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  1. Archaeologists Discover Important Etruscan-Roman Cemetery in Corsica
  2. maritime diffusion model for megaliths in Europe
  3. Siberia’s ancient ghost clan starts to surrender its secrets
  4. Gallia Celtica and area of Urnfield influence
  5. 'A big jump': People might have lived in Australia twice as long as we thought
  6. ZEUS and altai petroglyph
  7. aDNA from ritual site in Mesolithic Sweden
  8. Irish Bog Butter 1500 Years Older Than Originally Thought
  9. Megalithic spread from Brittany
  10. Pitted Ware Culture agriculture
  11. Ancient teeth hint at mysterious human relative
  12. Ancient pee stains help pinpoint humans' switch from hunters to herders, study shows
  13. Bronze Age Shipwreck Discovered Off The Coast Of Turkey
  14. Can you decipher an inscription on a rock on remote beach in Brittany, France ??
  15. The Etruscan Origin of the Rutuli and Ardea
  16. Gender inequality emerged during the Neolithic, new study finds
  17. Bioarchaeology of Neolithic Çatalhöyük reveals fundamental transitions
  18. Scientists turn to 'laser accurate' model to test Stonehenge acoustics
  19. The Vikings’ Bronze Age relied on imported metal, new study finds
  20. Is this just discovered Megalithic Complex in the Philippines a legitimate dsicovery?
  21. The Celts that populated the British Isles came from Spain.
  22. Latest on the Egtved girl
  23. New artifacts suggest people arrived in North America earlier than previously thought
  24. Manifesto against Olalde
  25. Mycenaean South Caucausian Origin theory
  26. Very Large Pictish Burial Ground Discovered
  27. Tin of Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean came from Cornwall
  28. Historic find suggests bottle-feeding not a modern phenomenon
  29. Viking Mortuary House
  30. Depopulation of East Germany (Elbe-Oder region) during the Migration Period
  31. Bronze artifacts from the Tollense site
  32. Scientists find early humans moved through Mediterranean earlier than believed
  33. 200+ Tumuli graves discovered in mountains of North West Albania
  34. Stone Age rock art in Sweden depicts seafaring
  35. Hebrew Inscription Could Redraw Borders of Ancient Israel
  36. How we solved the Greek monkey mystery – and found an important clue to Bronze Age wo
  37. Kelteminar Culture Economy
  38. Cultural Context for Eastern Adriatic Coast Person from ca. 1,631 - 1,521 BCE
  39. La Garma Cave
  40. Hidden Patterns at ‘World’s Oldest Temple’ Göbekli Tepe
  41. The earliest known humans in Europe may have been found in a Bulgarian cave
  42. Hallstatt Sites & Artifacts in Britain
  43. Pit Circle centred on Durrington Walls "superhenge"
  44. Stratum plus Journal Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology
  45. Scythian boot
  46. Iron Age 'mystery' murder victim found in Wendover
  47. How a giant tsunami devastated Britain’s Atlantis
  48. The role of grave sets in Corded Ware and Bell Beaker funerary practices
  49. Huge Kingdom of Judah government complex found … in Jerusalem
  50. The Yam*naya Im*pact North of the Lower Danube: A Tale of New*comers and Loc*als
  51. New Archeology Papers (Titles and Abstracts Only, Please)
  52. MBA Canaanite site of Tel Kabri abandoned after an earthquake
  53. The Archaeology of Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Anatolian: Locating the Split
  54. Brnjica Culture (Kosovo/South Serbia/Macedonia) archaeological source of Dardanians