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  1. Loss of FTDNA Family Finder matches.
  2. FTDNA Family Finder Test Worthwhile?
  3. FTDNA Family Finder successes
  4. FTDNA Population Finder Results
  5. FTDNA flags goodbye to "longhand" haplogroup designations
  6. Whole Exome Sequencing from DNADTC (FTDNA)
  7. FTDNA Population finder question
  8. FTDNA Results-DYS 459
  9. Family Finder results
  10. My grandmother's FTDNA results
  11. Family Finder Stuff
  12. Krahns leave FTDNA?
  13. Confusing Y-DNA resuts
  14. My Family Finder Results (FTDNA) LEBANESE CHRISTIAN (MY DAD)
  15. Will you be ordering the FamilyTreeDNA's 'Big Y DNA Test'?
  16. ZephyrousMandaru's Family Finder Results
  17. Icebreaker's Family Finder results
  18. My Y-DNA matches @ Family Tree DNA
  19. Big Y results to begin appearing on Feb 28, according to FTDNA email
  20. L11* or P310* interest. Today ftDNA listed my Y-DNA as DF100+ (also am CTS4258 NG2)
  21. My FTDNA Results
  22. New Population Finder Update, Finally?
  23. Different Values for DYS487
  24. FTDNA New YDNA Haplotree
  25. FTDNA Big Y & STR GD Distance. Any comparisons in new Big Y results?
  26. "All YDNA SNPSs are 20% off" -- false!
  27. Valid SNP results are getting silently dropped
  28. New Population Finder Cluster Descriptions.
  29. Post your y DNA Matches maps
  30. Mountain District of Middle TN Project up and running
  31. FTDNA Forums site down?
  32. Now i R-L145...
  33. Re-release of Big Y results sometimes incomplete or even inconsistent
  34. Is there a sale at FTDNA scheduled for any time soon?
  35. Big-Y Sales?
  36. Help needed for interpreting Y-DNA results - German and Scandinavian ancestry
  37. Big Y Matches
  38. FTDNA Updates names to their myOrigins clusters
  39. FTDNA new practice of predicting R1b subclades
  40. Recent BigY VCF/BED .zip files empty?
  41. STR color coding
  42. Xolotl's Family Finder Results
  43. Comparing My Dad's MyOrigins Map to My Own
  44. Help with FamilyFinder results
  45. Beta Release of FTDNA "Family Tree"
  46. New sale
  47. So how many pages of FF matches do you have?
  48. FTDNA - Deep Clade 2.0
  49. My grandparents' FamilyFinder results (Trabzon, Turkey)
  50. Misinterpretation of Halopgroup and SNP data
  51. 10th Annual Family Tree DNA Conference Wrapup
  52. Which test should I take for deep subclade testing?
  53. FTDNA deep clade
  54. FtDNA now offering free autosomal transfers
  55. Not-in-Common Question
  56. Relationship Range question
  57. Salkin's myOrigins
  58. Sapporo's myOrigin Results
  59. Comparing Parent & Child MyOrigins Results
  60. Log Jam at FTDNA Lab?
  61. Just got an interesting FF match
  62. FTDNA Holiday Sale 2014
  63. Big Y Coupon
  64. FTDNA policies related to project administrators - SNP testing
  65. FTDNA Coupon
  66. Big Y if NGS test already on the way?
  67. Something strange going on with R1b tree at FTDNA
  68. Bogus credit card charges (not just authorizations) from FTDNA if you used "Pay Now"
  69. Incredible new results!!
  70. My Origin results
  71. Project member GATA H4 results have changed
  72. Big Y results: the VCF file
  73. BigY coupon request
  74. Chromsome browser/matrix question
  75. FTDNA haplotree problems and using Big Y SNPs in their haplotree?
  76. FTDNA has published new time estimates for testing
  77. G1? G2? -P15 with a DYS426=10
  78. FTDNA Big Y order SNAFU
  79. My Origins (Turkish result)
  80. FTDNA Y-DNA 67 Markers.
  81. New features at FTDNA
  82. Allegedly erroneous BAM files
  83. FTDNA downtime
  84. BigY Question!!!!
  85. MyHeritage will not ship to Poland
  86. FTDNA FF tools..
  87. advanced matches function
  88. Interesting FTDNA results of an Adopted person
  89. Can Family Finder test results be used for Y DNA tests? And is FF accurate?
  90. ftdna classifying me as Sephardic Cohanim J1c3d Cohanim Confirmed Seph YSC234+ZS222+,
  91. Is Family Finder reliable?
  92. 15% discount on all tests $99 or more?
