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  1. Ezana's 23andme Results
  2. Spark's 23andme Results
  3. ZephyrousMandaru's 23andMe Results
  4. Mike Moriopoulos' 23andme Results
  5. 23andme Upgrading to NCBI Build 37 Coordinates
  6. 23andMe: Haemochromatosis Update
  7. 23andMe Countries of Ancestry Results
  8. 23andMe "in common" tool?
  9. 23 & Me's DNA melody
  10. 23andMe "Relative Finder" Results
  11. SNP name changes in 23andME chrY results
  12. Amerinese 23andMe results
  13. 23andme Updated Ancestry Painting
  14. 23andMe Ancestry Composition Results
  15. Ancestry Composition compared to actual matches
  16. 23andMe Cheapskate question
  17. PureEvil's 23andMe Results
  18. Opinions on distant Jewish ancestry
  19. 23andme results and a question
  20. My wife, die Grossmutter's 23andMe results
  21. My maternal 23andme results
  22. Post your top 20 matches from Compare Genes on 23andme.
  23. 23andMe layout change
  24. Your 23andMe Finnish Ancestry Finder, Ancestry Composition and Relative Finder Scores
  25. My 23andme.com Raw data MtDNA result (Haplogroups and subclades) help?
  26. My Grandfather's Strange Finnish Ancestry Composition Result
  27. Grossvater's 23andMe results
  28. Any ideas on this?
  29. My 23andMe and Eurogenes K36 results
  30. Finnic Relative Finder Matches
  31. 23andme Results. What To Make Out of Them?
  32. Are your 23andme "Top Relative Surnames" interesting?
  33. My Paternal Grandfather's 23andme Results
  34. Question about resolution of ancestry composition
  35. Dutch Ancestry Finder (CoA) results
  36. Confused by 23andme's X chromosome data
  37. Are you a 23andMe customer? Care to help a grad student out with their thesis?
  38. 23andMe concerns
  39. 23andme's Global Similarity Map
  40. 23andMe's v4 chip
  41. Question about 23andme Discrepancy
  42. Relative finder distribution of South Asian Caste and Tribal Haplogroups
  43. Post your top 5 yDNA and mtDNA haplogroups in your 23andme DNA Relatives list
  44. 23andme relatives what do they indicate
  45. How to find which 23andMe chip version used?
  46. 23andMe Global Similarity Map
  47. ElectroImpulse 23andMe Results
  48. Alpine Hominin's 23andME results
  49. 23andme says I'm j1e I am a romanian Jew
  50. Countries of ancestry what do they mean?
  51. Barellalee's 23andMe Results and Questions
  52. 23andMe and Ancestry compared.
  53. Genome Wide Comparison feature has been removed by 23andme
  54. Countries of Ancestry not loading?
  55. Alanson's Eurasian Calculator
  56. Debunking Relative Finder for Ashkenazi ancestry
  57. Countries of Ancestry by chromosome
  58. #YoloSwag's 23andme results
  59. Relative matching question
  60. Ancestry Composition Segments And IBD Segments The Same?
  61. Xolotl's 23andme results
  62. Mamluk's, some Palestinian results
  63. Info Update From 23andMe
  64. Help me interpreting my 23andme results
  65. Your surname matches on 23andme?
  66. British & Irish 23andMe results
  67. Who is better to test
  68. No DNA in Saliva...what to do?
  69. The genetic ancestry of African, Latino, and European Americans (23andme study)
  70. mtDNA at 23and Me
  71. 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki Speaks to Forbes Magazine
  72. 23andMe lands $1.4 million grant from NIH to detect genetic roots for disease
  73. Old News but alarming if true.
  74. Vance/Whalen group 2 Big Y results
  75. paper on one of the 23andme's ancestral tools
  76. 23andMe - Middle Eastern Admixture
  77. 23andMe launches health test in UK
  78. MonkeyDLuffy results (Punjabi Ramgarhia/Dhiman)
  79. 23 andme and German ancestry.
  80. 23andme.com's pedigree trees and MyHeritage.com notice
  81. Your 23andme Blonde Hair Results HERC2, KITLG and SLC24A4
  82. Red Hair Genotype Data (23andMe derived)
  83. South Ossetian 23andme
  84. 23andMe shipping costs
  85. correlation between ethnicity and neanderthal percentage?
