian
  192. Vanishing Languages and Cultural Heritage Project - Mainly Balkan Languages
  193. Eurasian Proto-languages Phonologies
  194. How credible is the Celtic from the West theory?
  195. The original Germani spoke a Celtic language: truth or dare?
  196. [split] The Aryans: Autonym & Genetic Profile
  197. Jäger grouping of Indo-European languages
  198. Pre-Germanic development in the LN 'Flint Dagger Period'
  199. Tartessian & Conii, Europe’s newest and oldest Celtic language
  200. Ejective consonant club
  201. Huge news: Oldest Mongolic inscriptions discovered and dated to 587-620 AD (!!!)
  202. Dene-Daic family (theory)
  203. Uralic languages - new research papers & discussion
  204. Tocharian C: Linguistic Drama Abound
  205. How do you think Khotanese Saka fits in with the other Saka dialects/languages?
  206. Baltic languages: a short question.
  207. Is/Was there a dialectal continuum between North and West Germanic in Jutland?
  208. The divergence of Proto-Uralic and its offspring. A descendent reconstruction
  209. What Language Was Spoken by the People of BMAC?
  210. Languages evolving in order to become less comprehensible for strangers.
  211. Slavic loanwords more archaic in North Finnish than Southern Finnish/Baltic
  212. Is there really a centum influenced Indo-Aryan language or not?
  213. When the Arya/Aryan was first used by Indo-Iranians as their self designation ?
  214. [split] proto-Indo-Iranian, Avestan and Sanskrit: Age & Separation Date
  215. Was there a migration of Volga Finns to the Baltic Sea about 500 BC?
  216. The History of Language
  217. Linguistic Diversity in Siberia
  218. Finno-Ugric Toponyms in Lithuania
  219. New Publication on the Phylogeny of Indo-European Languages
  220. Reconstructing prehistoric languages (theme issue of journal)
  221. Schrijvers and the Germanic shift seen as an Uralic substrate.
  222. The Spread of Afroasiatic Languages, 11,000 BC to 600 AD
  223. The Concept of Language
  224. New Developments in Austroasiatic Linguistics and Munda
  225. New developments in Austronesian and Austro-Tai reconstruction
  226. How does "drive out" shift to signify "weigh out"?
  227. Albanian Linguistics
  228. Brilliant new study of origins and dating of Celtic. Italic, Germanic etc
  229. European language families
  230. Do languages and genes share cultural evolutionary history?
  231. Irish names question
  232. Coevolution of tool use and language
  233. Tai-Kradai vocabulary (with a focus on Zhuang/Cuengh)
  234. Was Proto-Indo-Aryan language spoken in Eastern Europe ?
  235. What does it mean this word in Hungarian?
  236. Detecting Contact In Language Trees: A Bayesian Phylogenetic Model
  237. Can Moroccan & Algerian Amazigh Language Speakers Understand Each Other?
  238. Balts, Slavs and their languages
  239. Sino-Tibetan linguistics, genetics and aDNA: an overview of recent readings
  240. The ethno-linguistic situation of the Armenian Highlands in the 2nd-1st millennia BC
  241. Ancient Ligurian language
  242. Critique of Triangulation supports agricultural spread of the Transeurasian languages
  243. Lexibank, a public repository of standardized wordlists with computed features
  244. paleo-european language
  245. Cracking the Cretan code: Linear A remains elusive.
  246. What causes the similarities and differences in Balto-Aryan language and mythology?
  247. Inscription On Dagger (Language Unknown)
  248. Phylogeographic analysis of the Bantu language expansion supports a rainforest route
  249. The Secondary Homelands of the Indo-European Languages
  250. On the autochthony of Albanian