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  1. Genetic Genealogy and Ancient DNA in the News
  2. Upper Paleolithic/Mesolithic European mtDNA Haplogroups
  3. Indo-European Homeland and Migrations: Linguistics, Archeology and DNA
  4. #paleoamericanodyssey tweets on 24,000-year old Mal'ta Siberian
  5. Genome of a late Neolithic Iberian farmer
  6. Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for Europeans
  7. So are the ANEs the root of PIE
  8. 7,000-Year-Old Human Bones Suggest New Date for Light-Skin Gene
  9. Ancient Egyptians and their DNA
  10. Clovis boy Y -DNA Q - L54*(xM3) and mtDNA D4h3a
  11. Blue Eyes Originated 10,000 Years Ago in the Black Sea Region
  12. Impact of whole-genome sequencing on the reconstruction of human population history
  13. Sikora et al Tyrolean Iceman & Genetic Structure of Europe Analysis
  14. ysearch ancient numbers
  15. Strong genetic admixture in the Altai at the Middle Bronze Age
  16. West Asian, East African, South Asian and North African aDNA Data (mtDNA and Y-DNA)
  17. Ancient DNA Analysis of PPNB farmers
  18. Ust Ishim had mtdna hg R of some sort and that is verified.
  19. ancient Central Germanic data
  20. Sherpas and other Tibetans inherited high altitude genes from Denisovans [article]
  21. Roman DNA Project
  22. Sardinians have lots of Paleolithic European blood.
  23. Are iron age Greeks geneticall related to bronze age Greeks?
  24. Ancient Middle Easterner (AME)
  25. Josef Mengele
  26. The Spread of culture - By trade or population movement
  27. Neanderthal/Denisovan Haplogroups
  28. First ancient genomes from Britain: Celtic and Anglo-Saxon
  29. Kuyavia [Kujawy] the homeland of the Proto-Indo-Europeans? I think so!
  30. First ancient genomes from Corded Ware
  31. Last Predictions... Go!
  32. aDNA from Early Bronze Age Cultures of the North Pontic Steppe
  33. Denisova cave Neanderthal was Y-DNA haplogroup R
  34. Any full genome study or any sort of study on pre exile Jews?
  35. Ancient human genome from southern Africa throws light on our origins
  36. Loschbour Man's Gedmatch ID
  37. GEDMATCH ANEK7 for Ancient Genomes
  38. Gedmatch eye color prediction of Ancient Samples
  39. King Philip, father of Alexander, and a daughter of a Scythian King
  40. Ancient Hungarian genomes
  41. DNA yields secrets of human pioneer
  42. Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years
  43. Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years (Kostenki-14)
