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  1. L513 (L21>DF13>L513) & Z249 and Subclades L193, L706.2, L577, CTS3087, L69.5
  2. L513 interclade relationships
  3. Chromo2 and L513 tree
  4. L513 Point of Origin
  5. Feeling L21 Today or Perhaps L513
  6. Deeper dive of L513 NGS results
  7. L513 STR analysis using RCC Correlation
  8. L193 geographics
  9. DNA and surnames
  10. Religious Centres and L513
  11. Wales and Scotland: news for L513?
  12. L513 in Ireland
  13. People of British Isles/South Scotland
  14. Early branching in L513
  15. Maclean history/L193
  16. L513 Against World History
  17. Sykes and L193
  18. L513 origins poll
  19. FTDNA R-L513 SNP Pack available
  20. Some new L513 reading
  21. R1b-L513 SNP Pack for 11-13 Combo types
  22. The Tribe Within- Search of DNA Tribe R1b-L513
  23. Frequency data
  24. RCC TMRCA and Tree analysis available for L513
  25. L21 paper: important for L513!
  26. L513 charts
  27. Fear Manach Mag Uidhir of the Menapii
  28. Have we (L513) peaked?
  29. BY404 and BY402
  30. S5668 origins
  31. L193 in the south of Scotland - the 'Highland Host'
  32. L513 line genealogies
  33. Surname/DNA analysis for L193
  34. Year end stats for 2018
  35. New surname leads for L193?
  36. Viking aDNA paper: any consequences for L513 folks?
  37. Anyone know anything about this subgroup?
  38. Bute and L513
  39. L513 and population groups in Scotland
  40. Study of L193 surnames
  41. Year end stats for A2M Mag Uidhirs
  42. Menapii L513 presentation video
  43. New L513 aDNA finds in Ireland
  44. L193 summary
  45. Bronze Age aDNA paper and L513
  46. New Big Y results for L513
  47. Big Y results for FGC36506 - block broken?
  48. Other Sharp in L513
  49. L513 late arrival in isles?
  50. L513 and FTDNA Discovery
  51. New L513 aDNA