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  1. Your Dr. McDonald Results
  2. Resolve Your Segments
  3. Y Search 7D6QQ
  4. Runs of Homozygosity
  5. apophis99942's 23andMe/FTDNA results
  6. Alanson's 23andme results and more
  7. Confirmation of a Hunch
  8. Colonial inbreeding and its effects on my results
  9. Oracle-4 on Gedmatch
  10. Has Ysearch been down, or is it just me?
  11. Colonial New England + Caucasus/West Asia?
  12. NK191919 results
  13. Your Oracle-X Calculator Results (Gedmatch)
  14. Sub Saharan African Segment, can anyone please advise?
  15. Ian Logan's "Minor Allele Program Report" (openSNP)
  16. Most Recent Ancestor
  17. "Virtual Autosomal Haplogroup"
  18. McDonald Ancestry Painting
  19. A question about Siberian Arctic ancestry.
  20. Trying to learn about my South Indian Roots
  21. How to calculate your relationship to your relatives??
  22. Alanson's McDonald's result on the new program
  23. UCLA SPA Results
  24. J Man's Mother's Autosomal Results From GEDmatch, 23andme and McDonald
  25. Post your gedmatch calculator results
  26. Is My Paternal Line Armenian?
  27. Maternal grandfather's 23andme+ FTDNA
  28. Share Stanford Interpretome Results
  29. Somewhat unusual results for my group
  30. Need help with results
  31. R-L2 and New to Forum
  32. Spatial Ancestry Analysis (SPA) results
  33. Differences between 23andMe and FTDNA's autosomal data?
  34. Thinking Out Loud: Using Geography and Higher Order Matches to Trace the Homeland
  35. Oliver - back after a few years! Have some catch up questions
  36. Help understanding X Chromosome result for myself, Maternal surname "White"
  37. Question for Anyone who understands 23andMe and GedMatch
  38. Alanson's latest McDonald result
  39. My McDonald's Results
  40. Do these persons share with me through one parent?
  41. Can anyone help, African segment.
  42. ZephyrousMandaru's DNA Tribes SNP Update
  43. Please help me interpret my results
  44. Mapping Your Location (GEDmatch calculators)
  45. Revised and Updated "Geographic Population Structure Prediction"
  46. Evon's DNA journey.
  47. "Coming soon: A genome test that costs less than a new pair of shoes"
  48. Deciphering GED.com Results in comparison to FTDNA Results
  49. So.... why would I have East African ancestry?
  50. Anthrogenica community Interpretome chart
  51. Interpretome POPRES: European
  52. Full Sibling or Half Sibling?
  53. DNA Tribes 2014
  54. DYS464 Independence Day
  55. GPS DNA
  56. DNA Testing 335 - 350 year old bodies: What are the options?
  57. All tests at YSEQ with 50% discount today
  58. Which DNA tests should I get?
  59. YFull now "recommends" a Russian payment system, but still accepts PayPal
  60. Zeph's DNA Tribes (June 2014) SNP Update
  61. Erik's Known Heritage vs. AncestryDNA vs. FTDNA
  62. Why I do not recommend DNA tribes
  63. YSEQ: Price Drop: Mainstream Y-SNP Panels for only $88!
  64. deCODEme accounts will be permanently closed on January 01 2015
  65. Kashubian Polish results
  66. DNA results, confusing heritage
  67. "I need help finding ethnicity of my biological dad"
  68. SNPs for $19 at YSEQ
  69. DNA Worldwide
  70. Tribe code NGS DTC DNA service / TribeCode a new DNA Testing Company [Merged]
  71. Ancestor DNA search: help needed!
  72. Y DNA for the genetic genealogist who is starting from zero (SNPs vs STRs)
  73. USC admixCalc, GPS Tool and reAdmix^2
  74. Genetic Genealogy Standards
  75. GEDmatch kit diagnostics
  76. The Good the Bad/Evil the Ugly of testing companies and Star Wars and Competition
  77. YSEQ-Price reduction
  78. mtDNA test from Oxford Ancestors too general.
