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  1. Peoples Of The Caucasus
  2. FOX News Latino: How Networks are tapping into the Latino community...
  3. Islam in Central Asia: Growing Radicalisation
  4. New Study of American Mega-Churches
  5. Men and Women: What Are The Differences?
  6. Oirats on the Nile
  7. English influence on Denmark..
  8. Misc. General Human Behavior News
  9. Swedes are World's Best Internet Users
  10. On the Social Dynamics of Tailgating
  11. Amazonian Tribal Warfare Sheds Light on Modern Violence
  12. Study in Papua New Guinea Reveals How Tradition and Tribal Courts Can End War
  13. Divorce rates in the Western hemisphere
  14. In Russia, Jesus Christ Superstar No More
  15. Upside down Christmas Tree?
  16. Christianity Influence Meat Taboos and therefore Environment in Amazon
  17. Has the unexplainable really been explained?
  18. North West Asian "Stan" People.
  19. Real Men Wear Red
  20. Euphrates demographics: change only with the Mongols
  21. BEAN (Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic) Project
  22. Goudar gourmet
  23. Australian Denisovans?
  24. Conference on Islamized Armenians
  25. Australian Aboriginal Lost Tribe
  26. A short History of Gypsies of Iran
  27. Shammar Bedouin tribe of Eastern Syria, Iraq and Northern Arabia
  28. What is the difference between Afghan and Pashtun?
  29. Ethnic groups of Northern Iraq
  30. Iraqi Arabs are primary descendant of Bedouin tribes
  31. Pakistan and the Muhajir perspective [split thread]
  32. Iraqi Persians
  33. Socio-Cultural Dynamics, and Historical Processes, on the Western Edge of Pakistan
  34. The Parya of Tajikistan
  35. The myth of Arabization
  36. What is the definition and identity of italians, Italics or whatever makes sense
  37. Are Syriac Christians or Arameans-Syriacs Genetically distinct group?
  38. Iraqi Turkmens
  39. Bedouin Christians The Forgotten People
  40. The Japanese according to the European reports from 1543-1640
  41. Who were the Qizilbash ?
  42. who were the Irish?
  43. Remnants of Kossaeans??
  44. Pakistan and Afghanistan
  45. Iraqi Sunnis descendant of Islamized locals?
  46. Are Anatolians Indo European?
  47. How Iraq became a Shia majority
  48. Origins of later european settlements in Eastern North Carolina, USA
  49. Ainu People
  50. North Africa the transition from Shia to Sunni
  51. Video: Thousands of Years of Human Migration in Five Minutes
  52. Appalachian/Southern Death Customs
  53. Before they left Africa, early modern humans were 'culturally diverse'
  54. Queer and homosexually affirming surviving and intact traditional indigenous cultures
  55. The Marsh Arabs of Iraq
  56. New Book
  57. Why was the Arabian genetic impact greater in the Levant and North Africa than Iran?
  58. South Asia (Punjab) stuff
  59. South asian gangs abroad
  60. The rise of Bedouin pride in the Arab world.
  61. Female sex tourism in Jordan and Bedouins
  62. The Chinese according to early European reports
  63. Christian missionaries target Bedouins in Jordan
  64. Are Assyrians White? Why do they clam Shammar Bedouins as Islamized Assyrians?
  65. Arabic Race, how old are they?
  66. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  67. Are Yezidis an Arabian/Iranian mixtures ?
  68. The Duck Motif
  69. India's non-violent empire
  70. A Child's Christmas in Wales
  71. History of Racism
  72. Arabian conquest and female gene flow in North Africa and Iraq
  73. Native Americans
  74. Arabian Tribal Cheiftains Of African Descent
  75. Caste origins of Pakistanis
  76. Arab conquests prove that Arabization was largely a myth and politics of the time's
  77. The gene hunters in the Negev . Jews and Arabs are genetic brothers
  78. Face Value: Being a Nepali in India
  79. What is an ethnic group?
  80. Newars of Nepal: Debunking misconceptions of one of Nepal's most important races
  81. Good Resource for Learning about Cultures and Migrations
  82. Ethnic/National dress
  83. The Ulster cycle, the Celtic/IE world, and R1b
  84. Schoolgirl breaks Prof.'s no anti Irish Myths
  85. What do you think Jesus looked like?
  86. The Origin of Worry Beads
  87. Army's Anthropology Experiment Ends in Defeat
  88. [Split] Origins of various ethnicities between Punjab and Sindh
  89. My enemy/My brother
  90. 45 is halfway.
