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  1. AncestryDNA to offer raw data to folks in 2013
  2. Will You Take the AncestryDNA Test?
  3. AncestryDNA Y SNPs
  4. Ancestry.com autosomal results
  5. AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimates
  6. Zeph's AncestryDNA Results
  7. Scarlet Ibis & Dad's AncestryDNA Results
  8. AncestryDNA breakdown of SSA for African Americans & other Afrodescendants
  9. Ancestry discontinuing Y & mt DNA testing and closing their databases this September.
  10. Xolotl's AncestryDNA results
  11. Future possibilities for AncestryDNA
  12. AncestryDNA finding relatives
  13. Experiment idea
  14. Some exciting news...
  15. AncestryDNA breakdown of SSA for Africans
  16. AncestryDNA breakdown of SSA for Puerto Ricans
  17. AncestryDNA Implements Horrible Changes
  18. Ancestry.com
  19. Weird DNA results for half Irish half French Canadian
  20. AncestryDNA Ordered!
  21. Can I transfer my Ancestry by DNA 2.5 Results to autosomal?
  22. Can Ancestry STR markers be transferred to FTDNA?
  23. My AncestryDNA results
  24. shazou's AncestryDNA results
  25. AncestryDNA now available for Australians
  26. My Ancestry DNA Results with Eurogenes K13
  27. Ancestry.com Shutters SMGF Database Amid Murder Case Controversy
  28. Ancestry.com has apparently tested over 1 million
  29. My results (Mexican)
  30. AncestryDNA results of my sister
  31. DNA Circles is the right idea, but POORLY executed
  32. Ancestry adds one millionth kit.
  33. Mum's Ancestry results
  34. Ancestry DNA adds new tools
  35. MY ancestryDNA results (help?)
  36. How does AncestryDNA compare to Family Finder
  37. My AncestryDNA Results!
  38. Cousin's AncestryDNA results
  39. Anglo- Virginian's AncestryDNA results
  40. My uncle's AncestryDNA results
  41. How long
  42. Why do I score more Italy/Greece than Iberian on AncestryDNA?
  43. Caution re AncestryDNA shipping
  44. Won't be getting any results from Ancestry
  45. my dna journey so far
  46. Ordered the Ancestry DNA Test
  47. My results.
  48. Central/South/East African results
  49. need advice-how is this deal/test?
