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  1. Skeleton with stone-encrusted teeth found in Mexico ancient ruins
  2. To serve man, butchered human bones uncovered in Belgian Neanderthal cave
  3. Homo erectus walked as we do
  4. Latest archaeological finds at Must Farm
  5. Digs uncover buildings in Cyprus' 11,000-year-old village
  6. Fossil finds in China are challenging ideas about the evolution of modern humans and
  7. Experimentation suggests Vikings could have used sunstone to navigate
  8. Cancer on a Paleo-diet? Ask someone who lived 1.7 million years ago
  9. New study suggests Neanderthals lacked winter clothing
  10. Britain's Pompeii - Documentary.
  11. First evidence of legendary China flood may rewrite history
  12. Archaeology team makes world-first tool discovery
  13. First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain
  14. Research reveals effectiveness of stones thrown as weapons by Stone Age hunters
  15. New Piltdown hoax analysis points to work of 'lone forger'
  16. Plant and animal DNA suggests first Americans took the coastal route
  17. Britain's last hunter-gatherers discovered using breakthrough analysis of bone fragme
  18. Human Sacrifice to Zeus
  19. Relationship between Yamnaya and Corded Ware
  20. Oldest Gold Artifact Found in Bulgaria
  21. 7,500 Year Old Burial Found In Iran
  22. Neanderthal inventions and innovations
  23. 4,500 y.o. grave of Okunev woman discovered in Siberia
  24. One of the most significant Etruscan discoveries in decades names female goddess Uni
  25. 10,500 Year Old Camp Site Discovered In Kashmir
  26. Ancient catacomb discovered in Azerbaijan’s Gabala
  27. World's oldest needle found in Siberian cave
  28. Seeing inside an ancient Australian Indigenous artefact non-invasively
  29. The Changing Face of Neolithic and Bronze Age Ireland: A Big Data Approach to the Set
  30. Burnswark's bloody Roman history becomes clearer.
  31. Recreating the Throne of Egyptian Queen Hetepheres.
  32. Bronze Age tomb: rulers in Dieskau, Halle, Saxony-Anhalt - Nebra sky disk
  33. King Solomon-era Palace Found in Biblical Gezer.
  34. 7,000-year-old pits found in northern Israel suggest sophisticated ancient irrigation
  35. Death and Burial, Free Online Articles
  36. Late date of farming in Lithuania
  37. Cochno stone (3000BC) re-revealed in Clydebank
  38. Hittite-era skeleton found
  39. Mysterious Mosaic—It May Portray Alexander the Great
  40. Tunisian remains prove 100,000-year human presence
  41. Fossil DNA reveals new theory on colonisation of America
  42. Stone Age mummy still revealing secrets, 25 years on
  43. World's oldest fish hooks found in Japanese island cave - c. 23,000 years ago
  44. Prehistoric Fortifications Found In The Basalt Desert Of Eastern Jordan
  45. Scientists Reconstruct 5,000-Year-Old Elite Tomb Discovered In Ukraine
  46. 8,000 Year Old Settlement Uncovered In West-Central Iran
  47. From damage to discovery via virtual unwrapping: Reading the scroll from En-Gedi
  48. Heyd- Thrace in the Bronze Age
  49. Aboriginal Rock Art Styles In Northern Kimberley Mapped By Gruelling Fieldwork
  50. Pre-Clovis in South America
  51. 3000-year-old ritual offerings unearthed at Lancashire site
  52. Humans, water, and the colonization of Australia
  53. 9,000 Year Old 'Ritual' Spear Found In Poland
  54. Exhibition on the Copper Age castle of Zambujal, Portugal
  55. Evidence of a Persian in Japan c7th century
  56. "Dog tooth found near Stonehenge 'evidence of earliest journey' "
  57. Ancient Britons' teeth reveal people were 'highly mobile' 4,000 years ago
  58. Analysis of DNA from early settlers of the pacific overturns leading genetic model
  59. Gunma Burial Site One Of The Oldest In Japan At 8,300 Years
  60. Axes from the Alps (the allure of jadeite)
  61. How the First Farmers Changed History
  62. "Early humans used innovative heating techniques to make stone blades"
  63. Evidence unearthed of Jerusalem’s protective ‘Third Wall’ from Second Temple period
  64. "Ancient burials suggestive of blood feuds" :mad2:
