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  1. Medieval Italy
  2. Interactive map of Richard lll bones
  3. Lionhearts heart
  4. 'Viking sunstone' found in shipwreck
  5. ProfessorAnders Winroth on the Vikings
  6. Another Black Death cemetery discovered in London; more DNA testing
  7. Migrants at Anglo-Saxon Royal Bamburgh
  8. Viking Exhibition moving to London and then Berlin
  9. Remains of king Alfred or his son found in Winchester?
  10. Vikings in the Irish Sea
  11. Borders
  12. Medieval Swedish King's Bones to be DNA Tested
  13. Louis XVI blood not in 'Pumpkin'
  14. Ingleby in Derbyshire, England
  15. poor Vikings, just misunderstood!
  16. Vikings on Canada's Baffin Island
  17. First Vikings to sail to British Isles were from Mid/West Norway
  18. the Viking Highlander?
  19. The various uses of the ethnonym Veneti
  20. Sikhs
  21. Geordie-land (Northumbria)
  22. County Down circa 1400 AD: The Anglos, Normans, and Irish Interact
  23. Vlad The Impaler
  24. Richard III - DNA Analysis.
  25. The St. Brice's Day massacre of Danes.
  26. Clever Cleric saves art by turning it around
  27. Richard III - Another false paternity event.
  28. Great Grandfather's headstone, Patricio and Kilpeck Churches Welsh Borders.
  29. Götar/Geats and Jutes
  30. Discovering a Lost Medieval Town in Poland
  31. 10 Things you should know about viking warfare.
  32. Portuguese ship found at bottom of Arabian Sea
  33. Bones of Saint Erik (Erik IX) of Sweden
  34. 3D View of Richard III's Grave.
  35. Saxon Easter.
  36. Galen Tribe of Denmark
  37. A new Viking site in Canada
  38. So, the Plague was good for us...
  39. World Tree Project - Collecting material on the Vikings into an online database
  40. Princes in the Tower: Will the ultimate cold case solved 500 yrs after
  41. Take a 3D Tour of Richard III's Grave , Sketchfab link at bottom
  42. [Split] Post-Islam Demographic Changes in Asia
  43. 1.000 year-old skeletons - Pembrokeshire beach West Wales.
  44. What Secrets Are Hidden In The Vatican Archives?
  45. Blonde cargoes: Finnish children in the slave markets of medieval Crimea
  46. Archaeologists scan Reading garden for bones of King Henry I
  47. Recommended European Medieval period books
  48. Settlements of 'Romani' (=Romans) in Dalmatia and their potential impact
  49. "Medieval water power initiated collapse of salmon stocks"
  50. No-nonsense news story on King Arthur and Tintagel
  51. 1400 year old Anglo-Saxon coin find near York
  53. Articles on the Vikings FREE until 30th April 2017
  54. The Hidden History of Recycling in Medieval Art.
  55. ... beautifully preserved 1000-year old Viking sword
  56. 1,200-Year-Old Skeleton Found In Nepalese Cave
  57. DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague
  58. Graves discovered in King Henry I dig
  59. Rendlesham – An Anglo-Saxon Royal Palace Near Sutton Hoo
  60. Norman toponymy
  61. Viking Arrowheads Emerge From Melting Norwegian Glaciers
  62. First evidence of trade between Asia and North American Arctic
  63. Analysis of sixth century burials at Dirmstein
  64. Hastings - Where are the dead?
  65. 10th-century golden heart jewel discovered in Bulgaria
  66. A forgotten migration: the Proto-Bulgars of the Molise region in Italy
  67. World's oldest library restored - in Fez, Morocco
  68. The Winter Camp of the Viking Great Army, ad 872–3, Torksey, Lincolnshire
  69. Well-preserved Anglo Saxon Tree trunk burials Norfolk.
  70. Ground-Penetrating Radar Reveals 500 Graves At Fountains Abbey In Yorkshire
  71. Dental prosthesis made of human teeth discovered in medieval Italian tomb
  72. 1,000-Year-Old Viking Toolbox Found at Mysterious Danish Fortress
  73. The Face of Robert the Bruce to be revealed.
  74. Voices/languages heard in early medieval Wales.
  75. Romani history lecture.
  76. What Was the Difference Between Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Vikings?
  77. Possible Tomb Of Famous Viking Warrior Chieftain Found In Denmark
  78. treasures inside a Viking 'Death House'
  79. "Major Viking Age manor discovered at Birka, Sweden"
  80. O'Donnell Lecture Bangor, Early Medieval Wales.
  81. bad news from the Rollo grave
  82. Lost Dark Ages Fort Found in Scotland
  83. Mysterious rings in Iceland's Reykjavík possibly ruins of Irish settlements dating to
  84. Possible Medieval 'Synagogue' Uncovered Near Sea of Galilee
  85. "Advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest"
