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  1. L226 (L21>DF13>Z253>Z2534>L226) & Irish III
  2. Z253 (L21>DF13>Z253) includes Irish III & IV and Iberian
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  13. Percentage of Z253+ Results in Geno 2.0
  14. Z253
  15. Z253>Z2534>Z2185>Z2186
  16. Origins and migrations of Z253 subclades (particularly A17)
  17. Z253 Spanish Subclades
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  19. Z2534>FGC41891 Thread
  20. Z2195 now the oldest SNP in Z2201 subclade
  21. R-A287
  22. need help making sense of isogg subclade nomenclature
  23. Charting of R-L226 (and other predictable haplogroups)
  24. Multiple STRs
  25. TMRCA estimates based on surname cluster milestones and variable years per YSNP
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  28. YSNP Prediction and charting of R-L554
  29. Analysis of R-L21>Z253>DF73 and S933 (source data, YSNP prediction & SAPP charts
  30. Update - R-Z253 YSNP prediction (Z253 is now 66 % predictable across 14 haplogroups)
  31. YSNP prediction and charts for L21>Z253>A503 (includes 28 subbranches)
  32. So, my maternal grandfather was R1b-Z253. What can you tell me about that?
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  34. L1066/CTS1202/Z2193 found in sample from Avar Paper
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