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  1. Eurogenes Project thread.
  2. Dienekes' Anthropology (Genetics) and Dodecad Project Thread
  3. Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae Project (MDLP)
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  7. Alanson's MLDP results
  8. Harappa Ancestry Project
  9. Help understanding certain results?
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  13. Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Detective
  14. EthioHelix Project
  15. Spreadsheet for West Iranics
  16. DIY Program Requests/Debug Thread
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  18. DNA.Land Relationship Matches are impossible
  19. DNA.Land imputed VCF file
  20. GEDmatch and our Raw Data
  21. Chromosome Mapper Tool...
  22. Info me DNA tool.. :)
  23. Are there any good mapping tools for autosomal results?
  24. Norman/French/Crusader genes in Lebanese Muslims?
  25. Looking for a Gedmatch Oracle manual creator.
  26. Admixture Databases and models
  27. Which is the most successful GEDMATCH calculator for verifying ancestry?
  28. No more Family Finder uploads to GEDmatch?
  29. Progress with the FTDNA/GEDmatch situation?
  30. Samaritan GEDmatch results: How does this shape our view of the pre-Islamic Levant?
  31. Post Gedmatch MDLP K13,K23b,World and World22 nMonte results
  32. New GEDmatch calculators?
  33. Eurogenes K9b is the only test picking up my 9.42% European admixture?
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  36. RARE Sicilian GEDMatch result... deep inland, Caltanissetta province.
  37. Calculator in Gedmatch to test for Greenlandic Inuit
  38. Second *RARE* Sicilian result: deep inland Caltanissetta, central Sicily.
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  41. Help determining World9 results
  42. GedrosiaDNA K6, K9, K15 EEF, ENF, and Natufian
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  44. Need some insight into Non Pakistani/Indian results on my different tests
  45. Can someone explain my GEDMATCH Eurogenes K36 results?
  46. GedMatch Genesis (with LivingDNA) v GedMatch (23andme) - Eurogenes K13
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  48. MDLP K16 distance of Irish populations for English-Connacht closest, Munster furthest
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  51. GEDMatch question
  52. My K9 ASI on GEDMatch
  53. Volga Finnic GEDmatch kit numbers
  54. Anyone know who is curating South Asian kits on GEDmatch Genesis?
  55. Anyone notice Gedmatch Genesis one-to-one matches have really low SNPs?
  56. What makes Eurogenes K36 so popular?
  57. Gedmatch phased kit vs unphased kit and probability of IBD?
  58. Uploading 23andme v5 raw data to Genesis.
  59. Genesis One-to-Many results usually don't match one-to-one
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  61. Question About High North Caucasian Result on Eurogenes K36
  62. [GEDmatch] As a Spaniard, I usually get both north african and scandinavian in Oracle
  63. Is anyone willing to help me trace my Middle Eastern Origins? (read pls)
  64. 23&Me v5 now works on old Gedmatch. Somebody noticed it?
  65. my EUtest oracle results
  66. Help me make sense of my Eurogenes K36 results?
  67. Does anyone have Eurogenes K15 for people who are 90% or more Pennsylvania Dutch?
  68. Sibling comparison
  69. DNA Tribes SNP Results
  70. Just how accurate/recent is GEDmatch? Which calculator/project combo is most recent?
  71. Looking for a specific GEDMatch calculator
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  73. Your DNA Portal
  74. 23andme V5 vs v3 Gedmatch matches
  75. Sign of distant Romani ancestry?
  76. With models and estimates how much "MENA" do Iberians have?
  77. Who can help me model my grandmother to accurately estimate her African ancestry?
  78. Which should be assumed to be "grouped together" on my dad's eurogenes k36 results?
  79. Post YourDNAPortal k36 Oracle results
  80. BAM Analysis Kit (Windows and Linux). New release.
  81. Confusing results. (Also why am I indian?)
  82. YourDNAPortal K47
  83. Post your G25 results from Eurogenes.
  84. What's all this then?
  85. Using two sisters and a son/nephew to find hidden ancestries
  86. How can I interpret this?
  87. nMonte3 & Correlating ancient DNA with Tacitus' Germania
  88. Unetician nMonte using Global25 coordinates
  89. yleaf\Position_files update
  90. MDLP K23b Ancestral Altaic
  91. Autosomal matrix comparison,gedmatch .
  92. south italian g25 with ancient populations
  93. Gedmatch pages are very slow to load
  94. Archaic Global 25 Model for Americans
  95. GeneU - universal Y/Mt information platform for multiple genetic testing companies
  96. K36 Similarity Map says it is representing 57% of my DNA after I took out 50%. Why?
  97. Did Gedmatch for my Grandmother's DNA and I'm Confused
  98. GEDMatch Interpretation
  99. Post your G25 results!
  100. Share a scaled G25 dataset
  101. Predict Y haplogroups project
  102. Dimensionality reduction using Ancol PCA
  103. predict your blood group
  104. Linguistic, genetic and ethnic history of northern Mesopotamia ?
  105. Eurogenes G25 model for Greeks and Turks. (Bronze Age, Iron age, Medieval)
  106. HAPI-DNA Tools and Tips for Genetic Genealogy
  107. nMonte3: Mimicking Population Genomics of the Viking World 2019
  108. nMonte3: Iron Age for NW/W Europe
  109. Europe Heatmap Generator for Scaled G25 Coordinates
  110. Convert chromosome K36 coords to G25 (simulated)
  111. How does Admix work?