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  1. L277 back on the table?
  2. L277 and L584
  3. New study on R1b Ht35 published by Lucotte
  4. From R-L150 to R-CTS7822
  5. Z2103 (R1b-P25>L389>P297>M269>L23>Z2103) & Z2105
  6. R-Z2103 & Early R1b, an Enigma of Western Europe
  7. From R-L23/L150 to R-PF7580 & L584
  8. R1b-L277.1* R1b-M269>L23>L150>Z2103>Z2105>L277.1* 2014
  9. R1b1a2a1 (L23+) - L23EE Type, Z2103+ Predicted_ [DYS-389II 31-33][DYS-464AB[14-15]
  10. Z2103, Z2104, Z2105, Z2106, Z2107, Z2108, Z2109, Z2110 & Sanger sequencing
  11. R1b-Z2103>CTS7763,CTS8966
  12. CTS7822/Z2110 and CTS9219 ISOGG Haplotree Listing Application
  13. New "Bristol Channel DNA" project at FTDNA with secondary focus on CTS7822
  14. R1b-CTS9219
  15. On the Armenian R-L23
  16. YFull and the R1b-Z2103/CTS1078 haplogroup
  17. L23 and L51 now below CTS7822 on FT-DNA's R-Haplotree?
  18. R1b-Z2109* R1b>M269>L23>Z2103>Z2106>Z2109* (CTS7822/Z2110-)
  19. Suggestions for M269 SNP testing at FTDNA
  20. M64. Origins ?
  21. R1b-Z2103 SNP Pack from FTDNA
  22. Balanovsky 2016: new SNP R1b-GG400 in Eastern Europeans and West Asians
  23. R1b-Z2103/Z2105 Subclade Predictions using NEVGEN
  24. Z2103 in ancient DNA
  25. R-Y4364
  26. Z2103 in Bell Beaker
  27. Chinese with R1b-Z2106-CTS8966
  28. Z2103 DYS385
  29. R-CTS1843 in India
  30. My Big-Y700 results from FTDNA, Northern Greek.
  31. Current State of Science on Z2103: Balkan or Maykop?
  33. R-Y14420:Any idea what ancient culture could it be linked to?
  34. Anybody testing R1b-y23493?
  35. BigY700 Results
  36. R1b Z2103 in Britain
  37. R1b (ht35, z2103) English or Roman?
  38. Ancestry and demography and descendants of Iron Age nomads of the Eurasian Steppe2017
  39. Yamna-Bell-beaker
  40. The History of the Z2103...Z2110 Region and my Ancestry
  41. My fellow R1b-Z2103+European Steppe + downstream subclades including Yamnaya Z2109+
  42. Latest R1b-Z2103 Family Chart - Sep 2020- From FTDNA
  43. Early_European_Farmers
  44. Regarding why there are Celtic influences in French, Northern Italian lands
  45. New Study questions the advancing Cultural and Technological influences of Caucasus p
  46. Greek Z2103 - its age, distribution and ancient ethnic identity
  47. R1b-Z2103 & R1b Early Subclades project
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  49. Those unique Basques...
  50. Z2105 Bashkir Relation
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