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  1. CRI Genetics
  2. TeloYears Advanced Ancestry - anyone know about their methods?
  3. Genesis GEDmatch Conspicuous Match with Both Parents
  4. Safe to assume its Native DNA?
  5. Infinome free ancestry report
  6. My dna tribes Living dna upload
  7. My dna tribes Living dna upload
  8. All my Commercial Results so far.
  9. My Living DNA upload to DNA Tribes SNP Analysis.
  10. Gencove changing
  11. Three Generations Eurogenes K13 results
  12. My CRI Genetics results
  13. Dna tribes- Which are highlighted in red?
  14. Every company different results
  15. DNA TRIBES "Iterative Population Admixture" question
  16. Question about Eurogenes on Gedmatch and possible Kits?
  17. Does anyone commerically test palindromic Y-DNA markers?
  18. My commercial aDNA results comparatively
  19. GPS Origins Ashkenazi Results
  20. Turkic ancestry
  21. Dna tribes mix for father and myself
  22. iGenea surname projects
  23. Impute
  24. Please Interpret Gedmatch results
  25. What do my test results tell you? (MyGenomeBox + Euro hunter gatherer calc)
  26. DNA Tribes
  27. Please help me to better figure out my dna
  28. yourdnaportal K47 results
  29. Company Offers Free Whole-Genome Sequencing for Data Sharers
  30. Which company's raw data is the most compatible with GEDmatch?
  31. Dante Health, Wellness and Longevity DNA Test - SNPs?
  32. DNA Tribes is closing its doors.
  33. Consumer Genomics Poised for Growth in 2019 ...
  34. Pacbio WGS Tests for Individuals?
  35. DNA Discount
  36. Nebula Genomics
  37. Yfull contact
  38. Please Help! - Iranian/Persian DNA & Gedmatch Results
  39. Helix - Ancestry Basics
  40. GEDmatch Least-squares population distance
  41. Flemish Belgian girl does different ancestry platforms, gets wildly different results
  42. YFull - 1oth kit analysis is FREE! (?)
  43. Y-full - Research Samples "Analysis in Progress..."
  44. What region of Spain is my minor Spanish ancestry from based on these results?
  45. XGenomes is bringing DNA sequencing to the masses
  46. YFull - Upload mtDNA
  47. STR Matchfinder Tool at Phylogeographer
  48. Help me understand Davidski's Basal-rich K7 and Global25
  49. Ancestry Basics by Helix
  50. Any experience with mytrueancestry.com?
  51. Oxford Nanopore certified labs
  52. DNA friend!
  53. Understanding Gedmatch results?
  54. Exogenix
  55. My True Ancestry
  56. How should commercial DNA testing break down Italy, Albania, and Greece references?
  57. New TOS at GEDmatch 18 May 2019 for law enforcement matching
  58. Helix.com DNA raw data transfer option??
  59. Sano Genetics of Cambridge England
  60. SOMOS ANCESTRIA raw data upload test for $10 ,a company based in Mexico
  61. How would Global25 / nmonte be more useful than another calculator
  62. YFull Shared SNPs
  63. Gedmatch - Q matching
  64. YFull and its YReport
  65. Guess Ancestry of Man From Dodecad World 9
  66. Ran my 23andme results through the K36 map generator.
  67. Autosomal Genotyping Test with Best Privacy Policy + Other questions
  68. Is that it for the Omniexpress Microarray?
  69. Who can plot this outlier individual on a PCA or model them? How outlying are they?
  70. Need help with GEDmatch (puntDNAL)
  71. "East Med Continuum" GEDmatch results/requests - let me know what you want to see!
  72. Reference SNP Dataset
  73. Orig3n Inc. tampered with DNA results
  74. DNALand closing and is relaunching
  75. Yfull and processing Big Y 700
  76. Does this make sense
  77. WGS (myGenome, Veritas) Health reports
  78. The Overall Best Deal
  79. my G25 results
  80. Assessing Arabian admixture in the Levant, North Africa using Global25
  81. Any recommendations for whole genome sequencing?
  82. Top 100 populations closest to Saudis on Global25. Some surprises??
  83. Anyone used Ethnogene?
  84. BH2BU (South Africa)
  85. 3/4 Tunisian, 1/4 Algerian GEDMatch result! Typical? Or large European shift?