  86. Post your 23andMe/Geno 2.0 neanderthal-denisovan results and indicate your ethnicity.
  87. Countries Of Ancestry question
  88. Ancestry Results for ashwinb (South Asian)
  89. Anglo-Caribbeans 23andMe Results
  90. Mellow Gedmatch results
  91. Mellow 23andme & Dr Mcdonald
  92. Phasing in 23andme
  93. My 23andme results E1b1b1a2* & H11a
  94. DNA relatives? 3th cousins?
  95. 23andMe result thread for Sam_Isaack
  96. Your nonword reading score on 23andme?
  97. Intergenic term
  98. Barnacles 23andme result thread
  99. Do you trust 23andme's Ancestry Composition or GEDmatch calculators more?
  100. Iberian ancestry in Italian Ancestry Composition
  101. Arslan's results (Turkish)
  102. One million tested
  103. VelvetNono's 23andMe Results
  104. DNA relatives cluster mode
  105. Eastern European in Brits on AC
  106. Do I (or my father) have some gypsy/roma ancestry? Second opinion.
  107. Can you cross reference DNA test from 4 children and one parent?
  108. 23andMe Shuts Down App that Uses Genetic Information to Screen Access
  109. Man there are some dumb people on 23andme
  110. Eastern and Southeastern Europeans with some East Asian admixture
  111. Why does Iceland appear in CoA for an East Asian?
  112. Where "Should" Greek Cypriot Ancestry Appear?
  113. My annoyance with 23andMe matches
  114. AuGenome sections my aunt was (not) tested for by 23andme
  115. List of Y-snps tested by 23andme chip
  116. Y-DNA Testing Options Beyond 23andMe (for L21 but applicable to others)
  117. 23andme's "German Problem."
  118. Close Relatives
  119. 23andMe Down Today
  120. secondry ydna matches in 23andme
  121. I just ordered 23andme
  122. Question
  123. Help me understand my results more? (23andme, GedMatch)
  124. Znertu's results (Armenian %?)
  125. New: South Indian Karnataka Result (23andme)
  126. My Grandfather's 23andme Ancestry Composition Results (Speculative)
  127. Waiting Times
  128. Cellachan's Mother's and Father's 23andme Results
  129. Giovanni Ca's All-Encompassing Neanderthal Admixture Thread
  130. POssibly descended from slaves in Bermuda
  131. 23andme vs the others
  132. South Asian results in 23andme
  133. Paper Trail Ancestry & Ancestry Composition
  134. 23andme guesses ! False results!
  135. Searching For Family Line (Closed Adoption)
  136. 23andMe Will Resume Giving Users Health Data
  137. Changes to 23andme..
  138. 23andme Ancestry Composition Results for Canary Islanders
  139. 23&Me Vs. DNA.LAND
  140. Anglo- Virginian's 23andme results.
  141. Did anyone's results change?
  142. I am No Longer reccommending 23 for Genetic Geneaology
  143. Genomapp analyzes 23andMe raw data
  144. AC
  145. Student Conducting Allergy Research
  146. V3 customers and the transition to the new site
  147. My results (northern french )
  148. Archon progon 23andme results
  149. My results (I'm a French from Lyon - center-east of France)
  150. 23andme & gedmatch results
  151. my family's results (Northern France at the border with Belgium)
  152. Is anyone actually happy with the changes at 23andMe?
  153. Comparing Dna Land to 23&me
  154. 23andme & AncestryDNA results for Italians and Greeks!
  155. Reporter looking for people willing to discuss their experiences with 23andMe
  156. How common are parent-child mutations?
  157. Apple taps 23andMe to bring genetic data into ResearchKit
  158. 23andMe archaic Y-DNA nomenclature conversion chart...does one exist?
