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  1. DF21 (L21>DF13>DF21) and Subclades (DF5/S191, P314.2, S190, etc)
  2. P314.2 (R1b-L21>DF13>DF21>P314.2)
  3. DF21 suspects from the continent
  4. Ancient Celt from Hinxton DF21+ Z246+
  5. CTS3655+ and currently testing for L627 - what do we know??
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  9. FGC3213
  10. Welsh and DF21
  11. R1b-Z3000 SNP Pack for Clan Colla types
  12. Advice
  13. R-L21, R-DF13 and R-DF21 in Ireland 3,500-4,000 YA
  14. Total Newb with M222 question
  15. DF21 found in Kayseri, Turkey
  16. R1b-DF21 subclades SNP Pack set from FTDNA
  17. L21+ DF13+ DF21+ in La Spezia (Italy)
  18. R-L21>R-DF13>R-DF21>R-S5488: Belgium ancestry
  19. L21+ DF21+ S5488+ in Lunigiana (La Spezia and Massa Carrara province)