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  1. Looting Leads Archaeologists to Oldest Known Mayan Calendar
  2. El Zotz Mayan Temple: Tremendous Archeological find
  3. Yamnaya culture: More Egalitarian Than Warrior
  4. Britain and Ireland Archaeology and History News
  5. Scandinavia Archaeology and History News
  6. Excavation of WW2 Site in Belgium - Search for Fallen US Soldiers
  7. East, SE, and South Asian Archaeology and History News
  8. Prehistoric Eurasian Trade Routes
  9. British Archaelogists looking for Richard III -- will test DNA if remains found
  10. What Historical Relic or Dig Best Represents Your Country/Region?
  11. Eastern, Southeastern, and Central Europe Archaeology and History News
  12. African Archaeology and History News
  13. Middle Eastern Archaeology and History News
  14. Western European Continental Archaeology and History News
  15. Oceania (incl. Australia & New Zealand) Archaeology and History News
  16. Barry Cunliffe, Britain Begins, out on Kindle
  17. Central Europeans Made Cheese 7500 Years Ago.
  18. "Archaeology, Archaeologists, and Europe" by Mark Pluciennik
  19. Old archaeology articles free
  20. Mallory, The Origins of the Irish (2013)
  21. The 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2013
  22. The Minoan World (1900-1425 BC)
  23. The Dandybay Culture
  24. Surprising Discoveries From the Indus Civilization
  25. mystery structure off Israel
  26. Eight prehistoric boats surface at Fens creek in record bronze age find
  27. Thanet Bronze Age wanderers
  28. Australian Skull find baffles scientists.
  29. Warfare in the bronze age
  30. Origin of copper ores of Nordic Bronze Age
  31. "Environmental Roots of the Late Bronze Age Crisis"
  32. Kingdom of Salt 7000 years of Hallstatt
  33. Late Iron Age coinages in the Lower Rhine area
  34. Discovery of an intact tomb of an Etruscan prince
  35. Tracing the Indo-Europeans: Origin and migration
  36. Amesbury dig 'could explain' Stonehenge history
  37. Bronze Age Europe – the first Industrial revolution
  38. Paleolithic Cave Painters in Europe were Mostly Women, Researcher Says
  39. Bronze Age Weaponry
  40. 24,000 y.o. discovery of Mal'ta remains
  41. Eastern Elite Barbarian elongated skull in Alsace, 5th Century A.D.
  42. "Hurrian artifacts in Istanbul break new ground"
  43. Discovery of a new stelae in south France
  44. Pomeranian foragers traded with farmers
  45. Neolithic death ritual includes earliest evidence for European beer
  46. Stone-Tipped Projectiles from the Ethiopian Rift
  47. Birthplace of Buddha - new discoveries
  48. Transitions to the Bronze Age in the Carpathian Basin (Heyd et al 2013 book)
  49. Neolithic Age In Iran
  50. New excavations beginning at the Vero Beach site in Florida
  51. Conference of Jan Turek about Bell Beakers
  52. Mesolithic flints found in Guildford, Surrey
  53. East Lothian's Broxmouth fort reveals UK's earliest use of steel
  54. "Archaeologists Return to Ancient City of Lachish"
  55. Transitions to the Bronze Age in the Carpathian Basin
  56. Prehistoric Microlith Arrowheads
  57. Who built first kurgans?
  58. "Early Christian burial site found in China"
  59. Earliest footprints outside Africa discovered in Norfolk
  60. The Neolithisation of Iran (book 2013)
  61. "Noah's Ark discovery raises flood of questions"
  62. Ruralia
  63. Mummies from Northwestern China’s Taklamakan Desert and cheese
  64. Resource link thread..
  65. Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching Racton Man could have been a King or priest
  66. Study: The trials of the Cherokee were reflected in their skulls
  67. Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami
  68. 9,000 yr old stone wall trap found Under Lake Huron!
  69. AMNH makes available 7,000 historical photographs
  70. Israeli archaeologist says he has found King David's
  71. 5,600-Year-Old Tomb Unearthed in Egypt
  72. North African Mesolithic Agrarian Lifestyle
  73. Columbus's Santia Maria Found?
  74. Near-Eastern Roots of Indus Valley Neolithic
  75. Paleolithic Tools Unearthed at U.S. Embassy in London
  76. La Bastida: From east Mediterranean to Iberia 2200–2100 BC?
  77. Recently found Viking artifacts in Cheboygan, Michigan.
  78. The bronze age cultures of pushte-kuh.
  79. Neolithic Near East wetter and more fertile than today
  80. Burial reveals complex origins of metallurgy
  81. Puzzle of early metallurgy in Italy: comments?
  82. The Raeti, the Raetic language, etc.
  83. New archaeology survey maps Iraqi Kurdistan
  84. Notes on the Connection between Human and Zoomorphic Representations in the Neolithic
  85. Migration period cremations unearthed in Poland
  86. Neandertal Demise: An Archaeological Analysis of the Modern Human Superiority Complex
  87. adriatic refugium!
