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  8. Ysearch YCA11a,b = 19, 22
  9. How Did U152 Get to England & Scotland?
  10. Where did U152 originate? and how/where the early branches expand?
  11. Z56 (U152>Z56) - an early branch of U152
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  36. Anyone else having trouble reaching FTDNA Projects online?
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  39. Important new group + Z49-Z142-, probably of nordic origin
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  54. Matching haplotypes still available for YHRD ?
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  68. I found a clan Etruscan? I think that this is likely
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  70. My haplogroup has "changed"... It's R-P37 now
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  73. How many SNPs below U152 do common surnames appear?
  74. FTDNA R1b-Z43 (Z56) SNP Pack
  75. Distribution map of Y-DNA R-Z36 in Italy
  76. Distribution map of Y-DNA R-Z56 in Italy
  77. R1b - Z367 SNP Pack Result: R- CTS9733. Is any significance known for this SNP??
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  79. Z193 Now Offered as a Standalone
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  88. BigY Testers consider uploading vcf file to U152 Yahoo group. See below for rationale
  89. U152/S28 in Bashkirs Revisted
  90. 30 U152 in the study "Defining Y-SNP variation among the Flemish population"
  91. New U152 Irish Distribution Map
  92. Any DNA results yet from the mass grave found at Lützen in 2012?
  93. Is Z36 in fact a mythological SNP?
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  96. R1b-Z29460
  97. FTDNA U152 Project is interviewing to fill Co-Administrator Positions
  98. Recommend a book to understand Bell Beakers etc.
  99. Tested R-L2 on 23andme
  100. Beginner U152 prediction help
  101. R-U152>R-L2>R-Z367>R-Z34>R-CTS9044?
  102. Z56>Z43>S47>Z44
  103. LiviingDNA Y Result
  104. Warning about S47 in the 23andme v5 test, MorleyDNA.com Y-SNP, and WeGene
  105. YFull Z193 or other?
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  122. Comet/Asteroid strike in southern Germany in 200BC-Possible link to U152 migrations?
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