  93. What would you do?
  94. FTDNA's Biggest Gaffe - Individual SNP Orders
  95. About G-L14 and matches
  96. Data Sets
  97. Upcoming plans for FTDNA's Big Y
  98. Beware of silently disappeared test orders!
  99. Backbone R1b-M269 SNP bundle
  100. Tons of new Family Finder matches
  101. FTDNA coupon codes good until July 25
  102. FTDNA worth the effort?
  103. MtDNA Plus
  104. New 15% coupon code, unknown expiration
  105. FTDNA Free Transfer from 23andMe
  106. coupon code
  107. How do I Order a ySTR37 marker kit ?
  108. Problems with myOrigins
  109. Getting FTDNA to update their Haplotree
  110. FTDNA ordering help
  111. BigY quality
  112. FTDNA SNP Packs
  113. Contacting Igenea match
  114. Hidden matches (compared to using the .csv or excel tabs for bulk match listing)
  115. FTDNA SNP Packs versus Big Y
  116. My Origins Results
  117. BigY coupon, and more
  118. FTDNA now charges $15 change/cancellation fee
  119. FTDNA will charge a fee for transferring Geno 2.0 NextGen into Family Finder
  120. different companies different mtDNA results
  121. Ancestral surnames search box and countries
  122. Anglo- Virginian's FTDNA results
  123. Genome transfer from Familytree
  124. Opening a request to FTDNA
  125. FTDNA's marketing of SNP Packs
  126. Another Change to myOrigins: Bye Bye Britain!
  127. FTDNA Annual Conference 2015
  128. 2015 winter holiday sale
  129. FTDNA has new Head of IT
  130. Undo your myGroups conversion
  131. Page Help for Y-DNA - Standard Y-STR Values
  132. FTDNA's Updated SNP Tree and Big Y
  133. How do I cancel an order on FamilyTreeDNA?
  134. FTDNA updating personal haplotrees to reflect Big Y results
  135. Confirming my heritage through DNA. :)
  136. BAM file only 100MB
  137. Getting SNPs named in the BY series
  138. Chromosome browser and matrix question
  139. FTDNA transfer from ancestryDNA.
  140. My paternal grandparents FamilyFinder results!
  141. New Version of Big-Y
  142. All FTDNA customer access to BAM files is gone!
  143. FTDNA to Gedmatch: Kit does not have enough SNPs to be tokenized
  144. Numbering system added
  145. Geographic Imbalances in FTDNA Database: Some Comparisons
  146. BigY Novel Variants: winnow your list, to make it useful
  147. My search for my biological father
  148. Family Finder Match problem
  149. Time to find an alternative to FTDNA
  150. Big Y BAM File Downloads are Back
  151. My mom gets connections with Finns sometimes
  152. FTDNA Y-DNA 12 Test Retired?
  153. X chromosome puzzle
  154. FTDNA Family Finder -v- Gedmatch (Eurogenes/Dodecad, etc.)
  155. Minor percentage
  156. How to See Big-Y Results
  157. Any news about FTDNA myorigins update?
  158. Is a 40.6 MB BAM file small?
  159. Big Y- was it a waste of money?
  160. FTDNA maps - push pin haplogroup colors & choosing multiple SNPs to be displayed
  161. MTDNA update for anyone?
  162. FTDNA's new matching algorithm
  163. Exciting new updates?
  164. My FTDNA results
  165. My FTdna results HELP me explain
  166. MY FTDNA
  167. Family Finder Matches Pages destroyed.
  168. Greek Thracian with ancestry from Istanbul
  169. Greek with ancestry from Central Greece and Pontus/Anatolia
  170. GENI Integrates FamilyTreeDNA data files to help users confirm & find relatives
  171. Different results for persons with same ethnic background