  79. My GEDMatch Results Harappa + Dodecad + MDLP (Kashmiri)
  81. What is my mothers geographic origin?
  82. Interpretome Results
  83. A Turkish users K6 and K8 Eurogenes Results
  84. DNA Testing Is a Slippery Slope ,Money shark Mark Cuban set off a firestorm
  85. 37 Marker Test is available at YSEQ for $85
  86. Genomepatri
  87. DNA Tribes
  88. DNAtribes SNP results
  89. Using 23andMe plus YSEQ to Evaluate Potential NPEs and Paper Trail Errors
  90. Meaning of last column G at YFull ?
  91. GEDmatch Lazarus Kit?
  92. To Test or not to Test
  93. Illumina & Sutter Hill Launch New Genomics Co. Helix With $100M
  94. YFull's age estimation
  95. My DNA journey
  96. Comparing My 2 results
  97. Interpreting Interpretome?
  98. Will Y NGS testing obsolete SNP Packs/Panels/Sanger Sequencing/STR Panels and when?
  99. YFull interpretation services, analysis and tree support
  100. Mitosearch queries
  101. Better arguments/education needed for NGS
  102. HELP! GenesForGood!
  103. Tribe Code
  104. Sikeliot's mother's DNA tribes results... very interesting!
  105. Cheap haplogroup testing?
  106. What is everything that I can do with FullGenomes WGS with 4x coverage?
  107. Some of Anglo- Virginian's Gedmatch results from his favorite calculators.
  108. Why is my mother scoring "Khoisan" on DNA Tribes?
  109. What am I?
  110. Question for all Europeans who took a DNA test
  111. Alanson's DNA tribe results:
  112. Will genetic ancestry testing get better in future?
  113. Anyone have any GEDmatch results for people from Campania and Apulia, southern Italy?
  114. Results for famous people from Finding your Roots PBS Show
  115. BGI tour on cable TV
  116. genohub: Next-Generation Sequencing Services (NGS-WGS) price comparison
  117. Veritas Genomics: first WGS 30x under 1000u$s
  118. Yfull.com Population Codes
  119. 2016 DNA Sales
  120. Big Y vs Full Genomes
  121. Best test to find if one is related?
  122. What is the best GEDmatch admix calculator for Kenyans like me?
  123. Using Faster Mutating Markers to determine connections within surname clusters
  124. FTDNA's Testing Strategy - Altruistic or Profiteering?
  125. A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket
  126. A tool to combine multiple raw data files?
  127. HELP! GedMatch Results
  128. Determing what constitues new branches
  129. GENETIConcept
  130. How many no calls and errors are normal?
  131. Genos Whole Exome Sequencing for $399
  132. new Gedmatch calculators
  133. Help me understand my Interpretome results!
  134. Whats the ancestral composition of an average Swahili person?
  135. GedrosiaDNA
  136. Haplogroup Assignment Riddle - Inputs appreciated
  137. Confused by GEDmatch Oceanian
  138. Guidance for Next Gen. Sequenching
  139. My GEDMatch results
  140. "Is it your second cousin? Cotton swabs may tell you"