  65. A Rare First Temple Document Mentioning the Name of Jerusalem.
  66. Upper Paleolithic humans may have hunted cave lions for their pelts
  67. Humans May Have Hunted Cave Lions to Extinction
  68. More authenticity questions about the "Jerusalem" papyrus
  69. Palaeolithic Site In Northern Iran Much Older Than Thought
  70. People from Melanesia may carry genetic evidence of a previously unknown extinct homi
  71. Ancient Irish Burial
  72. Archaeologists discover a Viking toolbox
  73. Long ago humans and Neanderthals Interbred: What happened to Neanderthal genes?
  74. Anybody has some knowledge about the Varna civilization?
  75. WATCH: Underwater Stone Age settlement mapped out
  76. Kangaroo-Bone Nose Piercing Implement Is Australia's Oldest Indigenous Jewellery
  77. ‘Oldest’ Human Fingerprint Found In Kuwait
  78. Flint Flake ID Guide
  79. Bronze Age 'thinker' figurine found in Israel
  80. Protovillanovans, Villanovans, Etruscans and hair colour in Italy
  81. Egyptian Archaeologists Uncover Predynastic Settlement, Tombs Near Abydos
  82. 150 New Archaeological Sites Found in the Kurdistan Region
  83. 9,500-year-old funerary rituals ..........Brazil
  84. The Central Zagros Archaeological Project
  85. Royal Commission Christmas Lecture - The Islands of Wales.
  86. Jadeite Axe head sold where I work
  87. Ancient Pollution Hints At Possible Early Copper Smelting In Jordan
  88. Sutton Hoo bitumen links Syria with Anglo-Saxon England
  89. "Digging for Britain" - Merlin's Cave Herefordshire.
  90. upside-down pyramids?
  91. Iran's ancient rock art among oldest in the world
  92. Jersey was a must-see tourist destination for Neanderthals for over 100,000 years
  93. Caucasus: Discovery of the First Prehistoric Obsidian Mines
  94. 5,000 Year Old Tombs Unearthed In China's Jiangsu
  95. Earliest evidence discovered of plants cooked in ancient pottery
  96. The top 10 archaeological finds of the year.
  97. Who Was Horkanus?
  98. Steppe Pastoralists into Western Europe
  99. The best archaeological finds of 2016 in Israel
  100. Great and well documented drawings of préhistoric Europe
  101. Facial Reconstruction Loschbour Man.
  102. Is possibly metallurgy born with hunter-gatherers ?
  103. Prehistoric Silk Found In Henan
  104. Research sheds new light on high-altitude settlement in Tibet
  105. Research Sheds New Light On High-Altitude Settlement In Tibet
  106. Earliest Human Presence in North America Dated to the Last Glacial Maximum, 24 000 BP
  107. DISCUSSION THREAD: Archaeology, Prehistory Papers
  108. Discovery adds rock collecting to Neanderthal's repertoire
  109. Preserved fortification, donkey stables dating to King Solomon discovered at TAU's...
  110. "Inception of the last ice age"
  111. Settlements in Haryana Before 7000 BC? National Museum Joins Excavation
  112. Hoards of the Vikings
  113. The ancient Indus civilization's adaptation to climate change
  114. Ancient tissue found in 195 million-year-old dinosaur rib
  115. Mysterious 5,000 Year History Of Ancient Libyan Rock Art Revealed
  116. Discovery Of Unique 7,000 Year Old Pottery In Western Iran
  117. Abu Dhabi Archaeologists Unearth Rare, Well-Preserved Stone Age House
  118. Ethiopian Site Sheds New Light On Human Behaviour In The Middle And Late Stone Age
  119. Ancient Judean Jar Handles Prove the Earth's Magnetic Field Won't Kill Us All
  120. West Stow, Anglo-Saxon Village
  121. Bronze Age shipyard found on Dana Island, Turkey
  122. Visit to Sutton Hoo
  123. European Mesolithic hunter-gatherer Post-Marital And Kinship Structures/Patterns
  124. 38,000 year-old engravings confirm .. origins of technique used by Seurat, Van Gogh