  44. Ust-'Ishim (GEDmatch F999935)
  45. Unpublished Irish bones study
  46. Hirisplex Hair-Eye color predictions for stone-age Europeans
  47. GEDmatch Archaic Matching
  48. Were the Ancient Mesopotamians related to Arabs?
  49. Human paleogenetics of Europe - The known knowns and the known unknowns
  50. Basal Eurasian and ASI Split
  51. The Vikings brought their wives
  52. FamilyTreeDNA Ancient_DNA project
  53. Yamna/Yamnaya Y-DNA
  54. Does anybody know of any aDNA studies underway for Przeworsk/Wielbark Cultures?
  55. Amesbury Archer DNA Test Results in the Near Future?
  56. The new way to look at Ancient mtDNA
  57. Reconstruction and possibly a genetic analysis in the future of 4,000YBP Pole
  58. Y DNA of Mesolithic east Europeans(EHG)???
  59. New Leak: CWC=73% Yamna, modern North Euros=50% Yamna.
  60. How Does Anzick-1 Score On Eurogenes K=7/ K=8
  61. David Reich lecture 9 February 2015
  62. F2083 Positive?
  63. The other study on ancient steppe y dna
  64. Genetic distance of Yamnaya samples to other groups
  65. Neanderthals interbred for longer with East Asian humans, DNA reveals
  66. Neanderthal Y & mtdna haplogroup(s)
  67. Why a Z2103 move into steppes from the south doesnt seem plausible
  68. Ancient R1a1 and N1c from western Russia
  69. Early Fertile Crescent Neolithic Y-DNA
  71. Surprising Pale pigmentation in Mesolithic Motala HGs
  72. When are we to expect the next round of ancient y-dna results?
  73. Comparison of Spain_MN to Modern day Iberians
  74. Do you match Yamnaya or EHG samples?
  75. Dodecad k12b results of Yamnaya and EGH samples
  76. Your WHG/Neo/Yamna with HarappaWorld
  77. Unusual autosomal matches between Ancient DNA and modern British kits
  78. Ancient South Asian DNA (including impact of PIE)
  79. Statistical Analysis of Ancient Genomes using qpAdm, Dstats, and F3.
  80. lost Peking Mans tooth packed since 1920's newly found reveals details
  81. ANE, Mongoloid component?
  82. Human Action Could Affect Which aDNA We Find
  83. 19000 year old mt-DNA Haplogroup H from the Franco-Cantabrian site of el Miron!!!!
  84. Skeleton Found in Italy Cave Yields Oldest Neanderthal DNA
  85. J2 at Merovingian buriel site (Roman-Frankish transitional period)
  86. New Ancient DNA list in test from Near East, Bakans, Caucasia and Central Asia
  87. Neanderthal who fell into a well gives scientists oldest DNA sample
  88. Who was the Ust Ishim
  89. Just A Thought
  90. Ancient DNA confirms Estruscans were Southern European
  91. 40,000BP hybrids from Pestera-Cu_Oase-Romania
  92. Eurogenes K15-based dendrogram of ancient Eurasian genomes
  93. Balangoda Man
  94. Gedmatch results of a Neolithic man from Stuttgart, Germany
  95. Reconstructing Roman DNA
  96. aDNA from Nubia
  97. Basal Eurasian & Neandrathal Admixture
  98. Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia (Allentoft et al. 2015)
  99. Who lived 10 000 years ago in Greece?
  100. Ancient Kurgan Altai J2a RISE602 Allentoft et al. 2015
  101. Mitochondrial DNA Suggests a Western Eurasian origin for Ancient (Proto-) Bulgarian
  102. Post Allentoft, Post Your Modeling Narrative on the Peopling of Europe (+ Mysteries)
  103. Request: Y-DNA haplogroup results from Allentoft 2015
  104. EEF, WHG, and ANE
  105. The Impressive Pioneering Research of Cavalli Sforza
  106. Attaching the (Primary) Y-DNA Hg to Lazaridis' Movements of Ancient Europeans
  107. Bronze Age Okunevo
  108. What Y-DNA haplogroup will Oase 1 have?
  109. Ancient genomic DNA analysis of Jomon people (Kanzawa-Kiriyama 2013)
  110. New data bank for aDNA
  111. Phenotype SNPs from prehistoric Eurasia
  112. Okunevo, Mal'ta X Northern Iranian, Southern Caucasian, Eastern Anatolian
  113. Pinhasi et al. aDNA Paper (2015)
  114. Ancient DNA has matches with living people on GEDmatch.
  115. 2 mysterious/intriguing autosomal results of Botocudos' remains from Brazil!
  116. Allentoft RISE samples Altai region
  117. Szecsenyi-Nagy, "Neolithic population history in the western Carpathian Basin"
  118. Bronze Age Steppe and European mtdna in South Asians
  119. Online Ancient Genome Repository
  120. What is EHG/ Eastern European Hunter-Gatherer?
  121. DNA test to determine ancient Chornancap priestess origin
  122. "Kennewick-like" analysis of Allentoft's samples from Europe - question on prospects
  123. Revisiting the issue of "Ice Age refugia" in the context of WHG, SHG, EHG ancestries
  124. word of caution re ancient DNA conclusions of scale/speed of genetic change
  125. Analysis of W & S Asian Populations using qpAdm, f3, etc.
  126. Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon genomes from East England reveal British migration history
  127. SSA/West Asian admixture cline in Upper Paleolithic genomes from Eurasia
  128. Studies Find Mysterious Link Between Native Americans And Indigenous Australasians
  129. The Chinchorro people had additional Caucasoid admixture
  130. An interesting article
  131. Over 50 ancient R1a samples in the context of archaeological cultures
  132. Using Ancient DNA to Uncover the Hidden History of Patagonia
  133. has there been ancient studies on..