  88. 4kya Wagon in Georgia
  89. Discovery of an exceptional Gallic chariot tomb at Warcq (Ardennes, France)
  90. Oldest Jewish find on the Iberian Peninsula
  91. Neolithic boom and bust in North America
  92. Remains of Long-Lost Urartu Temple Discovered
  93. Absolute chronology of the Beaker phenomenon North of the Tagus estuary
  94. Furholt 2014: Corded Ware: Upending a ‘Totality’
  95. New study reveal origins of elongated skulls in the Carpathian Basin
  96. Last hunter-gatherers of Europe
  97. La Brana Man Culture
  98. Kirkhaugh ''Amesbury Archer of the North'
  99. Skeleton from Ur re-discovered in museum collection
  100. Ancient DNA Analysis of Anatolian Goat Remains
  101. Danubian houses discovered in Brittany
  102. Indo-Iranian Archaeology
  103. Newest Stonehenge discoveries
  104. Oldest metal object found to date in Middle East
  105. "Ancient Ship Wreck Carried Some Incredibly Rare Cargo"
  106. Mighty Siberian hero warrior reveals his secrets from almost 1,000 years ago
  107. Shang or Zhou dynasty sword found in Jiangsu
  108. Neolithic boom and bust in Europe (Timpson et al 2014)
  109. Reconstructing regional pop. fluctuations in the Euro. Neolithic using radiocarbon...
  110. Gobekli Tepe
  111. Bone Armor found in Siberia
  112. French Middle Neolithic (4500 BC) necropolis
  113. Ancient graves in India?
  114. Long lost Roman fort discovered in Gernsheim
  115. Archaeologists discover 20 monumental tombs dating back 6,500 years in France
  116. New Bell Beaker site in Poland
  117. Sicilian Beaker Site
  118. Cave paintings change ideas about the origin of art
  119. Bronze age palace and prince's tomb at La Almoloya, SE Spain (El Argar)
  120. Middle Pleistocene Human Remains from Tourville-la-Rivière (Normandy, France)
  121. Exclusion of Mesolithic groups East Iberia
  122. Remains of Iron Age Chariot parts found in Leicestershire, UK
  123. Last Pre-Historic Hunter-Gatherer Cultures Of Europe
  124. Inscribed Copper Plates from Indus Valley
  125. Bronz Age pottery found in Scotland.
  126. Massive 6,000-Year-Old Temple Unearthed in Ukraine
  127. Irish Neolithic houses
  128. Anthony, Invention Copper Metallurgy (2010) paper available
  129. Paleolithic Venus Discovered in France
  130. Road to be placed in tunnel near Stonehenge
  131. "Antiquities Auth. unearths well-preserved 2,800-year-old farm house in Rosh HaAyin"
  132. Mystery of the grave by the Mazury lake in Poland solved
  133. Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
  134. Kennewick man' story
  135. Antiquity of dairy farming in Ireland
  136. Cuban Underwater City
  137. Calculating Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens(AMH) First Arrival Into Regions Around The World
  138. "Dental Morphological Analysis of Roman Era Burials from the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt"
  139. Gold coin 'hoard' found off Israels coast
  140. Rich settlement of Baltic tribe in Poland
  141. Outstanding celt princess grave discovered in France
  142. Immigrant burials in Late Iron Age Meath
  143. DNA from ancient teeth , St. Martin graves, solves mystery of a African slave burial
  144. Islamic Ring Found in 9th Century Swedish Viking Grave
  145. Neanderthal Jewelry: The Eagle Talon Line
  146. Iron Age Balearic Islands Excavations
  147. Scot Father and Son: Together for two millenia
  148. Indus Valley Civilization skeletons
  149. Two new statue-stele in Val Venosta, Italy
  150. Geographical gap between Corded Ware and Yamnaya?
  151. Vast replica recreates prehistoric Chauvet cave
  152. Rescue archaeology in London's Crossrail project
  153. Scythians in Poland: new discoveries
  154. Mice show the route that farming took into the Caucasus
  155. Clues from ancient DNA that African cattle entered Iberia in the Neolithic
  156. Neolithic graves at 20 km from Paris, France
  157. Cornish gold traded into Ireland in the Bell Beaker period
  158. Historic cemetery discovered in Wielsbeke(Flanders)
  159. Biblical archaeology news: Canaanite inscription Eshbaʽal Ben Bada
  160. Oldest human footprints found for North America
  161. Neolithic of Eastern Iran and links eastward
  162. Neandertal in Normandy
  163. Bones of Philip of Macedon Identified
  164. 23 kya old cultivation of "Proto-Weeds" in Ohalo II, modern-day Galilee
  165. Remains of English Jamestown colony leaders discovered
  166. Florida Family Finds $1M in Treasure From Sunken Spanish Armada
  167. About 100 Bodies Discovered Stuffed into Ancient House in NE China
  168. the prostitute graveyard
  169. Can you solve mystery of writing on British sword?
  170. Has Nefertiti tomb's been found?
  171. how a teenage concubine became a powerful Chinese duchess
  172. New clues to the fate of America’s lost colony
  173. cranky ancient farmers & massacre
  174. BBC Horizon: The First Britons
  175. "Livestock First Reached Southern Africa in Two Separate Events."