  50. Ancestry DNA and GEDmatch HELP
  51. Why I REALLY wish Ancestry would start showing segment matching.
  52. Ancestry DNA vs GEDMATCH, Scottish vs English
  53. Why Ireland? Process Taking Forever
  54. New Investments in Ancestry.com to Boost DNA Business
  55. My Results
  56. AncestryDNA Update
  57. AncestryDNA vs 23&me vs Family Finder
  58. Are people still getting new matches?
  59. Where does AncestryDNA get its regional reference population data?
  60. Why do a lot of Mexicans often score some Asia Central on AncestryDNA?
  61. What hints can I derive from 26% Nigeria, 16% Mali and 13% Cameroon/Congo?
  62. Customer Testing Begins on New AncestryDNA Chip
  63. my Ancestry DNA results
  64. Intresting distant cousin match?
  65. Is ancestrydna any good for a near easterner?
  66. Cyna AncestryDNA Results
  67. Close relatives
  68. What are your top countries using location search ?
  69. New Ancestry Discoveries
  70. Ancestry's 'ranges'
  71. my family member's ancestry
  72. There's gold(DNA) in them thar hills!
  73. What tribes in Mali are tested with ancestry dna?
  74. AncestryDNA results vs GEDmatch etc..
  75. Middle Eastern on Ancestry Ethnicity
  76. Noise threshold
  77. False interpretation of "race" in Virginia Marriage Records, 1936-2012"
  78. Italian and Caucasus/Middle East ethnicity
  79. Family tree
  80. Relative's Caucasus
  81. Interesting Paternal AncestryDNA Results
  82. Great Britain DNA Category - Is it really Germanic?
  83. 5% Iberian
  84. Trace of Native American in British/Irish people
  85. Western Europe Category - What the heck is it?
  86. Please help me understand my Ancestry resullts
  87. Ancestry restricting access?
  88. A few questions about my AncestryDNA results
  89. Ancestry DNA results
  90. South Asian for a person of European Ancestry?
  91. Reference populations for AncestryDNA
  92. Got my results- middle eastern???
  93. Ancestry DNA Circles
  94. How does Ancestry.com classify Tatars?
  95. AncestryDNA Tree Experiment
  96. Does Ancestry DNA provides haplogroups(Y & mt) infos?
  97. Ancestry Black Friday Deals
  98. Neat New Match At Ancestry
  99. Ancestry DNA matches. How many do yoy have?
  100. My AncestryDNA results.
  101. Geno 2.0 vs 23andme/ancestry results
  102. My results
  103. AncestryDNA - New DNA Origins - Genetic Communities Sneak Preview
  104. Ancestry "galllery" viewing
  105. My AncestryDNA results from 2015
  106. Has anyone tested twice at Ancestry DNA?
  107. Guess this person's ethnicity based on AncestryDNA results:
  108. Ancestry vs 23&me vs FTDNA
  109. Ancestry DNA Results Arrived
  110. Ancestry DNA Results - African American / Caribbean
  111. Ancestry DNA Arrived; Seeking Assistance! (American)
  112. Can I improve upon old 2008 AncestryDNA 2.5 results?
  113. Can someone explain this?
  114. Results from Argyll or Glasgow ?
  115. Help with my Ethnicity?
  116. Comparing 2 ancestry results
  117. Middlesbrough DNA on Ancestry
  118. Ancestry DNA result ( Yemeni )
  119. Ancestry DNA update?
  120. I'm not Greek??
  121. How big were your ranges with ancestrydna?
  122. Does Europe East DNA necessarily indicate Jewish ancestry?
  123. Will full siblings all have the same resuts?
  124. I talked to ancestrydna? So I'm both 66% African as well as 100% but estimated 90%?
  125. Buying and activating outside of the covered zone
  126. Difference in results
  127. How common is trace Iberian for English testers.
  128. AncestryDNA ranges?
  129. Ancestry DNA categories discussion
  130. AncestryDNA autosomal database hits FOUR MILLION!
  131. Results from Ancestry.com, 97% European ?
  132. How Many Weeks Does It Take ?
  133. DNA Circles gone....
  134. "Newfoundland English" Genetic Community
  135. AncestryDNA Helper
  136. I am not a typical native of any region. So what am I?
  137. DNA v Paper Records analysis ? Does Ancestry offer or use this
  138. Ancestry takes DNA ownership rights from customers
  139. We're Related app
  140. Would you buy a sealed kit off ebay?
  141. Comparison of Father and Daughter AncestryDNA Results
  142. Interesting Pennsylvania Dutch (German) Ethnicity estimate. Why so British?
  143. Gedmatch?
  144. Is my 22% Scandinavian more likely British or German?.
  145. Is AncestryDNA's e-mail system working?
  146. Ancestry DNA Middle East identification
  147. Create a new account for each dna test or register under existing account?
  148. DNA circles questions
  149. Significantly higher Iberian than Italian on Gedmatch than on Ancestry