  125. Flint Sickles Prove Grain Cultivation in Galilee 23,000 Years Ago
  126. One-day conference, Wiltshire England
  127. Staffordshire - earliest gold torcs.
  128. Visit to Norwich Castle Museum
  129. Understanding the emergence of modern humans and the disappearance of Neanderthals
  130. Signals of sedentism: Faunal exploitation as evidence of a delayed-return economy at
  131. 17 The Diffusion of Humans and Cultures in the Course of the Spread of Farming
  132. In the light of archaeological data, Anatolian-Iranian associations from the Epi-Pale
  133. last and late glacial refugia east europe, eurasia and similar
  134. Dental Plaque DNA Shows Neanderthals Used 'Aspirin'
  135. 400K New Middle Pleistocene hominin cranium from Gruta da Aroeira (Portugal) no DNA
  136. Stone Age tools and animal bones in Tunisia are ‘clues to an early human corridor’
  137. new(or very recent) papers on neolithic,metal ages european mobility and links
  138. Neolithic Spread Eight Times Faster In Mediterranean Than Rest Of Europe
  139. 14,000 Year Old Engraved 'Tablets' Discovered In France
  140. Rassamakin paper on pre-Yamna Dereivka (ca. 3800-3400BCE)
  141. Has anybody actually bothered to take this article on Foreign Policy on?
  142. Iron Age - Horse pair & Chariot Burial.
  143. Kossina's smile Bell Beaker state of the Art - Heyd 2017
  144. Re-theorising ... the Corded Ware Culture (Kristiansen et al 2017)
  145. Prehistoric Alpine Farming In The Bernese Oberland
  146. Violence Less Widespread In Ancient Mesopotamia Than Previously Believed
  147. Flag Fen - Bronze Age SE Britain
  148. 23,000-year-old Palaeolithic Venus Discovered in Russia
  149. Strange looking Alien-like insect uncovered
  150. don't steal from King Khufu's tomb
  151. Ancient humans may have reached Americas 100,000 years earlier than thought - USA TOD
  152. Carvings on Stone Pillars at Gȍbekli Tepe Show Comet Hit Earth 13,000 Years Ago
  153. usefull wikipedia map of ancient cultures divided by age and world zones
  155. Warham Camp. Iron Age Hillfort in Norfolk
  156. Sociological and sociocultural aspects of Kurganisation
  157. Earliest evidence of Aboriginal occupation of Australian coast discovered
  158. Grimes Graves - Neolithic Flint Mines
  159. Arminghall Henge, Norwich, Norfolk
  160. Japan’s Oldest Human Skeleton Found In Okinawan Cave
  161. Seahenge Day - Bell Beaker?
  162. new papers about first modern human cultures and migrations in eurasia before lgm
  163. Well Travelled Tool Shows Early Humans Covered Vast Distances
  164. Swarkestone Lows Round Barrow
  165. Human skull found on Manitoulin Island could be 900 years old
  166. How Women from Lesser Caucasus (H2a1 MtDNA) have recorded and transmit
  167. A matter of months: High precision migration chronology of a Bronze Age female
  168. Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species' history
  169. dentists 13,000 yrs ago-say AAAAAAHHHH
  170. Science Channel to air "Ghosts of Stonehenge"
  171. If There Is Wine, Send
  172. An accident at work? Traumatic lesions in the skeleton of a 4th millennium BCE “wagon
  173. Atlas of Hillforts
  174. Otzi's Axe - From Tuscany.
  175. Pictish man's face reconstructed.
  176. Artifacts suggest humans arrived in Australia earlier than thought
  177. E-V1515, Kebaran, and Afroasiatic origins
  178. Celtic from the West 3: Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages
  179. Violence, Warriors, and Rock Art in Bronze Age Scandinavia
  181. Map of the Spread of Cattle in North and Northeast Africa
  182. late bronze age european instruments are strikingly similar to ancient indian ones
