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  1. Worst Customer Service of any company
  2. Which specific areas of English DNA show as Celtic or French?
  3. New Ancestry DNA 2018 Update gave me some radical changes.
  4. Ancestry results
  5. Am I Puerto Rican or Mexican?
  6. AncestryDNA now beta previewing traits
  7. Suggestions for improving Ethnicity Estimates on AncestryDNA
  8. Several test results for Transylvanian
  9. Amazon Prime Sales (40% off AncestryDNA)
  10. How to use Y DNA to trace paternal surnames origin
  11. How long until the AncestryDNA Ethnicity Update is released?
  12. Is amount of shared DNA accurate?
  13. Regions missing
  14. The furthest back a match can be found?
  15. Ancestry should show or allowing downloading of all 40 runs of ancestry analysis
  16. Possible cousin?
  17. My DNA results from 2016 versus my dad's
  18. Scottish People
  19. Apparently, Ancestry DNA has updated AGAIN
  20. Chromosomes Parents
  21. Xcode.life
  22. I got the new DNA update manually - here's how
  23. Frustration with DNA Matches
  24. Do they have a firm grasp on Anglo-Saxon or Celtic?
  25. Still Don't Understand DNA Circles
  26. Ancestry.com on International Testing Efforts
  27. Possible Glitches in Ancestry.DNA matches?
  28. Re-Downloading Raw Data?
  29. Most of matches are from one line
  30. From reading to results, how long?
  31. Free Alzheimer's risk report from Xcode Life
  32. How to interpret GEDMatch kit results?
  33. Time for some more Genetic Communities!
  34. Ancestry Spotify Playlists
  35. A Greenhorn's Attempt at Distinguishing NW Europe from Germanic Europe
  36. ancestry DNA update: Catman
  37. Cousin matching with lower shared cM than expected
  38. Ancestry Match doesn't Match on GEDmatch?
  39. Origin 2.0: Xcode Life's Latest Ancestry Test
  40. Baltic DNA
  41. Romani DNA?
  42. Z346/S512
  43. Question about ancestry Migrations
  44. Ancestry DNA - is this the best it will ever get?
  45. How does Ancestry dna determine Ashkenazi heritage to specific locations in Germany?
  46. Match Compare.
  47. Ancestry Ethnicity Update and Matches from Other Ethnic Groups
  48. New Genetic Communities (Ireland)
  49. Where’d the Italian go?
  50. Radically different results for African-American regions. Thoughts?
  51. Big Difference in cMs Reported
  52. My Brothers AncestryDNA results. Swedish-Italian.
  53. Ancestry new calculator not good
  54. Confusion surrounding shared matches
  55. I am -O of blood
  56. Predicting Haplogroup
  57. Ever Recruit Any Good Y-DNA Matches Off of Ancestry?
  58. Ancestry's DNA link not working.
  59. Why does ancestry say I’m 41% Portuguese 36% North African 13% English
  60. New Feature ThruLines
  61. Ancestry´s Ethnicity Mix: a mess!
  62. New Beta version of shared matches
  63. Ancestry's Family Tree Tool
  64. Update May 30th?
  65. No longer able to search shared matches.
  66. Ethnicity Update May 2019
  67. Big Increase in Matches with Shared Ancestors
  68. How many people are in your Genetic Communities?
  69. Retest with same company or a different one?
  70. Why don't I have more genetic communities?
  71. New Ethnicity Estimate Update Scheduled For Later This Year (2019)
  72. Buying an Ancestry Kit from Amazon
  73. I''ve got new genetic communities
  74. Meaning of new Great Britain Genetic Communities - Scotland
  75. Nickeling and diming
  76. Ancestry Results from 3 Different Sources Comparison
  77. Results are in!
  78. My AncestryDNA Results
  79. No Regional breakdown
  80. Does Ancestry's Reference Panel Alter Results?
  81. Thrulines connections disappear
  82. Need help with ancestrydna results
