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  1. Hoping for a Y-DNA Match from a Family Finder Match
  2. Map of Surname Matches
  3. A Cautionary Tale: Genealogy, Paper Trails, and Y-DNA Testing
  4. Family Finder and Other Autosomal Stuff
  5. Evan Stephens, Fayette Co., PA, and Ancestry.com
  6. Dr. Tyrone Bowes of Irish Origenes Traces Our Line to Pembrokeshire, Wales
  7. Surname Spelling
  8. Big News!
  9. Stevenses E-Z841
  10. Stevenses I-M253
  11. Stevenses R1b-M269
  12. Stevens Tombstones
  13. Finney Connection
  14. Ancestry DNA Genealogy
  15. Big Y/Big Tree/YFull Stevens/Stephens Results
  16. Recent Scots Bonanza on Ancestry
  17. One of the Really Great Benefits of Y-DNA Testing
  18. New McElroy Match
  19. Any relations to David J. Stephens 1878-1955?
  20. Andrew Baskin Stephens
  21. Stevens Line DNA Testing Confirmation of Paper Trail
  22. Behind an Ancestry Leaf
  23. R1b-FGC36982 Tree
  24. Old Time Stevens Photos
  25. Atque Vale, Joan Peake (1953-2021)