  91. [Split] Western Census Forms & South Asian Identification
  92. Once upon a time... were Indoeuropeans... :-)
  93. Christians of Kerala - Thoughts on their origins ,history and evolution to present
  94. Ibn Khaldun and the concept of Asabiyyah or ‘group feeling’
  95. Indian Sikh visits Sikh holy sites in Pakistan
  96. Turkic dynasties in India
  97. A pre-Roman god hidden in a Church?
  98. Phylogentic analysis of fairy tales
  99. Post interesting anthropological , ethnological, ethnographic maps.
  100. why we dont ride Zebra's
  101. Will racism ever end?
  102. For groups in conflict, genes matter
  103. Body Odor Is Less Offensive from "One of Us"
  104. The Complicated Intersection Of Genetics And Race
  105. How the Han Chinese became the biggest tribe
  106. Post iconic images that represent the ethnic groups of your ancestors.
  107. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder, too
  108. Define the Anthropocene in terms of the whole Earth
  109. arabs in the maghreb (maghrebi arabs) from Hilalians and banu maqil invasion ?
  110. Ethnicities of former Yugoslavia
  111. Bull-leaping - still going on (videos)
  112. Pacific Islanders invented new kind of society"
  113. International Conference in Anthropology
  114. Anthropologists' views on race, ancestry, and genetics
  115. Anglo Israelism - Christian Identity Movement Alive & Well in Modern Genetics?
  116. The term "Sub-Seharan African" have been racialized
  117. Where is everybody? The implications of cosmic silence
  119. Kamchatka's expedition (yseq, sfnc)
  120. ethnicity questionnaire
  121. 30,000-year old Sungir Homo sapiens visualized for the first time in 3-D virtual real
  122. What's your clan?
  123. Do you know names of anthropologists studying their own culture?
  124. Uluru climb to be banned on cultural grounds
  125. What is Correct between "Malinoswk" or "Malinowsc"
  126. tree temple
  127. Cultural Appropriation
  128. It's official: Millennials run from 1981-1996
  129. Some Anthropology papers with applications of Cultural Evolution
  130. Fast evolution through epigenetics
  131. Ancient Humans Are The Reason Big Mammals Are Extinct And Mammals Have Shrunk
  132. Liberal perspective on racial r/K theory
  133. Why grandmothers may hold the key to human evolution
  134. BREAKING! Either 1400+ year old Albanian community in France, or Illyrians confirmed
  135. Toponymy, the study of place names
  136. Ethnoarchaeology of "Passive" Ethnicity: Arvanites of Central Greece by John Bintliff
  137. Reconsidering the Indo-European Homeland
  138. Coevolution: the Hajnal Line, NW Euro and the crackpottery of Peter Frost
  139. What to you is "The Matrix"? ..Explain in your own words!...
  140. Your #1 favorite notable philosopher from past to present?
  141. What culture today has preserved indo European steppe culture most?
  142. What is the meaning of life?
  143. What If Germany Won World War II?
  144. Cultural Anthropologists doing Anthropology
  145. What religion do you follow or adhere yourself to?
  146. What happens when you die?
  147. Why do people have misconception when it comes to Cushitic NE Africans
  148. Work culture around the world
  149. To what ethnic group you think that the Dacians, ancestors of Romanians, were close?
  150. Has the weapon Seax gave the name to the Saxons German tribes?
  151. Native Tech website
  152. Funding actiivst anthropology?
  153. What if – everyone over 20 disappeared?
  154. Do we have any idea of what religion the Bell Beaker people practiced?
  155. Who are the one and only true descendants of the Scythians?
  156. Is the "Lake of Fire" as mentioned in the Bible to be taken literally?
  157. What dairy products were consumed in the neolithic?
  158. Long-lost cousins: Some non-Chinese Oracle Bones (!)
  159. Any Bedouin settlements in Turkey and Iran?
  160. Ruth benedict
  161. Curiousity on some Montenegrin Highland tribes and their ethnogenesis (vasojevic)
  162. What makes someone a racist?
  163. Who are the closest cultural cousins of the Mongols?
  164. Why do these Anthropology textbooks write 'differential', not 'different'?
  165. Rome and its Created Northerners!?
  166. On the Road to Heaven: Taxation, Conversions, and the Coptic-Muslim Socioeconomic Gap
  167. There NO SLAVES in Ancient Greece and Rome
  168. So what is identity really?
  169. Is it harder to make friends that belong to another culture or ethnic group?
  170. Old Photos of Andalusia
  171. Identity
  172. How did Korea end up Guilt based, when the rest of East Asia is shame based?
  173. Embedded Racism: Japan's Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination
  174. Norinaga's view that Amaterasu worshipped by Japanese is equivalent to Deity of Evil
  175. North and South of Italy - cultural and linguistic discussion
  176. a nice video on the origin and history of the gypsies
  177. Japanese Assimilation Policies