  172. Family Finder Update-Ability to sort maternal and paternal matches
  173. How to do the Big Y Test without STR testing before?
  174. FTDNA My Origins results
  175. GEDMATCH matches using Geno 2.0 NG (and likely FTDNA) compared to 23
  176. Saami DNA project..
  177. FTDNA and GenBank
  178. FTDNA SNP database?
  179. The Insoluble Dilemma of Commercial Haplogroup Predictors used by FTDNA/Genographic
  180. Help me interpret my Y37 results
  181. FYI: FTDNA has unexpectedly changed it's TiP tool...again
  182. My FTDNA SNP results, Kohen ancestry
  183. How long till raw data available to download?
  184. My father's My origins results
  185. Phased results- African
  186. FTDNA mtdna results
  187. Remaining Anonymous Or Using A Nick Name For An Account
  188. My FTDNA My Origins results; confused!
  189. Family Finder
  190. Maternal and paternal tabs
  191. Y DNA Hapologroup Changed
  192. FF Match and Y DNA Balto-Slavic questions
  193. Posting sample from UK to USA?
  194. MtDNA matches, more particularly
  195. Match who tested in different commercial testing company
  196. Benefits of Big Y
  197. My origins screwy
  198. Lack of Matches Past 25 Markers
  199. Newbie to BIG Y - What will the result tell me?
  200. Family Finder Results are In
  201. My Family Finder results - help appreciated.
  202. My Y-DNA results
  203. GAP "Y-DNA Genetic Distance" page intermittently displays someone else's list
  204. y-HAP-Backbone
  205. Can FTDNA accept YSEQ results?
  206. 1/4 German - 97% "British Isle"?
  207. FTDNA Advanced Test (Sanger Sequencing) Y SNP additions
  208. FTDNA ancientOrigins
  209. FTDNA 12th Annual Conference
  210. Hypothesis: MyOrigins percentages biased towards y DNA haplogroup
  211. MDLP K23b to Ancient Origins Convertor
  212. Holiday Vouchers
  213. Ancestral origin and Haplogroup origin
  214. FTDNA Y37
  215. FTDNA is now estimating clients' ancient European admixture
  216. R-Z329 Origins?
  217. BigY ordered with recent Holiday voucher
  218. Correction to Y haplogroup Tree used by FTDNA and Genographic
  219. MY FTDNA results.
  220. mtFull Sequence ordered with Recent Holiday Voucher
  221. 37 STR vs 67/111STR
  222. FDTNA - New Member found
  223. olive picker ftdna results (family finder & y37)
  224. Parents Results In, Need Help Interpreting
  225. Big Y
  226. Changes to predicted relationships
  227. FTDNA's Factoids
  228. Big Y Results Completed Today... Where Are They?
  229. Niall of the Nine
  230. Big Y
  231. Ordered a Family Finder Test for the Slavic Princess in My House
  232. ftdna and gedmatch
  233. Get Y-111 if I'll get Big Y later?
  234. FTDNA Batching
  235. Y-DNA 12 Added to Family Finder Kit ~ How Long Will It Take??
  236. Y37
  237. Y-Haplogroup via Ancestry test
  238. Horrible FTDNA Service
  239. V4 Transfers From 23andMe
  240. Syed DNA
  241. FTDNA vs Yfull "private" SNP confusion?
  242. Extreme MyOrigins Differences Between Father and Son
  243. Y-DNA 12 Results In! No Matches, No Haplogroup?!
  244. FTDNA Now Accepts Ancestry v2 and 23andme v4 raw data!
  245. Finland and Northern Siberia? Finnish 4th cousin?
  246. What does ordering SNPs do for pinpointing details of Y ancestry?
  247. Ancestry vs Family Tree DNA (Or Gedmatch)
  248. YDNA 12 markes -1 - a question
  249. No match at 12-marker?
  250. Using results fine scale matching