  183. 7,000 Year Old Figurines Found In Late Neolithic Settlement In Bulgaria
  184. Identifying Prehistoric Social Network Dynamics In The Balkans With Modern Algorithms
  185. The evolution of dual meat and milk cattle husbandry in Linearbandkeramik societies
  186. Ancient warrior unearthed marching to afterlife with his dagger drawn
  187. Here is something to chew on.
  188. Old teeth rediscovered cave show humans were in Indonesia more than 63,000 years ago
  189. Repealing the Çatalhöyük extractive metallurgy: The green, the fire and the ‘slag
  190. Amazing find in Ireland rewrites human history
  191. The Iceni Thread
  192. 6,000-Year-Old Neolithic Remains Discovered In Central Istanbul
  193. Neolithic Artefacts From Northeast India Are 2,700 Years Old: Study
  194. 8,600 Year Old Findings Unearthed In Western Turkey’s Ekşi Höyük
  195. Adventus, Patrocinium, and the Urban Landscape in Late Roman Britain.
  196. A female Viking warrior confirmed by genomics
  197. Celtic migration to the British Isles - did it happen?
  198. New dating evidence of the early presence of hominins in Southern Europe
  199. First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain
  200. Neolithic Orkney rivalries detailed in new study
  201. Evidence for Sorghum Domestication in Fourth Millennium BC Eastern Sudan
  202. Ancient textiles reveal differences in Mediterranean fabrics in the 1st millennium BC
  203. Could 10,000-year-old engraved antler be the world's oldest gift?
  204. Mysterious Stone Tools Unearthed at Bronze-Age Site in Wales
  205. DNA deepens mystery of Newfoundland's lost Beothuk people
  206. Japan and the Indigenous Ainu "From Prejudice to Pride"
  207. eww, Stonehenge builders ate haggis?
  208. Neanderthal vs. Homo Erectus (And other archaic humans) Bone Structure/Strength
  209. Potential Alien Body Unearthed In Nazca, Peru
  210. Great Pyramid "Void" Discovered
  211. Neanderthal Went Extinct Much Later Than We Thought
  212. Iron Age artifacts uncovered at Leicestershire.
  213. First evidence for Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain discovered
  214. Archaeologists revise chronology of the last hunter-gatherers in the Near East
  215. Coastal erosion threatens archaeological sites along Greenland's fjords
  216. Governor of Jerusalem's Seal Impression From First Temple Era Found Near Western Wall
  217. Skhul lithic technology and the Dispersal of Homo Sapiens into Southwest Asia
  218. Rejecting the Solutrean hypothesis: the first peoples in the Americas were not from E
  219. Neanderthal Michelangelo? major new dates
  220. Royal Burial in Ancient Canaan May Shed New Light on Biblical City
  221. Agriculture in Boncuklu
  222. Which book would you recommend on the Megalithic culture of north and west Europe?
  223. Secrets of the sea bed: Hunt for Stone Age site in North Sea
  224. Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peruvian Desert
  225. Origins of AMH:
  226. Tocharians, Afanasievo and the Tarim Mummies
  227. The Dawn of Agriculture: Not born of necessity says new study
  228. Bronze Age Gold Hoard Found in Donegal
  229. Ancient Roman ‘hand of god’ discovered near Hadrian’s Wall ...
  230. Corded Ware and Horse Remains: Archaeological Problems
  231. "Remains of bread baked 14,400 years ago found in Jordan"
  232. A Treasure from the 14th Century was Discovered at Kaliakra, Bulgaria
  233. Bronze age Yamna clan leader's burial discovered near Berdyansk (Ukraine)
  234. Massive Pyramid, Lost City and Ancient Human Sacrifices Unearthed in China
  235. Ötzi the Iceman and Copper Age healthcare
  236. Archaeologists find world's apparently most ancient brewery in Israel
  237. Ancient beheading site found in Jerusalem, evidence of ‘holy’ king’s bloody rule.
  238. Ancient Catacombs On Malta Reveal Christians, Jews, And Pagans Were Buried Together
  239. Gauls Perfected Art of Decapitation by ....
  240. Facinating story old teeth tell
  241. What exactly happened to Neolithic Britons?
  242. Prehistoric ‘Swiss Army knife’ found in cave, stunning experts
  243. Ancient tools found in North Africa could 'rewrite human origin story'
  244. Prehistoric cave art reveals ancient use of complex astronomy
  245. The earliest human occupation of the high-altitude Tibetan Plateau 40 thousand to 30
  246. 'Sodom' blasted by meteor?
  247. Digging up Britain (the interesting bits) tonight
  248. Rethinking Neanderthals
  249. Artefact shows Bronze Age Irish/Welsh Borders link
  250. The ancient people in the high-latitude Arctic had well-developed trade