  134. Sven Estridsen II
  135. Perfectly preserved skeleton of an ancient female warrior clasping a sword and dagger
  136. peaceful LBK people
  137. Chekunova 2014: N1c and R1a samples of Proto-East-Balts (?)
  138. [split] Uniparental Markers & Paleolithic Asia
  139. Proto-Unetice aDNA
  140. Bronze Age Bulgarian
  141. "Eight thousand years of natural selection in Europe" - unfortunate title?
  142. Autosomal PCA charts of ancient IE samples compared to modern populations
  143. Discussion- First ancient genome from Mediterranean region
  144. did they ever actually sequence siting bull's dna
  145. Saltovo-Mayaki Results
  146. Interesting Ancient Dstats
  147. Almost 100 aDNA samples of R1b and R1a haplogroups older than 500 AD
  148. finally managed to upload an ancient dna sample on gedmatch
  149. Neanderthal Ancestry in Humans
  150. "The Female of Loschbour"
  151. A problem with Yamna(ya)?
  152. Integrating New Evidence for the Origin and Spread of The IE Languages; 11.10.-14.10.
  153. 4500-year-old Ethiopian - Y-DNA E1b1, mtDNA L3, and considerable Eurasian admixture
  154. New version of paper of Iain Mathieson: Eight thousand years of natural selection
  155. Volga Steppe Khvalynsk culture (Copper Age) from 5200-4000 BC, R1a and R1b together!
  156. Traits that were Selected for in the last 8,000 years
  157. Mal'ta boy genome
  158. Did Neolithic Iberians have any Negroid admixture?
  159. These ancient Chinese teeth could rewrite human history
  160. Ancients with DNA.land
  161. Early Divergent Strains of Yersinia pestis in Eurasia 5,000 Years Ago
  162. Cranian index of ancient skulls
  163. Teal discovered ??!!
  164. Europe's Fourth Ancestral "tribe" uncovered.
  165. Denisovan DNA
  166. First Americans arrived 6,000 years earlier than believed and survived the ICE AGE
  167. Early expansion of R1a-M198/M417 in the light of aDNA evidence
  168. 230 ancient Eurasians data analysis (Mathieson, Reich, Haak,...)
  169. Farming brought to Europe by Migration (also height, skin and eye colour).
  170. Ancient DNA from Neolithic Greece
  171. Trying to build a complete tree
  172. I was wrong - Ancient DNA disproving theories
  173. Scientists Prepare to Solve Mystery of Sumerian DNA
  174. ANE as an admixture
  175. Update: Natural Selection in last 8,000 years.
  176. Discontinuities in Y-DNA in Europe's prehistory
  177. Old Blue Eyes.
  178. Cheddar Man
  179. No Langobard Y-DNA ???
  180. While we are waiting. Discuss possible results - Hotu and Belt Caves in Northern Iran
  181. Neolithic and Bronze Age migration to Ireland and establishment of the insular Atlant
  182. aDNA from Kumptepe (LATE Neolithic Anatolia)
