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  1. What do we suspect is L48's origin? TMRCA?
  2. L48* (U106>Z381>Z301>L48) L48+ L47- Z9-)
  3. Z156* (U106>Z381>Z156) Z156+ Z305-
  4. Z301* (U106>Z381>Z301) Z301+ L48- U198-
  5. DF96 under Z305
  6. House of Bourbon - What was tested in Z381 samples
  7. My story, weird Y-STR profile, Geno 2.0 results
  8. FGC17297 (7893343) now available for test order (characteristic of Polish L47P Type?)
  9. DF98 - House of Wettin - royal BigY test
  10. FTDNA introduces Z156 SNP Pack at introductory price of $99
  11. FTDNA introduces Z8 SNP Pack at introductory price of $99
  12. Amazing to me how few people are on my U106 line
  13. FTDNA's R1b-Z8 subtree needs expansion in wake of R1b-Z8 SNP Pack results?
  14. Irishman gets Z156* from SNP pack
  15. S5520 problematic in R1b-Z156 SNP Pack
  16. FGC20667
  17. Deep Z381 Subclade Question
  18. U106>Z381>L48>Z9>Z30>Z349>Z2>S15510>Y7378
  19. Z156> FGC39801>FGC39800>FGC39815>FGC39806>A7172* cluster with DYS435=10
  20. Where is Z8 in Ancient DNA?
  21. A new one from France
  22. Does anyone have any information about this?