  83. For anyone out there who doesn't believe Timber is a bad idea
  84. If anyone would like a chuckle at some very strange results.
  85. Stunning news
  86. Shared match questions
  87. View your Ancestry DNA Update!
  88. Shared match confusion
  89. AncestryDNA Update 2019...
  90. What would you like to see in Ancestry’s 2019 update?
  91. Is the Fog on My Pierce Line Starting to Clear Thanks To Ancestry?
  92. ThruLines has new Feature "New Matches"
  93. My mom has South Balkan ancestry? Ukrainian results.
  94. My Parents’ Results- Sicilians born in Palermo and Trapani
  95. French DNA & Ancestry's Oct. 2019 update
  96. Proof Ancestry ethnicity update is totally wrong.
  97. AncestryHealth?
  98. My wife's ancestry results are baffling!
  99. Ancestry & Gedcom Uploads
  100. What's the flaw with this ?.
  101. How many Ancestry.com matches do you have?
  102. Cornwall on Ancestry's Ethnicity Estimate
  103. Unintended(?) consequences of letting your DNA matches see only in-common regions
  104. New Tool at AncestryDNA
  105. Ethnicity estimates that doen't add up to 100%
  106. Confusing Results between Ancestry and gedmatch.com
  107. Transition to new genotyping chip
  108. Finally have my mother's results
  109. This doesn't make sense
  110. My AncestryDNA results, unknown 33% French ancestry, uncle shows as 1st cousin
  111. My results ! lots of suprises .
  112. LePrieur AncestryDNA latest
  113. Best company for ancestor identification?
  114. Ancestry Layoffs
  115. Ask Ancestry to Include Y-DNA and mtDNA Haplogroups
  116. Mixed Moluccan/Ashkenazi Ancestry results
  117. Ancestry still needs to refine their Germanic Europe category
  118. New Ancestry DNA Match Icon in Pedigree
  119. Are 1% regions accurate now?
  120. Timor Leste DNA results! 🇹🇱
  121. Portuguese AncestryDNA + Eurogenes results
  122. So maybe someone can tell me if this is makes sense
  123. Why doesn't Ancestry use the X chromosome in matching
  124. K36 results showing Scandinavian pull
  125. New Member- Portuguese AncestryDNA results:
  126. Is there an update coming soon?
  127. Matches smaller than 8cM to disappear
  128. Folders to disappear from Ancestry
  129. Ancestry DNA Changes
  130. Sale of Ancestry to Blackstone
  131. Cousins not sharing matches
  132. Does ancestrydna still report <1% ?
  133. Question about raw DNA
  134. New update coming soon - preview your results here!
  135. Ancestry DNA Update of Ethnicity Estimate
  136. Full English results
  137. Method to confirm/dispute accuracy of ancestry results?
  138. Elizabeth's AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate Updated Results
  139. Is Welsh a proxy for English or Native Irish?
  140. 1% European Jew
  141. Where ancestors of my matches were born
  142. How ancestry works
  143. 13cM segment tied to rare Italian surname
  144. What is the Scottish component composed of?
  145. Any German Results from AncestryDNA for Comparison?
  146. Average ethnicity results by match location in the British Isles
  147. Jewish Ancestry Results are in !
  148. Gift Membership
  149. Moluccan (Ambonese) Mothers Updated results!
  150. New Layout for Matches
  151. How to get ancestry preliminary results
  152. Ancestry deepens focus on Family History; will discontinue AncestryHealth
  153. When is the next Ancestry update?
  154. Ancestry DNA transparency report: January 2021
  155. Problem with AncestryDNA kit
  156. AncestryDNA "New "Feature"
  157. New AncestryDNA Communities
  158. Ancestry DNA Matches Location Search Not Working
  159. Confusing Genetic Community allocations
  160. My Ancestry results next to my Brothers
  161. Tomenable's AncestryDNA results
  162. Irish AncestryDNA results