  183. Predictions for upcoming aDNA from Indus Valley
  184. Dstats and qpAdm with EHG, Samara Eneolithic, and Yamnaya
  185. MOTA's Affinity to E Eurasians
  186. Possible fertile crescent admixture in South Europe?
  187. A first look at Kumtepe 6
  188. All about CHG, Onge, and also South Asians. Plus, anything else relevant.
  189. What do the 5 SNPs below DF21 in Rathlin mean for the dating of DF13, L21 and P312?
  190. New information on ÷tzi's mtDNA
  191. Denisovan Analysis
  192. Genomic signals of migration and continuity in Britain before the Anglo-Saxons
  193. Ancient DNA and the rewriting of human history: be sparing with Occamís razor
  194. Anglo Saxon DNA Study.
  195. A Community in Life and Death: The Late Neolithic Megalithic Tomb at Alto de Reinoso
  196. Meet the Karelian EHG
  197. aDNA of South-Eastern Europe - Catalogue of results & impact in modern groups.
  198. Ashina Paleo-DNA and documented-archive descendants of Ashina in China
  199. Carriers of which uniparental markers were originally spreading light skin mutations?
  200. Signals of Admixture in W & S Asia
  201. Palaeolithic aDNA from Europe - Posth et al 2016.
  202. Steppe Ancestry in S & W Asians
  203. Ancient Finno-Ugric DNA
  204. Central Anatolian Neolithic DNA
  205. genomes of 15 C. Anatolian individuals from different Neolithic sites (10,000-8,000 B
  206. Ancient gene flow from early modern humans into Eastern Neanderthals
  207. First Ancient Phoenician mtDNA is U5b2c1
  208. R1b1a1a2a1a1c1a (R1b-S497): a native Celtic branch of R1b1a1a2a1a1 (R1b-U106) ?
  209. Natufian aDNA Coming Soon
  210. Were the Chinese right all along ?
  211. Early Medieval aDNA from Poland coming soon
  212. Urnfield aDNA from Lower Saxony
  213. 2000-year-old Mongolian aDNA from Egyin Gol Valley
  214. Ancient Y DNA from Sudan
  215. Who lived during the LGM in Crimean Refugium?
  216. DNA hunters has opened Viking grave in Normandie (France)
  217. African admixture in ancient Europeans
  218. Holy Roman Empire & Migration Period Ancient DNA from Germany
  219. Oldest ancient-human DNA details dawn of Neanderthals
  220. A manís discovery of bones under his pub could forever change what we know...
  221. From Denisovan DNA to future humanity
  222. Hunter-gatherer skin colour
  223. A golden age of ancient DNA science begins
  224. The Combined Landscape of Denisovan and Neanderthal Ancestry in Present-Day Humans
  225. Prehistoric Dental Calculus May Trap Ancient Human DNA For Genome Reconstruction
  226. The Copper - bronze Age transition in Iberia. Genetic & demographic implicaitons
  227. Ancient Scottish Sites Overlooked
  228. Modern men lack Y chromosome genes from Neanderthals, researchers say
  229. Piast Dynasty DNA coming soon
  230. Ancient Roman/Etruscan mtDNA from Frizzone (Lucca)
  231. drought of ancient DNA papers on prehistoric Europe/SW Asia
  232. Normandy - Most convincing viking markers present in 59% of the samples
  234. The genetic history of Ice Age Europe
  235. IBS comparisons with Paleolithic European genomes
  236. R1b-M269 / L23 and the diffusion of early metallurgy
  237. Ancient DNA Shows All Europeans Were Once Descended From Belgians
  238. Ancient DNA from Asia
  239. Molecular clock for estimating ages of ancient genomes
  240. Ice Age Europe. Some stats and opinions.
  241. The Bronze Age Collapse and its possible ancient DNA implications
  242. Ancient DNA table on ancestraljourneys.org
  243. Harappan aDNA Snippet
  244. Neanderthals were stocky from birth
  245. The largest early medieval cemetery in Europe - can we expect aDNA samples from it?
  246. T1a1 individuals from Karsdorf descend from Upper Paleolithic Survivors
  247. First ancient genome reported from the Zagros Mountains of Iran
  248. Anglo Saxon Haplogroups and Types
  249. Humanityís forgotten family
  250. Ice Age European migration hypothesis from Siberia -> America -> Europe