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  1. "R1a-L664"
  2. R-M420* Phylogenetic Tree
  3. Andronovo/Abashevo/Scythian/Tocharian R1a
  4. what is the latest thinking on were R1a originated
  5. How did R1a subclades enter into Germanic cultures?
  6. early R1a - M17 negative
  7. R1a - M417*
  8. Some provisional calculations for haplogroup R1a based on the first FGC result
  9. R1a and Corded Ware
  10. Languages and Y-DNA lineages
  11. L448 Origin in Norway
  12. Positive for both R1a-M420 and R1b-M343
  13. New R1a paper by Underhill et al.
  14. Scottish R1a
  15. Conflicting Geno 2.0 and Big-Y Results?
  16. Scandinavian R1a
  17. Tanais Kurgan has R1a
  18. Early subclades of R1a
  19. Geno 2.0 R-F886 ??? Lebanese
  20. R1a from Haak et al. 2015
  21. Feedback on R1a and R1a1a Samples in My Surname Study
  22. Does any R1a-Z645 (xZ282, xZ93) still exist?
  23. Can the R1a at Xiahoe really be Z93-?
  24. Ashkenazi Jews - R1a
  25. Dravidian Chenchus and R1aM17
  26. My map of R1a in West, Southwest, Central and South Asia
  27. R1a in the Volga Urals region
  28. Haplogroup R1a distribution in Iberia
  29. In what archealogical cltures wll the ancestors of R1a-L657 and R1a-Tarim be found?
  30. R1a1a with predicted subclade of R-M512... but cannot find any matches yet on FTDNA
  31. FTDNA SNP Pack
  32. R1a, YCAII = 19,21 Distribution (Viking) for Scotland Clans/Families
  33. L1029 in Britain?
  34. FTDNA's new R1a-M458 SNP Pack also fully covers L664 and acts as a Backbone SNP pack
  35. Baltic R1a
  36. What was the sub-clade R1a that the Burgundians took away?
  37. THE descendants of Alans, R1a
  38. Most likely source of haplogroup R1a1a in Sicily?? Greek? Slavic? Other?
  39. R1a - how to handle sortable string of YSNPs
  40. P1, Ancestral to Q, R1a found in Ganj Dareh Iran
  41. R1a Haplogroup
  42. East Prussian, including Old Prussian (West Baltic), R1a subclades
  43. R- M173 from yemen possible R1a*
  44. R1a subclade prediction
  45. Am I R1a1a* or J2a1?
  46. Map of haplogroup R1a in Germany and Austria
  47. Paleo DNA from Eastern Europe R1a1
  48. R1a - YP4141 + with R1b M-269+ ???
  49. Looking for info on CTS4179 > YP1420
  50. Getting FTDNA's haplotree updated for R1a
  51. Is there a y-dna link between the Yamna culture and R1a?
  52. The genogeography of 67-markers haplotypes R1a. Information: March 2017
  53. Question about Paper on R1a1 Origin
  54. M417 or Z645 or Downstream
  55. Nevgen for 23andme?
  56. Chinese L1029
  57. M417 in Sredny Stog
  58. Could you predict a SNP branch by Y12 matches map?
  59. Full Gencomes Results
  60. R1a-Y2613
  61. L664 in England
  62. R-CTS1340 = M417
  63. R1a haplotree visualized geographically
  64. R1a-Z280-CTS3402-YP951 in China
  65. R1a spread from Iran
  66. ancient european scyths , R1a-Z93 or R1a-Z283 ?
  67. Confusion over Z287/Z288 SNPs results
  68. R-M198 L260
  69. How far between us?
  70. what R1a SNP pack is better for this result
  71. Haplogroup R1A1 in north africa
  72. Ancestor of R1a men on GEDmatch
  73. Map of pre-Corded Ware culture (>2900 BCE) instances of Y-haplogroup R1a