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  1. DF49 (L21>DF13>DF49) & Subclades before M222
  2. Origins of M222, DF23, the NW Irish and connections to Niall of the Nine Hostages
  3. New subclade branch FGC6539/FGC6540, downstream of Z2961, parallel to the M222
  4. DF49 Big Y Results
  5. McElrea discoveries and questions re: DF49
  6. ymap
  7. M222 Bundle Pack
  8. Little Scottish Cluster L21 Big-Y Tree
  9. ISOGG tree
  10. DF49xM222 Names and Geographical Origins
  11. R1b-M222 SNP (NW Irish) Pack from FTDNA updated
  12. R1b-DF49xM222 SNP Pack
  13. R-L21, R-DF13 and R-DF21 in Ireland 3,500-4,000 YA
  14. FTDNA's DF49 x M222 Tree is Expanding
  15. FGC5494 Distribution
  16. SNP Age Calculation?
  17. Bushing of the DF49 x M222 Y Tree ?
  18. * Confirmed to be DF49 and awaiting further results (YSEQ) *
  19. Actor John Wayne R1b-M222
  20. FGC6545 & the Ui Maine?
  21. FGC6550 - review of predictable haplogroup (L21>DF49>DF23>Z2961>FGC6550)
  22. Ancient Polish DF49?
  23. FTDNA's Discover More, Ancient Connections new data
  24. Ancient DF49 (xM222) remains to-date