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  1. New DF27 SNPs and subclades
  2. R1b-DF27 Phylogeny (SNP based family tree)
  3. L176.2 & SRY2627 (DF27>Z196>L176.2) & L165 too
  4. Where did DF27 originate? and when and how did it expand?
  5. Z209 (DF27>Z196>Z209) and subclades - including NS Cluster and M153
  6. DF83 (DF27>DF83) - a widely scattered early branch of DF27
  7. Z225 (DF27>Z225) - another early branch of DF27 with an Iberian connection
  8. Z195 and SRY2627 in Flanders - New paper
  9. R1b-DF27 Project at FTDNA has been initiated
  10. DF81 (DF27>DF81)
  11. L617 (DF27>L617)
  12. R1b-DF27 frequencies on the continent: Iberia, France and ?
  13. DF27+ Z295+ CTS4065+
  14. Am i R1b Df27 my surname in British? and is Df27 popular in more than Iberia
  15. Geno-2 and WGS
  16. DF27, aka S250, results from the Chromo2 test
  17. age for Z295?
  18. DF27* (the real deal) (DF27+ Z196- DF81- DF83- Z225- L617- L86.2- L881- L1231-)
  19. DF27 Big Y tracking and results
  20. SNP Comparison
  21. DF17 in Italy
  22. 53 new SNPs under DF27 and the Rox2 variety
  23. Interesting structure under DF17 being revealed by Big Y
  24. New SNPs now available to order from YSEQ
  25. DF27 in Armenia
  26. DF27 NextGen tests analyzed by FGC
  27. DF27 in Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands (Spain)
  28. Positive DF27 yseq results. Now what?
  29. Help with my Z195 results
  30. Draft DF27 section in Celts book
  31. P312 > ZZ11 > DF27 > ZZ12 > ZZ19,ZZ20,(x L195) >
  32. DNA Results from Asturias, Spain Add to the Genographic Project Human Family Tree
  33. New SNP Panel Testing from FTDNA
  34. Placement of L247 by FTDNA below L165
  35. DF27 Phylogeny from FGC
  36. S21184 has something to tell us
  37. S21184 has something to tell us
  38. New YSEQ DF27 Panel
  39. DF27>A431 in Armenia
  40. Papers on Z220
  41. Question about Z2573->S20941
  42. DF 27 Phylogenetic Tree W Up and Downstream Descendants with Time Estimates
  43. Newbie R-269 (likely DF27+ and Z220+) Seeks Guidance.
  44. DF27* from Kyiv (Kiev) has Big Y results
  45. Trip to the heart of DF27
  46. R-CTS606 upgrade question
  47. The Great Divide below DF27
  48. Z2552 (DF81, L617, YP4295 and Z15001)
  49. What does a Polish DF27** do now?
  50. How to tell FTDNA to put DF27 subclades where they belong?
  51. The occurrence of DF27 subclades and where they are tested.
  52. Am I DF27+?
  53. DF17 in Ireland
  54. DF27: Let's not be rash
  55. Updated DF27 yseq tree and panel
  56. SNP pack for Z209+ (N/S cluster, Z210, Z220, etc.)
  57. Should DF27* men (from the M343 SNP Pack) order the new DF27 SNP Pack?
  58. New Z198+ SNP Pack
  59. Z2564 is flaky or recurrent, Polish DF27 guys are actually DF27>ZZ12_1**
  60. FGC17112 Exploration Thread
  61. My DF27 pack results
  62. New Haplogroup R-Y16018
  63. Dissection of the DF27 paternal lineage
  64. Big Y result
  65. BY3327..BY3332 problematic in DF27 SNP Pack
  66. Z198 SNP Pack Completed
  67. SNP S19290
  68. Are my eyes deceiving me about the age of upstream SNPs being younger in DF27?
  69. Geno 2.0 Next Generation does NOT test for Z295*
  70. DF27 > ZZ12 > ZZ41
  71. DF27 is not primarily an "Iberian" subclade
  72. FTDNA DF27 SNP pack
  73. DF27 > M153 map
  74. Which group am I below DF17? Three different results!
  75. Hello from France
  76. R-DF27>ZZ12>CTS3919/S4381 a Basque subclade?
  77. BY1058 moves L881 down a level
  78. DF27+ Bell Beaker Sample - Autosomal Components
  79. http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=187&star=false
  80. Z198 and its subclades
  81. R1b-DF27+Z220/S356+ Z278/S181 results from Ancestry DNA v2 raw data!
  82. R1b DF27>Z196>Z272>DF17
  83. SRY2627 + Z203
  84. ZZ19, ZZ20 branch is growing more prominent
  85. Way back when P312* started looking like Z196, until DF27 was discovered
  86. Analysis of the Iberian R1b-DF27 haplogroup
  87. 23andme v5 DF27 SNPs
  88. DF27 has passed 2,000 members
  89. YFull Verified by Sanger sequencing
  90. Zero Big- Y matches in DF27
  91. (R-P312>DF27>ZZ12>FGC23083). William de Duglis, Earl of Morton/Freskyn de Moravia
  92. The black legend on the Spanish presence in the low countries
  93. Newbie question
  94. CTS1277 Question
  95. The position, and the relative prominence, of DF27 within P312
  96. DF27+ Z295*
  97. DF27 A431+ in Eastern Liguria
  98. Ancient DF27, ZZ12 DNA sample
  99. Chromium long Read results in DF27
  100. R-SK1907
  101. DF27 positive with YSEQ
  102. M167 potentially linked to Urnfield expansion
  104. Rox2 YDNA Cluster (DF27 downstream)
  105. R1b-DF27 Panel processing with YSEQ
  106. Hoping to join the club
  107. New unedited case in subclade BY27831 ( BY27831*) ?
  108. DF27's arrival in Britain
  109. YSEQ R1b-DF27 panel results
  110. Anybody in the DF27 group get a 25-marker or more match from FamilyTreeDNA?
  111. A2146>PH133>BY3287>PH1503
  112. Don't believe everything you read about DF27
  113. Total DF27 in FTDNA public haplotree
  114. R-ft141494 below R-SRY2627
  115. Where Should I Test to downstream R1b-Z225?
  116. DF79 (DF27>ZZ12_1>DF79)
  117. Z220 in ancient DNA from the Tollense battlefield: the North side of the NS Cluster
  118. DF27 aDNA Discussion Thread
  119. Project update: Z209/S230 Z210 Z215/S357 Z220/S356 Z268/S450 Z271 Z296 Z694
  120. Sketches of ZZ12 branches
  121. DF-27*
  122. My R-Z214 Origins in Great Britain. Normans, Maybe?
  123. R-DF27 - extra smart astronomer types?
  124. New Paper on DF27 in Iberia
  125. Ancient A7066+