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  1. How reliable is the French and German category ?
  2. Ancestry composition limitations (beta v5.2), using DNAPainter.
  3. Segment sharing (inheritance) and implications for Ancestry Composition (beta v5.2)..
  4. Chinese V5 Map Results- link between Cantonese speakers and Taiwan
  5. Father's 23andMe Beta (2019)- MENA points: Noise or a Tendril of Something Real?
  6. Drastic change in AC after updates
  7. My results after phasing with both parents.
  8. 23andMe moving into the medical testing arena
  9. Family Tree BETA at 23andme
  10. 23andme "East Med Continuum" BETA results, consolidated.
  11. How reliable are the countries of origin?
  12. 23andMe discount, 20 free traits and... VIP Service? (US only)
  13. Levantine Arab 23andme BETA results!
  14. My friend is supposed to be 1/4 Sicilian. Do these results mean the truth is 1/8?
  15. Shirazi Jew (Beta updated results)
  16. Relative Haplogroups
  17. R-Z93 request for screenshot
  18. Why does 23andme not reflect the significant North African input in Iberia?
  19. How accurate is this "Manchurian+Mongolian" ancestor prediction? (current v5)
  20. Who Has More Neanderthal Than I Do?
  21. New South Asian Results
  22. 50/50 Southern and Northern Azerbaijani Turkish Ancestry Results [updated MENA]
  23. My results..
  24. 23andme WGS coming?
  25. 23andme - be careful, hidden price increase
  26. Community traits overview 23andMe
  27. Question for French people/part French people who have taken 23andme
  28. 23andme raw data?
  29. 19cM Asian match at 23andMe
  31. The Iceland match
  32. 23andme Health Report
  33. Where can I find this ?
  34. 23andMe kits on Ebay
  35. X matches
  36. 23andme lays off 100
  37. Has anyone tested with 23andme v5 and MyHeritage v2?
  38. Best company for ancestor identification?
  39. 23andme and Gedmatch results help
  41. 23andMe Kit Conversion
  42. Relatives in Common
  43. Your "recent ancestor locations" at 23andMe, are they accurate?
  44. This uncanny !
  45. Some questions about phasing with both parents
  46. 23andMe Share and Compare Tool
  47. Trace Ancestry
  48. Kazakh 23andMe
  49. Anyone waiting on results ? Timeframe question
  50. Is 23 and me V3 better than V5
  51. Wellness traits uses common SNPs only
  52. How long does 23andMe and commerical testing in general go back?
  53. Southeastern French 23andme results
  54. What percent of the Ancestry report does the X Chromosome make up?
  55. New to the Forum - My Greek 23andMe Results
  56. (Game of Thrones) 23andme
  57. GEDmatch after phasing with both parents
  58. Post Balkan 23andme regions + G25 model distance under 2
  59. Spanish/Portuguese 23 and me results and questions ?
  60. My Cuban parents' 23andme Results
  61. Ethnic Hui Chinese Results
  62. Possible 2020 update?
  63. Almost 40% Unassigned at 90% confidence
  64. Greek R1b-CTS9219 + autosomes from 23andMe
  65. Algorithm update 23andMe.
  66. Accuracy for Regions Within Britain
  67. MC1R Variants
  68. Cut to available matches
  69. Ancestry Composition Matches - British and Irish
  70. 4 grandparents from same country ,but 'No relatives in commom'
  71. Lack of DNA relatives on fatherís side vs Motherís?
  72. Italian 23andMe customers
  73. 23andme accpet uploads ?
  74. New 5.9 results
  75. 23andme New update: Levantine Father 3.3% Cypriot
  76. Italian 23andMe V5.9 result!
  77. this cant be right
  78. Older chips might not get the update
  79. Comparing 23andMe and AncestryDNA Results After Updates
  80. Relatives sharing segments with different results. What's the explanation?
  81. Upload to 23andme
  82. 23andMe+ Membership
  83. British with Egypt Coptic & Greek on latest algorithm update - Roma markers?
  84. Possible Sub-Saharan/East African Ancestry?
  85. Iranian/Caucasian/Mesopotamian in Syrian Muslims
  86. An interesting match?
  87. Percentages on 23andme vs calculated percentages by centimorgans
  88. Ethnicity on 23andme's X Chromosome - restricted to direct maternal line?
  89. Has anyone else had their broadly categories GO UP with 5.9?
  90. Trace Ancestry & Phasing against different generation kits
  91. 23andMe Raises $82.5M in Private Financing
  92. Many Romani 23andMe Results
  93. My 23andme results
  94. Do I have some moor dna in me?
  95. Sudanese Ancestry?
  96. Parents took 23andMe- is it possible to estimate what my results will be?
  97. bioRvix preprint on 23andme Ancestry Composition Methodology
  98. 1/2 Uzbek + 1/2 Balkan Turk 23andme results
  99. 23andme Anatolian Turk?
  100. my 23andme Results (3/4 Slovak 1/4 America)
  101. 23andMe going public through merger with Virgin group
  102. 23andme Parsi Results:
  103. 23AndMe YDNA Pie Chart
  104. Treatment of YDNA aplogroups in 23andMe
  105. My Mother's 23AndMe Results
  106. My Father's 23AndMe Results
  107. Strange difference between my and parent's results
  108. Results of my father's cousin northern french
  109. My 23andMe results vs my parents:
  110. Triangulation has gone?
  111. 23andme v5 GEDMATCH & MyHeritage completely different MyHeritage matches!
  112. South Indian with high West Asian % on gedmatch?
  113. Turkish Mother and Son results
  114. Quality of Raw Data of 23andme for G25 and Admix Calculators
  115. Can I see all the Regions for my Connections?
  116. 23andme update - Does anybody know why 10% Southern European would vanish?
  117. British And Irish Results
  118. How many Y SNPs?
  119. The V5 Chip Is it Worth Upgrading
  120. 23andMe not accepting raw data transfers - why?
  121. Noticed I have a 100% Peninsular Arab match, how could this be?
  122. 100% Central Asian DNA relative match
  123. Ukrainian results from a village in Vinnytsia + Gedmatch in comments.
  124. 23andme dropping centimorgans and purging matches?
  125. Changing confidence level does not affect ancestry composition
  126. AbideInLove Father's 23andMe Results (N.Euro blend)
  127. My 23andme results (Italian-Brazilian)
  128. Brazilian Portuguese Colonial Population