  86. G25 100 closest populations to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.
  87. Bionano Genomics Saphyr Optical Mapping technology
  88. Bizarre "error" when trying to use GEDmatch one-to-one X comparison
  89. Sequencing.com changes
  90. Percent HTZ out of range - Gedmatch
  91. Best all around raw data file at the moment, with the lowest no-calls?
  92. Post your MyTrueAncestry Deep Dive results at Min cM Length 7.0 & Min SNP Length 200
  93. Help interpreting MDLP results?
  94. My DNA portal results?
  95. Is MyTrueAncestry just using Gedmatch calculators?
  96. Full Genomes Ancestry, results?
  98. YFull combBED snp not used for analysis?
  99. Which test should I take next?
  100. Sequencing.com, One Genome technology and my experiences
  101. YFull and STR matches
  102. The state of play re YDNA and me
  103. My yfull SNP matches .
  104. Sequencing.com led me to believe I could DIE at any minute.
  105. New DNA testing company, Alliance DNA Laboratory
  106. Any DNA companies similar to DeCODEme?
  107. Genetic affairs FB group
  108. Geni
  109. Nebula Genomics
  110. Geneanet
  111. China’s BGI says it can sequence a genome for just $100
  112. New Dante 130x Exome +30x Genome + 15x Long Reads
  113. Sequencing.com woes.
  114. MyTrueAncestry 'Ancient Sample'
  115. Testing for Specific Regions within UK?
  116. Genteract Polygenomic Analysis: Actionable Insights to Improve Your Health
  117. Yfull STR distant matching
  118. In my TrueAncestry : what are Jewish results for bronze age population
  119. YFull STR matches
  120. What made DNA Tribes SNP Analysis different than the other tests?
  121. What happened to EthnoGene?
  122. south italian gedmatch and mydnaportal results
  123. New Sequencing.com Apps!!
  124. Help me understand my DNA please
  125. snp tracker
  126. Should I test with Nebula Genomics for their Ancestry analysis?
  127. GEDmatch DNA Doe Project
  128. GEDmatch Down and Out
  129. TellmeGen, a better 23andme?
  130. Teloyears Advanced Ancestry
  131. Surname/Clan/Tribe Y-DNA-Tree research: accuracy in the last centuries/generations
  132. ADNTRO -- New DNA test company I found
  133. A simple Q matching question
  134. Genomelink Ancient DNA Report
  135. A question about differences
  136. A question about differences
  137. Gedmatch- kit data not found
  138. Atlas Biomed results in
  139. Big increase in Geneanet matches
  140. Geneplaza - Bronze Age DNA test
  141. What is your current most accurate commercial test? Oct 2020
  142. Your ‘Ethnicity Estimate’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does (article in Wired)
  143. Dynamic DNA Labs
  144. DNA Genics
  145. Different Match Results on Different Platforms
  146. My 24 genetic uploads simplified
  147. Results without matchs
  148. Matches From Mainland Europe - Are We Related?
  149. IGenea testing
  150. Can Yfull use my low yield Nebula BAM file?
  151. iMap DNA
  152. What are your thouhts about this result?
  153. Your DNA portal matching
  154. How does MTA deep dive work ?
  155. DNA Consultants
  156. MyTrueAncestry Balkan Romani Results
  157. YFull - YReport- Nebula 17X coverage?
  158. Genomelink Viking
  159. YFULL - extra STR's
  160. DNA Selfie | Appearance Predictor: results?
  161. Somos Ancestria Native American Ancestry and Genomelink.io Viking DNA Results
  162. Yfull
  163. Gedmatch-Missing superkit
  164. Gedmatch Dodecad K7b Oracle 4 Results
  165. Why has Yfull haplogroups forming time been broken for so many years ?
  166. Update of yfull tree and other explanations
  167. DNA Testing in India
  168. Thought I'd found a possible ancestor via Gedmatch.
  169. DNA Genics
  170. recherche doctorale participants recherchés
  171. Any experience with GeneLife?
  172. Gedmatch Results are confusing. Does this mean we're more mixed then we thought?
  173. Latin American DNA - comparison of many companies
  174. Genomelink Global Ancestry
  175. Circle DNA
  176. Which Is The Best (non-mainstream) DNA test?
  177. Which DNA testing company gives the most reliable broadest ancestry results?
  178. Haplogroup and STR match query-yfull
  179. Gene2me, a Korean DNA testing company
  180. sequencing.com