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  1. Chinese 23andMe results (Chongqing guy with 1/4 Xi'An lineage)
  2. $49 23andMe Ancestry kits
  3. Interpreting GEDmatch off 23andme results?
  4. mom and dad feature on 23and me
  5. Results Portuguese Ancestry
  6. Phasing-- should I do both parents or a father and maternal uncle?
  7. Please help to figure out the results.
  8. 23andme Site Down
  9. 23andme triangulation is dead :(
  10. 23andMe separating North African from Arabian ancestry 🤔
  11. 23andMe, Legitimate tests?
  12. Help Understanding mtDNA and Y-DNA
  13. My weird result
  14. 23andMe Changing from Conservative to speculative?
  15. 23andme 's new Paternal Haplogroup Report
  16. 23andme v5 chip
  17. Problem loading file to gedmatch genesis
  18. Haplogroup history???
  19. 23andme v5 Y-DNA SNPs
  20. 23andMe Paternal Haplogroup (Novice Question)
  21. What SNPs are missing in v5?
  22. Paternal haplogroup update 23&me
  23. Best dna company for a south asian?
  24. 23andme previous chips VS imputation (v3&or4 vs V5)
  25. 23andmes website is currently updating?
  26. Jewish- I don't think so
  27. More conservative= More Unassigned?
  28. 23andMe Class Action Settlement
  29. 23andme says 99.8% South Asian, but Harappa only 65% (33% SI, 31% Baloch)
  30. Could someone help me analyze this please
  31. 99.5% Ashkenazi.. and Scandinavian?
  32. Can somebody give me information on this Y snp?
  33. 23andMe Phasing question
  34. Sicilians/Italians scoring 20/30% MENA do you have any MENA DNA relatives?
  35. How many SNPs does 23andme test under E1b1b?
  36. How did your YDNA haplogroup change from V4 to V5?
  37. Will the results upgrade to V5 if the DNA sample is destroyed?
  38. 23andMe and More
  39. Should full siblings be assigned the same DNA relatives?
  40. 23andMe best for African Americans??
  41. Difficulty Distinguishing Iberian vs Irish Celtic
  42. A head-to-head comparison of my v4 and v5 results (long)
  43. 2 questions-relatives in common and X match
  44. East Asian
  45. E-V13,subclades and British ancestry
  46. 23andMe v5 chip and Living DNA
  47. DNA relatives and phasing
  48. 23andme v4 vs v5 ancestry determination
  49. The rise and fall and rise again of 23andMe
  50. Phasing Delays between V4 & V5
  51. Grandparent from the Azores but no Iberian? Possible?
  52. Comparison of v4 and v5 mtDNA results
  53. French and German
  54. No Y Chromosome Ethnicity?
  55. 23andme gedmatch weird V5
  56. Ancestry-only 23andMe now available in UK
  57. Michael J. Fox Foundation Grants $4M to 23andMe for New Parkinson's Disease Collabora
  58. 23andMe United Kingdom customers. V4? Or V5?
  59. 23andme: Thanksgiving Sale
  60. 23andMe vs. GEDmatch Admixture Tool
  61. Unimpressed with 23andme v5
  62. 23andme says v5's will get more precise AC results
  63. Getting an error message. When trying to log in?.
  64. My v5 23andme ancestry reports
  65. Is 23andMe Worth It After AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, and FTDNA?
  66. Dna test results (italian background from Naples)
  67. Results updated, but my unassigned went up
  68. Full Jewish DNA relatives! But No Jewish DNA??
  69. 23 and me results (UK)
  70. Percentage of unassigned in 23&me results
  71. Does phasing work both ways?
  72. 23andMe: Do I just consider myself Sicilian, then?
  73. Can't access the 23andMe forums
  74. How could a company like 23andme miss 10% of someone's ancestry?
  75. New 23andMe results for a mainland Greek
  76. Open Sharing at 23andme may not mean what you think it does
  77. Hello I need help (23andme)
  78. Upgrade?
  79. What next?
  80. how accurate is the 23 and me ancestry timeline?
  81. Looks like some big changes to AC coming up 2018
  82. My Results!
  83. Does it matter where you get your raw data from?
  84. signing in to 23and me
  85. 23&Me ordering to Poland
  86. central asian
  87. Help solving for Ancestor mystery.
  88. Haplogroups assigned by 23andMe
  89. 23 and me new update
  90. 23andme will add 120 geographic regions, from original 31
  91. DNA Comparison tool
  92. Do Gedmatch Genesis calculators work with V5?
  93. 23andme Matches
  94. 23andMe and Y-tests
  95. Relative finder: Shared segment of X chromosome question
  96. rs1834481 IL18 CC
  97. Alanson's 23andme updated results
  98. something wrong with dna relatives on 23 and me
  99. V5 chip autosomal transfer ftdna
  100. My family's 23andme results
  101. Ancestry Timeline-- when does an group appear
  102. Too many attempts?
  103. Results significantly different from Ancestry. Don't know what to believe anymore!
  104. Ashkenazi Jewish result: real or noise?
  105. My 23andme results!
  106. not enough dna in saliva
  107. Update in Progress..
  108. Dataset with best overlap with 23andme?
  109. British / East Prussian DNA, 23andme and K36
  110. Eligibility for Health Report Upgrade
  111. 23andme taking Ancestry.com upload today!