  141. seeq.io looking for beta testers
  142. GEDmatch "Predict Eye Color" tool
  143. My DNA land results+Parents results
  144. Post your Eurogenes K12b results
  145. Do your DNA relative matches line up with your ethnicity prediction?
  146. PuntDNAl K8 results mine+ my parents
  147. SWAHILLI_PRINCES GPS Origins results
  148. Post your PuntDNAL K10 ancient results
  149. Ancestry & GEDMatch results help
  150. Genomix
  151. Gedmatch and FF: Shared DNA. Basic criteria and reliability when finding relatives.
  152. What company/tool do you find most accurate according to your known ancestry?
  153. Why do Gedmatch results differ for an individual that has tested with dif
  154. Helix, The Closely Watched DNA Startup, Makes Uncertain Debut :welcome:
  155. Genetic testing is coming for your Pinot Noir
  156. My DNA Tribes SNP analysis results
  157. Gpsorigins Sale
  158. 7 Genetic Fitness DNA Testing Companies
  159. Grandparents photography thread
  160. Post your Eurogenes K36 ancestral map results
  161. Based on my varied DNA results, what is my ancestry?
  162. Does DNA testing support what you know about your ancestry?
  163. How can i trace my Indian and Near Eastern ancestors through evidential paper trail?
  164. Anyone watched the Assassins creed movie?
  165. Share your'e Globe 13 calc results
  166. Oxford Nanopore technology
  167. Illumina says it can deliver a $100 genome — soon
  168. Paranoia?
  169. New YFull Group: Anglo-Saxon Norman Heritage
  170. Possible to differentiate between Iron Age and Megalithic Scandinavian/Baltic auDNA?
  171. GEDmatch says i have some Ancient North Eurasian ancestry?
  172. How accurate as testing kits? - Triplets Study.
  173. Yfull.com shortened my holiday card list.
  174. GEDmatch
  175. My weird GPS Origins genepool results
  176. Does anyone know what happened to Centrillion Biosciences Tribecode?
  177. DNA Tribes SNP Asian-Could it be NA?
  178. A new Autosomal DNA testing company, from Cellular Research Institute, "CRI Genetics
  179. My wegene E11 results
  180. My heritage-Father's matches disappeared
  181. Can someone please advise me on which admix to use on gedmatch?
  182. DNA Day 2017 - Sales!
  183. Best company for testing
  184. DNA Tribes SNP Analysis Still In Service?
  185. Test at Yfull - some questions
  186. YFull STR matches
  187. Post your GenePlaza Results!
  188. Statistical Noise
  189. Gene plaza neuroticsm app
  190. Pakistani My Heritage DNA Results!
  191. GEDmatch Genesis - somebody try this?
  192. Is it Berber (Amazigh) or Egyptian? Dr. Doug McDonald results
  193. Disparate results with Ancestry/23andMe/FTDNA
  194. 10 Million DTC Dense Marker Genotypes By End Of 2017?
  195. Genealogy Family Tree vs. Genetic Family Tree
  196. How Reliable Are Home DNA Ancestry Tests? Investigation Uses Triplets to Find Out
  197. Y DNA and mtDNA Haplogroup Predictor
  198. South Asian? This may be of interest.
  199. Some DNA tribes info
  200. Commerical DNA testing VS Family tree
  201. DNA Tribes SNP Analysis
  202. My DNA Tribes Analysis
  203. DNA Painter - Paint Your DNA
  204. My HomeDNA experience with uploaded 23andMe data
  205. GPS Origins new home
  206. Are northern and inland mainland Greeks more Slavic than we may have predicted?
  207. Post your GenePlaza - Neolithic and Bronze Age calculator results
  208. Paternal Haplogroup Question
  209. what is the best DNA test for Iranians/West Asians?
  210. How to contact Dr. Doug McDonald?
  211. New novelty DNA site on track to be more.
  212. DNA Consultants's 18 Marker ethnic panel
  213. Yfull Raw Data Transfer
  214. Just received my Gencove ancestry results!
  215. Genotation: Does this suggest small near eastern dna?
  216. Evidence that very large segments can be passed on through several generations
  217. FTDNA FamilyFinder and MyHeritage DNA
  218. gencove free raw data upload results!
  219. Insitome
  220. WGS 30x for $600 at BGI
  221. VIAMEDEX ancestral DNA test
  222. What's the main motivation to get sequenced for people under 35?
  223. All my results - Spaniard
  224. Yfull-private snps
  225. Faroe Genome Project
  226. My heritage dna matching
  227. DNAGEN
  228. Xcode DNA service
  229. International Matches at MyHertitage
  230. Multiple results and GEDmatch- no idea how to interpret?
  231. DNA Tribes snp analysis reports mine+parents
  232. Gedmatch Genesis - big problem with false matches
  233. DNA Tribes - Native American panel
  234. GeseDNA
  235. Post your GenePlaza Predicted IQ & Educational Attainment results!
  236. Behind the scenes at a DNA testing company
  237. SNP Panels
  238. Methodologies for how "regions" are calculated
  239. Sikeliot's grandmother's DNA results -- compilation of every result she has received.
  240. Has anyone tried GPS origins?
  241. YFull Has Begun Analyzing Big Y VCF Files With A Free Upgrade to Bam Files Later On.
  242. Wat lab tests DYS453, DYS484, DYS588?
  243. New Ancestry Player
  244. GenePlaza K29 results !
  245. Why are my "Continental" European admixtures always so high?
  246. Eurogenes K13 Kargopol Russia
  247. is there any guide to the abreviations on gedmatch
  248. GenCove: any thoughts on your results?
  249. Farewell to Oxford Ancestors
  250. YFull’s New Tree Is Out, Version 6.02