  86. Discussion about 'A Modern Review of Thidrekssaga, by Rolf Badenhausen'
  87. Ancient tomb of Chinese general and princess filled with figurines
  88. Huns in Anglo Saxon England?
  89. Radiocarbon dating and DNA show ancient Puebloan leadership in the maternal line
  90. Remains Of 'Extremely Tall Man' Discovered Alongside Ancient Treasure Trove In Iran
  91. Inter- active British Museum Map - Norse Place names.
  92. What You Don't Know About the Vikings
  93. Archaeologists And Historians Clash With Geneticists Over UK Viking Study
  94. Burgh Castle, Roman Shore Fort, Norfolk, East Anglia
  96. Lecture- Genomic Data and Longobard History . Birmingham Uni.
  97. Mughal Empire Art (Medieval South Asia)
  98. The Earliest Viking Activity in England?
  99. stinky Viking cheese
  100. Viking armies in England larger than thought?
  101. 8th century 'Tiny metal bird' found
  102. Hunting Richard III's y dna and the gov. stopping it
  103. King John...the dopey one
  104. Secret Mexican diary sheds light on Spanish Inquisition
  105. The Vikings in Wales.
  106. The Frisians
  107. Remains of "St. Columba's Hut" Dated.
  108. Is Tim Clarkson a recommended read?
  109. Nova Anglia - An Anglo-Saxon colony
  110. Goats, bookworms, a monk’s kiss ...
  111. St. Cuthbert's coffin
  112. This day in History...King Macbeth dies
  113. "Vikings" BBC Two - Slavery.
  114. A Viking Sword Found at High Altitude
  115. Brave Heart's Probable Welsh Ancestry.
  116. Medieval porpoise 'grave' on Channel island puzzles archaeologists
  117. Perfectly preserved wooden Viking sword found in Cork co Ire
  118. On the Nature of the Picts
  119. Amlaib Cuaran and the Gael
  120. The annihilation of "Great (White) Croatia" in 992-993
  121. Researchers find name of Allah woven into ancient Viking burial fabrics
  122. New paper on Viking Ulfberht blades
  123. Baltic Coast 500AD
  124. 25 yr old woman body in famous Highland Clan Chiefs coffin
  125. Anglo-Saxon settlement and Roman army camp found in A14 bypass dig
  126. Early Medieval Germanic barrow burials
  127. Harald Bluetooth treasure found?
  129. Ideo Wylt - Earl of Desmond?
  130. Vajunites - connection to Slovenia?
  131. Children of the Middle Ages
  132. The Normans documentary
  133. Where did all the Viking bodies go?
  134. Polish archaeologists discover medieval graves in Sicily.
  135. Medieval Prosthetic Blade - Italy
  136. Angle vs. Saxon
  137. Ireland's Book of Durrow to join Beowulf and Bede
  138. Why Europe's Oldest Intact Book Was Found in a Saint's Coffin
  139. Imagining English Origins
  140. Viking ship discovered in Norway
  141. Scandinavian Dynasties in English Kingdoms
  142. Migration Era cemetery found in Lincolnshire Wolds
  143. The darkest period of the Dark Ages; Nordic migration push!?
  144. Early Norse Kings of York
  145. New Viking Age exhibition
  146. The day they found a Viking martyr in a hole in a wall
  147. A grave of an unknown Croatian prince from the 8th century is discovered
  148. Britain's Viking Graveyard
  149. Anglo-Saxon Tomb
  150. “Holding the peace” Common goals and themes in Anglo-Saxon peacemaking ...
  151. Winchester royal bones: Cnut, Emma, William Rufus and more
  152. Dating the Siege of Lindisfarne
  153. Code broken, turns out, its a lost language
  154. Germanic cruciform brooch displays (and a drinking horn)
  155. The Origins of Anglo-Saxon Kingship
  156. National Trust brings Sutton Hoo alive with £4m revamp
  158. An analysis of dental plaque illuminates the forgotten history of female scribes.
  159. Why did Germanic peoples want to move en mass to a collapsing hinterland aka Britain?
  160. The origin of elongated skulls find near Osijek, Croatia
  161. Arbër Culture: Transition of Albanians into Illyrians in 6th-11th Century
  162. Where Was King Aldfrith of Northumbria Educated?
  163. Ghostly Outline of a Pictish Woman
  164. Community Identity and Kingship in Early England
  165. 'witch bottle' found in Pubs chiminy
  166. The Vikings in Ireland
  167. The Conversion of the Vikings of Dublin
  168. Life and death in Northumbria’s Golden Age
  169. Kimek people - Chumukuns, dynasty of Ashina Helu
  170. St Eanswythe found, DNA may follow
  171. Cumans - Polovtsians - Kipchaks
  173. Aldfrith of Northumbria and the Irish Genealogies
  174. Cerne Abbas Giant is 'likely Medieval or later'
  175. The Land of the English Kin: Studies in Wessex and Anglo-Saxon England …
  176. Discoveries on Iona rewrite history of sacred isle
  177. The Conversion Of Britain
  178. Viking Ethnicities: A historiographic overview
  179. Germanic Migration spread 'Nerthus-folk' specific the Warini/Warnen
  180. Stylistic contrast and narrative function in Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib
  181. The Galloway Hoard
  182. Germanic settlements in north-central Alps (actual Italy lands)
  183. Arab (Islamic) conquest of Transoxiana
  184. Jutish nobleman" among Neolithic to 6th century finds in Kent
  185. "Is The Anglo-Saxon Invasion Of Britain A Lie?"
  186. Fully armed in plate of war’: making the effigy of the Black Prince
  187. How many villages / settlements did the Vikings establish in North America
  188. Conquistadors vs Wolf Troops (Lang Bing)
  189. Stamford Bridge Battlesite 1066, weapons found.
  190. The Lloyds Bank Coprolite: The Importance of One Huge Viking Poop
  191. Nice website about Moriscos