  112. reading raw data genotype not determined
  113. AncestryDNA Upload Results
  114. Genealogy Site Led to Break in Golden State Killer Case
  115. 23andMe problems
  116. Exome Coverage Differences
  117. New feature - Root for your roots
  118. Chromosome Painting
  119. 23andMe Mediterranean Grouping and dots
  120. GeneU for WeGene, which shows Y haplogroup and surnames distributed around China.
  121. DNA results with a big surprise
  122. Are all Europeans who match with South Asians as a result of Ancient Steppe admixture
  123. Polish 23andme results
  124. how accurate are the new breakdowns?
  125. 23andme Results, do they underestimate or overlook certain ethnicities?
  126. Great 23andme video - Finding Your Roots: The Seedlings
  127. Results received less than 2 weeks and here they are
  128. Is it worth getting both AncestryDNA and 23&Me?
  129. Gedmatch puntDNAL 10, using ancestry vs. 23&me
  131. 23andMe+AncestryDNA results comparison
  132. Inaccurate 23andMe Haplogroup results
  133. Gedrosia k3 results using 23&me kit
  134. Nino90's 23andme + Other sites +Gedmatch
  135. Some questions about my South Asian Ancestry
  136. Upgrading Chip V4 to V5. Worth it?
  137. Is 23andme new chip still works well with Gedmatch ?
  138. A note from Anne Wojcicki, CEO
  139. 23andme Ethnicity Update July 2018!!! New categories for East Asia and Africa!!
  140. I just deleted my 23andme data
  141. Have you already seen that high "Broadly" ?
  142. Some Haplogroups updated (August 2018)
  143. Slovakia?
  144. My 23 and Me results undated recently
  145. My updated results - Much more accurate and detailed
  146. Upcoming changes to the 23andme API program
  147. For those not on v5
  148. Sardinian update
  149. How do you all feel about the new update?
  150. 23andMe Whole Genome Sequence 749 $
  151. How to get BAM File from 23andme v3?
  152. Match strength missing
  153. Armenian Coming up as Turkish on 23 and Me report
  154. GED Match East Asiand
  155. What type of ethnic mix is most likely to result in larger "Broadly European" score?
  156. Xcode Life's Origin 2.0
  157. 23andme endless...
  158. wrong yDNA?
  159. Why are the yDna results so crap/
  160. 23andMe V4 vs V5 results
  161. 23andMe Haplogroup v5 chip
  162. Balkan results?
  163. Update of a tool for Y-DNA from 23andme
  164. YDNA Of Your Matches
  165. 23andme Y haplogroup: dubious results
  166. Ancestry Composition Ancestor Locations update
  167. Plugged both 23andMe/AncestryDNA results into EthnoGene, question about results
  168. Is JL-210 part of the Cohen modal haplogroup
  169. Basic maternal DNA question
  170. 23andme ancestry composition update
  171. Portuguese-American results(mixed-race but I identify with my Portuguese roots)
  172. How good/informative is the Y-DNA/mtDNA test offered by 23andme?
  173. Post the Y-DNA of your DNA relatives from your country
  174. 23andMe forums
  175. 23andme v5 "broadly European" question
  176. 23andme is really fast nowadays!
  177. My new 23andme v5 results have finally arrived! v4 and v5 compared
  178. Ancestor birthplaces and Surnames
  179. So is it 200 years or 500 years?
  180. involuntarly getting unphased
  181. I'm 0.7% North African; possibly descended of Moors?
  182. Inaccurate Results
  183. 23andMe Spanish regional results
  184. 23andMe R-Z18021 Y-DNA Result
  185. New 23andMe Beta Program
  186. Zero Ashkenazi Jewish DNA yet Hundreds of 100 Percent Ashkenazi Jewish Matches.
  187. App vs website differences
  188. DNA Relatives Reliability
  189. Why would my grandmother score this on 23andme?
  190. Italian Beta Program map results.
  191. Asian/African Updates Applied to preV5 Kits
  192. 23andMe rolled out new Ancestry Composition estimates today
  193. Phased 23andme vs Discover23
  194. 23andme website down?
  195. Chart of SSA origins for Madeiran/Azorean Portuguese using 23andme
  196. Post your 23andMe Neanderthal Results
  197. A Mother Learns the Identity of Her Child’s Grandmother
  198. Phasing ?
  199. New 23andMe results include *very* detailed Y-haplogroup reporting
  200. 23andme Chromosome Painting now paints Broadly Categories...
  201. mtDNA haplogroup
  202. 23andme’s new African breakdown put to the test
  203. A more meaningful connection ?
  204. FTDNA allowing uploads of 23andme v5 data
  205. is jewish mt haplogroup H1e the same as H1e4a?
  206. 0.1 African but none on Gedmatch