  150. Ancestry DNA-Mexican(high Italy/Greece)
  151. Great britain dna
  152. Shared Ancestor Hints
  153. Ancestry IPO on the horizen
  154. Big difference in siblings
  155. What is my nationality
  156. Ancestry and My Heritage Results
  157. Jewish ancestry
  158. My Cuban DNA Results
  159. Comparison Ancestry vs Other Services
  160. Ancestry from Iberia or just shared Celtic heritage?
  161. My Results Don't Seem to Make Sense When Compared to My Parents' Results
  162. Ancestry and GEDmatch Results
  163. Significant differences in shared DNA between cousins and me
  164. At last! Ancestry.co.uk results. Results of an East Anglian tester
  165. High Irish AncestryDNA Results?
  166. Utilizing Shared Matches Tool
  167. AncestryDNA results from across Europe
  168. Armenian's results - typical or unusual?
  169. Different GEDMatch results from Ancestry
  170. Ancestry tests one English village
  171. Question about Iberian Percentage
  172. Genetic Communities: Is there a time line till out of beta?
  173. A story to urge people who tested at Ancestry to upload their data file to GEDmatch.
  174. Ancestry DNA and GEDmatch results
  175. Ancestry DNA 1-2% foreign DNA in Europeans
  176. Mysterious Italian/Greek percentage
  177. What is Italy/Greece?
  178. Who has the most matches in AncestryDNA?
  179. AncestryDNA results from Asia, the Pacific & Native Americans
  180. Why would a British person get low Great Britain ?
  181. Mirror trees, DNA tree linking, circles
  182. Haryana jatts European?
  183. Unexpected Result...
  184. YDNA : R1A Z94
  185. Q1b in south asia
  186. Name Unavailable?
  187. Ancestry's Scandinavian Bias
  188. Ancestry DNA Parent and Child Comparisons
  189. Please help me figure out this Y-chromosome
  190. Breakdown of Ancestry match locations
  191. Genetic Diversity vs Typical Native
  192. Europe West vs Great Britain - Germanic
  193. Frisian or North Dutch but no known Dutch ancestors?
  194. Does Ancestry use DNA or Trees to form your Communities?
  195. Does Ancestry test different SNPs outside the US?
  196. Ancestry DNA Circles
  197. Changes to communities.
  198. These siblings took DNA tests and got different results
  199. Ancestry DNA Results - Middle Eastern
  200. Ancestry DNA match lists may be changing
  201. AncestryDNA results are more germanic than other tests
  202. Whoa! AncestryDNA just added 124 more Ethnic Regions
  203. My circles are gone.
  204. Beta Descendants Feature
  205. Ancestry UK sale price now on
  206. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale - AncestryDNA $59
  207. AncestryDNA (Azores) Portugal.
  208. Outstanding Sales at Ancestry
  209. Community For Southwest Scotland
  210. Interpreting Asia South Percentage
  211. Can someone help me? I'm a newbie and not sure how to interpret my DNA results
  212. No "Communities" to Ancestry??
  213. Pontic Greek DNA Results
  214. AncestryDNA App Update - new features
  215. Question about my results (Middle Eastern)
  216. Biggest difference to date in DNA shared with my V1 self versus my V2 self
  217. Northern Mexican Ancestry DNA results
  218. My boyfriend's AncestryDNA result
  219. Caucasus Result (How to Interpret)
  220. Ancestry’s hints have gone mad!
  221. Ancestry dot com vs. Eurogenes K36.
  222. Requesting a learned review of my and my 1st cousins data...
  223. Cuban Eurogenes K13
  224. Help with DNA results
  225. Processing Time
  226. Am I VIKING or what?!
  227. Any African Americans with High Percentage Of DNA from Mali?
  228. Unsearchable Ancestry trees
  229. Help Interpreting Gedmatch Results
  230. How do I interpret Ancestry haplogroup result?
  231. Why am I showing so much Italian ancestry?
  232. Ethnicity Estimate ‘Up To Date’ disappeared!
  233. Weirdness with shared matches
  234. Is the Ethnicity Estimate getting an update? 2018
  235. Post your Ancestrydna migration(s) thread
  236. Could This Be The Answer? DNA Mystery
  237. Tree problems
  238. Ordering Ancestry kit in Canada
  239. I thought it was noise
  240. My Family Member's Strange DNA
  241. Error Uploading to Gedmatch
  242. Full Sibling Results
  243. Forbes rates Ancestry DNA as best DNA test.
  244. Can't log in to Ancestry
  245. YDNA predictor
  246. Relooking at my ancestry dna results and have questions
  247. Amerindian vs. Gypsy (Romany) vs. African?: Looking for help with a single ancestor
  248. Ethnicity estimate for Kashubian ancestry
  249. James Lick's site?
  250. AncestryDNA results across the Afro-Diaspora