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  1. R-L21 WTY Results
  2. 21-1311 Stuck for now at L21 Terminal ......
  3. R1b-L21 Phylogeny (SNP based family tree)
  4. R1b-L21 Haplotypes Spreadsheet
  5. R-L21 Phylogenetic Network Analysis
  6. Recruits!
  7. A Good Match Upgrades to 111 Markers
  8. Where did L21 originate? and how/where the early branches expand?
  9. L21 in Flanders - New Paper
  10. L21 in Bologna
  11. L21* (the real deal) (L21+ DF13- DF63-)
  12. East and West of Offa's Dyke: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  13. Take R1b L21+, L720+ for example: Gaels, but what does it tell us?
  14. Which L21+ Subclades may have originated in The Isles?
  15. What major L21 subclade SNPs are included in Geno 2.0?
  16. Wales and FTDNA's Y-DNA Database
  17. L21 hotspots that aren't British Isles or Bretagne
  18. L21 in Italy
  19. Roman impact on L21
  20. P312XL21XU152XDF27 potentially ancestral for L21-possible testing strategy
  21. Scottish Royalty SNP Connections
  22. Subclade distribution maps (L193, M222 etc.)
  23. L21 Full Genomes Corp tracking and results
  24. L21 Chromo2 tracking and results
  25. How Did L21 Get to the British Isles and Ireland?
  26. Basques raised L21 - what does it tell us?
  27. Questions about which SNPs to test downstream of L21
  28. Is R1b1b2a1a2f* from 23andMe still L21?
  29. Counts and countries of the larger L21 subclades in our DNA projects/spreadsheet
  30. getting back into the game
  31. L21 Big Y tracking and results
  32. Geno 2.0 L21 Link Updates
  33. DNA of the Chieftains of Ireland, Scottish Clan Chieftains and Kings of South Wales
  34. R-L21+ = Bell Beaker?
  35. R-L21 Plus Project News
  36. Is there a Spreadsheet of GENO 2.0 results for L21+ ?
  37. L21 in France
  38. L21, maritime power and cross channel maritories in post-beaker times
  39. What SNP under L21, 23andMe, tests?
  40. Map of L21 in France
  41. Why so much branching L21
  42. EDIT / may be incorrect assumption
  43. New haplogroup labeling and display of Y DNA SNP reporting for L21 project
  44. Subclades of L21: British Islands vs Continent
  45. Does "big y ", tests all the knowns SNP downstream of L21?
  46. L21 in the Rhineland
  47. How to interpret YSEQ results
  48. SNP naming and phylogenetics - equivalents, synonyms and whatever
  49. Tumbleweed hypothesis on settlement in Ireland, Britons and L21
  50. Tim Clarkson and the Celts
  51. Geno 2 -Say What?
  52. Curley Surname Connection to the Airgialla Kingdom and Three Collas
  53. Y-chromosome DNA Citizen Scientist's Person of the Year award - R-L21 Haplogroup
  54. Higher ANE in L21 populations - is this telling us something about the L21 story
  55. Big Y BAM FGC interpretation option and discount for L21
  56. L21 in Spain
  57. Gauls in Hispania ¿L21 arrival of the Iberian Peninsula?
  58. How old is R1b-L21 in the British Isles?
  59. L21 and Celtic languages
  60. NGS Raw Results sharing and analysis for R1b-L21
  61. R1b-L21 Top-Layer and Misc Subclades SNP Pack
  62. Have Origins for any of the L21 Branches Been Proven?
  63. Finding a FGC Person with a particular SNP
  64. SNP R1b-S1026 under R1b-L21 and R1b-DF13
  65. Using SNPs and STRs TOGETHER to build a Mutation History tree for L21>Z255
  66. A5846 (L21+, DF63-, DF13-)
  67. R-L21, R-DF13 and R-DF21 in Ireland 3,500-4,000 YA
  68. Jutland Bell Beaker - L21?
  69. How long a period between L21 and DF13?
  70. L21 subgroup frequencies
  71. Modern L21 Distribution as the Result of Dilution?
  72. Offer: Y-DNA matching with 23andme
  73. An alternative to Fluxus - for R1b-L21 only
  74. L21 new paper
  75. R1b1b2a1a2f*, M222, and 23andme: is it possible to know?
  76. P314.2 and beyond
  77. Scottish-Irish DNA links
  78. Source of L21+ in Norway..
  79. Oddities in the FTNDA R-L21 Haplotree
  80. My haplog is R1b-FGC43417
  81. L21 in La Spezia province (Italy)
  82. Updated Eupedia L21 map
  83. FTDNA's haplotree for R1b-L21
  84. L21+ Z253- PF825+
  85. R1B Distributions in the British Isles
  86. R L21 Project News
  87. Big Y: What Now?
  88. A Mutation Tree for YFull's NGS "500 STRs"
  89. L21 Y-SNP timeline against British and European History
  90. NEVGEN Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor
  91. L-21 predictor from 23andMe raw data
  92. Bell Beaker R1b-L21
  93. Bulgarian L21
  94. L21 in Danish study
  95. Using Y SNPs to differentiate lines with surname clusters
  96. Origins of R1b-L21 DF13?
  97. R-L21 project Descendant Tree update
  98. R1b-L21 autosomal DNA
  99. BY2868
  100. Trying to understand my SNP
  101. SNP Age Estimations
  102. Early American Fitzpatrick Settlers
  103. New R1b-L21 Group at MeWe
  104. Review of L21>FGC11134>L96
  105. Review of L21>DF41>BY114 (both sons, L563 & BY23739) - with YSNP prediction models
  106. King/St. Wenceslas was R1b-L21?
  107. L21 and the Gall Gael (Gaidheal)
  108. The Similar-Sounding Surnames of Haplogroup R-BY140757
  109. Mac Giolla Phádraig Clerics 1394-1534 AD Part I
  110. R1b L21 in Bronze and Iron age France?
  111. Z290 descendant tree (ca 2500 BC - ca 1500 BC)
  112. New version of Haplogroup R YSNP predictor tool
  113. Charting the signatures of 86 predictable haplogroups under R-L21
  114. The R1b Project system, L21 coverage and project mania.
  115. Determining point of Origin