  176. Georgia uncovers unique writings
  177. Lost Palace of Sparta
  178. The Russian Idol Three Times as Old as the Pyramids
  179. Stonehenge researchers 'may have found largest neolithic site'
  180. Statues-menhirs and the Steppe
  181. Saxon Burial at Northamptonshire Roman Villa.
  182. Capital Punishment-Old School Style
  183. 12000yo stone age tools found on Islay
  184. The Balanovsky pape at the Iena Conference
  185. Three Thousand Year Old Tomb Discovered in Lesvos (Lesbos)
  186. Greek 'Griffon Warrior' undisturbed grave found-35 centuries
  187. 475 Aryan graves dated circa 1700 BCE & Gandhara grave culture dated circa 1000 BCE.
  188. Graves of Encrusted Ceramics Culture of the Lower Danube
  189. Bronze Age mining in the Alps
  190. Organizing a global economy in 2500 BC
  191. Pre-Historic Agriculture (Neolithic) In The South Caucasus
  192. Society_and_environment_in_Southern_France_from_th e_3rd_millenium_to_the_beginning_of
  193. Sunken Cities: Egypt's Lost Worlds (British Museum May-Nov 2016)
  194. New Parthian site discovered in Khuzestan, SW Iran
  195. Colombia says treasure-laden San Jose galleon found
  196. Pit-Graves, Yamnaya and Kurgans along the Lower Danube
  197. Ancient trade routes between Iran and Mesopotamia found
  198. The Earliest Lead Object in the Levant
  199. VCU Anthropology Professor Uses 3-D Scanner to Scan World’s Oldest Ham and Peanut
  200. Viking/Saxon treasure hoard unveiled
  201. Scythian nomad graves
  202. Traces of Iran’s Stone Age Hunters Found in Kurdistan
  203. Meso/Neolithic,CW/BB/Bronze Age sites/museums to visit in Germany, Denmark & Sweden?
  204. new paper about european northwesterner bronze age
  205. Bronze Age Homes Unearthed in East Anglia
  206. Flint Daggers in Prehistoric Europe
  207. c: Inter-group violence among early Holocene hunter-gatherers of West Turkana, Kenya
  208. 9,000-year-old burials with sorted bones found in Jordan
  209. Andronovo Expansion (Map)
  210. 7,000 Year-old female found in Tehran was infected
  211. Something rotten in Scandinavia: The world's earliest evidence of fermentation
  212. Map of the spread of cattle in North Africa
  213. Strange graves in Germany 8,000 years ago.
  214. Remains of fifth millennium BCE settlement found in Jerusalem
  215. Tarkhan Dress is world’s oldest known woven garment
  216. 11,000 year old engraved shale pendant found in Yorkshire.
  217. A real life Stone Age battle
  218. Ancient Somaliland cave painting
  219. the Cladh Hallan mummies
  220. Bog bodies in Europe
  221. Isotope studies shed light on Neanderthal diet
  222. 7,000-year-old cemetery uncovered in Khuzestan
  223. Important Iron Age site found in Yorkshire
  224. Earliest human settlement in Ireland pushed by 2500 years to 10500BC
  225. North German Bronze age (1200BC) battle site
  226. Shackled Skeletons Might Tell Story of Rise of Ancient Athens
  227. New archaeological discovery in the Kurdistan Region
  228. Anthropogenic Indicators in Pollen Diagrams (Palynology)
  229. Greater Poland continuously inhabited during the Migration Period
  230. Massive haul of Roman coins unearthed in Spain
  231. 5,000-year-old rock shrine discovered in Bulgaria
  232. The lost world of Old Europe
  233. DNA From 5,000 Year Old Bone To Shed Light On Anatolian History
  234. Genghis Khan's tomb?
  235. How and where the bodies were buried: an ancient UAE mystery revealed
  236. Diffusion of pottery techniques across Afro-Eurasia (Jordan et al 2016)
  237. Scientists: Underground stone rings made by Neanderthals
  238. Bruniquel cave: findings about Neandertal
  239. Spain: Cave art trove found 1,000 feet underground
  240. another perfectly good story ruined by facts
  241. A Bronze Age man goes into the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  242. Old World metals traded on Alaska coast hundreds of years before contact with Europea
  243. France Unearths Bones From 6,000-Year-Old Neolithic Massacre
  244. Wine used in ritual ceremonies 5000 years ago in Georgia
  245. [Split] Indo-Iranians: Chariots, Language and Archaeological Assignments
  246. Beehive tombs and other beehive structures
  247. Scientists reveal sub-Saharan Africa's 4000-year legacy of past migrations
  248. Early farmers from across Europe were direct descendants of Aegeans
  249. Post-marital residence patterns in pre-historic HG - a review
  250. Archaeologists Unearth Unique 12,000-year-old Galilee Grave of Female Shaman