  159. Some interesting and Strange results with 23andme
  160. 23andMe Customer's mtDNA Haplogroup Confirmed To Be Neanderthal
  161. 23andme y-dna haplgroup read accuracy: U152 vs L2
  162. 23andme vs. wegene results
  163. My updated 23andme and DNA Land results + my mothers results
  164. 23andMe ancestry estimates versus other services/tests
  165. Noise? 23andMe shows "< 0.1%" East African, while AncestryDNA has 100% European
  166. Am Sicilian 100%, 6/7 generations back, am not an expert😔is j1c1 mtdna rare in Sicily
  167. Fustan 23andme results
  168. Questions about Y-DNA haplotypes & R1b1b2a1a2d*
  169. Post your birthplace of your DNA Relative
  170. Wrong admixture percentages and missing admixtures in my ancestry composition PED Q
  171. Merging/phasing parents' results with your profile
  172. Is there a way to access old 23andme results?
  173. 23andme SNP accuracy falls short compared to Ancestry and Geno 2+
  174. Number of matches on GEDMATCH using 23 vs Geno 2.0 NG
  175. 23andMe is a full-fledged biotech now
  176. Bes Results
  177. Any Body with F Y-DNA Haplogroup here?
  178. My 23andme ancestry composition results both parents phased
  179. Coming soon: A new 23andMe experience
  180. Closer to matches I share less with compared to those I share more?
  181. Me and my dad's results
  182. At Home DNA Tests: Color Genomics vs. 23andMe
  183. 23andme officially goes retail
  184. 23andme $99 Ancestry only test released in U.S.
  185. Need help with 23andme results.
  186. Outliers and "Noise"
  187. Sub-Saharan Ancestry- real? noise?
  188. 23andMe reportedly no longer working on next-gen sequencing
  189. New Y-DNA Nomenclature on 23andMe
  190. 23&me composition results.
  191. My daughter wants to do DNA autosomal testing
  192. My 23andMe results
  193. Has anyone outside the US been transitioned?
  194. Typical English 23 ancestry composition
  195. Friends/connections no longer loading
  196. Finnish Heritage?
  197. 23andMe Your Ancestry Timeline
  198. New features on 23andMe "Ancestry Timeline"
  199. Toolbox Genomics
  200. 23andme v4 to ftdna transfers/imports
  201. My daughter's results
  202. What could my actual ancestry (based on my results)
  203. chenmatthew0428's request for autosomal results
  204. My youtube video on my ancestry for 23andme
  205. The Light Skin Allele of SLC24A5 in South-Asians & Europeans Shares Identity by Desce
  206. My 23andme, DNAland results(might need some help)
  207. Comparing 2 ancestry results
  208. Sephardic Jewish from 23andMe: How can we find out?
  209. USA- Check your email for 23andMe my +one promotion $69 (Ancestry) kit
  210. Ancestry and 23andMe Same Person Results Comparisons
  211. Autosomal map of Italy based on 23andMe
  212. What do Africans gets on the speculative scale?
  213. What is the difference between M412 and P310?
  214. 23andme test, <1% South Asian ?
  215. Can someone help me interpret my 23andme results? Still confused.
  216. 23andMe Results (Large Amount of Unassigned)
  217. 23andMe Arrived, Here it Begins
  218. 23andme and Haplogroups.
  219. How many matches do you have?
  220. 23 is currently updating
  221. Imaginary gaps in parent-child chromosome comparison
  222. Why 23andMe only tells you about the last 500-1000 years
  223. Current Analysis Times?!
  224. Is ancestry more accurate for South East Europeans?
  225. Help me understand my genome
  226. Transition Update
  227. Indian friend with European segments
  228. Pakistani Results!
  229. New Maternal Haplogroup report
  230. Oldest 23andMe timeline feature results?
  231. 23andme to MyHeritage Uploading Problems
  232. Does 23andMe's Timeline feature corroborate between family members using 23andMe 🤔
  233. Classifications ignore history
  234. Confused with gedmatch and 23 and me results
  235. New feature, Your DNA Family
  236. rs12458349 Neanderthal Straight Hair Gene
  237. Worth it to buy 23andMe after Ancestry?
  238. How accurate is 23andme's Ashkenazi Jewish category?
  239. Tested kids - weird results
  240. Superdrug prices
  241. Does 23andme underestimate admixtures?
  242. Will adding my wife and other daughter change results?
  243. Your DNA Family
  244. New Feature/Updates coming?
  245. South asian with over 75% DNA relatives non-south asian
  246. 23andme vs FTDNA totally different results, and so confused
  247. Chinese 23andMe results (Chongqing guy with 1/4 Xi'An lineage)
  248. $49 23andMe Ancestry kits
  249. Interpreting GEDmatch off 23andme results?
  250. mom and dad feature on 23and me