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  1. CI Section Stipulations: Please Read
  2. Raising Big Y Funds for a Q1b Kadom Tatar Descendant
  3. Possible new crowdfunding test
  4. Crowfunding Intiative for the new MDLP K13 calculator
  5. Raising money for a Big Y for extremely unusual Polish yDNA Q
  6. feyliDNAproject, the first independent project for SW Iran
  7. Big Y for a rare lineage under R1a-M420 - donations needed
  8. The Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-M242 project- Fall Crowdfunding
  9. Big Y for R1a-M458* from Urals
  10. P-P295 needs Big Y
  11. Trying to raise funds for Big Y upgrades Murphy DNA Project
  12. A Prize to Scholars for Deciphering Etruscan
  13. Big Y for Greek R-PF7558