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  1. Volcanic Tremors May Help Predict Massive Eruptions
  2. Building blocks of life came from deep Earth
  3. Opera Singing Gibbons Shed Light on Human Voice
  4. What is Ambergris?
  5. Dino DNA Dead
  6. Oarfish Washes Ashore in Cabo San Lucas
  7. Bowhead Whales: Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Arctic Whale Mysteries
  8. British engineers create petrol from air and water
  9. "Lake Tsunami" Destroyed Early Medieval Geneva
  10. Hollies, DNA, and Prickliness
  11. Extinct echidna may be alive and well in Australia
  12. Chimps Reveal Origins of Sharing & Fair Play
  13. How the ancestor of all placental mammals looked...
  14. The Role of Climate Change in History
  15. Geography of China
  16. Geography of Iran
  17. Giant squid genetics reveal family secrets
  18. A Point of View: Science, magic, and madness
  19. The Sahara Sands
  20. Machine turns sweat into drinking water for Unicef
  21. Pitch drop experiment succeeds after 69 years
  22. Mysterious Pentagram on Google Maps Explained
  23. 'Overlooked' mammal carnivore is major discovery
  24. Bugs and such
  25. The Wallace Line.
  26. Row over US mobile [cell] phone 'cockroach backpack' app
  27. DNA hint of European origin for dogs
  28. Geography of Ancient India
  29. What do you think the future of transportation is?
  30. New Theory on the Extinction of Ice Age Mammals in North America
  31. Prehistoric forest arises in Cardigan Bay after storms strip away sand
  32. The Geography of Syria
  33. Syria's Geography
  34. The Geography of France
  35. The Geography of Japan
  36. Share some weird/inexplicable events that you’ve experienced first hand
  37. Earliest ancestor of land herbivores discovered: 300-million-year-old predator showed
  38. So, "Where is everybody?" - The Fermi Paradox explained in ;simple; terms.
  39. "Fracking Earthquakes Cause Oklahoma To Beat California Earthquake Numbers"
  40. Invasive critters
  41. A New Ice Age?
  42. Icky spider attack 100 mil yrs ago!
  43. Bonobo primates have better developed neural pathways related to empathy
  44. but I like the 30,000 yr old flower
  45. Single Tree Grows 40 Kinds Of Fruit
  46. Frickin Bubonic Plague?
  47. Spinosaurus: 'The Swimming Dinosaur
  48. time to Nuke Guyana! Holy Ick Batman
  49. What it looks like-Humans manipulate fruit over several thousand years
  50. Girls rule, Boys drool...in space?
  51. If you haven't seen the latest dinosaur news...
  52. amazing & bizzare pix in nature
  53. nice story for end of year
  54. Origin of Bed Bugs Revealed
  55. Grizly Bear Paw will shock you
  56. .44 Magnum handgun defeated by water balloons!
  57. Bears
  58. The Atlantropa Project to lower the Mediterranean sea
  59. semi myth of 2 Oceans meet but don't mix
  60. Shark yum yums
  61. Earthquake
  62. Giant pandas cannot properly digest bamboo, scientists find
  63. way cool map-what country is on the other side of yours in the world
  64. Death of a Giant Tree
  65. Doggerland
  66. Molecular Tattoo
  67. Astronauts Eat Space Vegetables- for the 1rst time
  68. wolves
  69. Harrogate giant tomato cheats weeded out by DNA tests
  70. TREE of LIFE
  71. Rare Birds
  72. Frikken Snakes
  73. First conclusive proof 'spooky' quantum entanglement is real
  74. BATS
  75. OWLS
  76. UNGULATES: "The deer and the antelope play"...
  77. ZOO thread
  78. so you think monkey's are nice...
  79. Male Honeybees the weaker sex
  81. Gravitation under human control?
  82. has earth tilted? Inuit elders says so
  83. Strange Architecture & F'ing snakes again
  84. 350 yr old pendulum clock mystery solved
  85. The 9 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics
  86. Canada & Russia share weather map
  87. Monster forest fire destroys town of 90K in Alberta
  88. Has a Hungarian physics lab found a fifth force of nature?
  89. great space pic of Ireland
  90. El Nino is dead, long live La Nina?
  91. Mega-raptors!
  92. 256 Years Old Man Breaks The Silence Before His Death and Reveals SHOCKING Secrets to
  93. Tree-rings reveal secret clocks that could reset key dates across the ancient world
  94. Humans may be uniquely identified by the proteins in their hair
  95. Book Recommendations
  96. All the Water on Planet Earth
  97. scary dark net...where the big boys play for keeps
  98. How polluted is your city?
  99. a sad space story
  100. Feeling 'starlike', here's more proof.🌞
  101. The stuff of nightmares — made beautiful
  102. Geologist uncovers 2.5 billion-year-old fossils of bacteria that predate free oxygen
  103. Dinosaur tail feathers found in amber
  104. New Reconstruction Of An Ancient Ice Sheet
  105. Black Sea flood: new estimate 9,300 BP
  106. Discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery
  107. Brexit 1.0: Scientists find evidence of Britain's original separation from Europe
  108. Asteroid hits earth in worst place possible
  110. August 2017 solar eclipse -- line of totality crosses continental USA
  111. what ducks can teach us about human sex
  112. Beware floating fire ant colonies during floods (Tropical Storm Cindy)
  113. Collapse of the European ice sheet caused chaos
  114. Happy asteroid day...I think
  115. birth of an Island
  116. New map of Universe's dark matter
  117. 138 Volcanoes under Antarctica's ice sheet
  118. A New Physics Theory of Life
  119. Mystery of how first animals appeared on Earth solved
  120. orange peels save the day!
  121. Was the primordial soup a hearty pre-protein stew?
  122. Norwegian Wolves
  123. Younger Dryas caused by Cosmic Impact ∼12,800 Years Ago
  124. oldest message in a bottle found...132 yrs old
  125. squirrel vs owl standoff
  126. Bee's
  127. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - in pictures
  128. Star Trek fans alert...Spocks homeworld found!
  129. Meteor's and such
  130. Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism
  131. The amazing intelligence of the crow
  133. the power of 'Zero'
  134. Phylogeny of the elves illustrates why we need to sample elf DNA immediately!
  135. A Hyper Solar Storm Engulfed Earth in 660 BCE
  136. Earthquake video and GPS motion data juxtaposed
  137. IBM's debating robot argues it out with human for first time
  138. Fossil find reveals that the world's largest parrot was over 3 feet tall
  139. Is Lokiarchaea the missing link between archaea and eukaryotes?
  140. Monkeys and Chimpanzees have entered the Stone Age
  141. The Coral Triangle
  142. Tigers and lions
  143. birdNET birdsong app
  144. Globally resolved surface temperatures since the Last Glacial Maximum
  145. Cheetahs, Mammoths and Saber-toothed Lions …
  146. Shell and R scripts for genetic analysis of SARS-like viruses