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  1. Stories with Global Themes
  2. Old World, new world
  3. Cannibalism of 14 Year Old Girl in Jamestown
  4. The Tragic Saga of the Volga Germans
  5. Battle of Culloden: Interesting Series of Five Videos
  6. Cool Map-WW2-day by day changes
  7. "How many Armenians resided in the seventeenth-century Moldavian principality?"
  8. Singularities of Rio de Janeiro, 450 years
  9. When the Germans and U.S. fought together in WW2!
  10. Great Infographic on Napoleons Invasion of Russia
  11. India's Raj : " Indo-China"
  12. Indian Ocean trade and exchange
  13. Map of British regimental remains in Ireland
  14. 1873 model rifle found leaning against tree for 132 yrs!
  15. G. Washington..a truly great man
  16. Titanic Mystery Solved with DNA Testing
  17. Pirate Capt Kidd's treasure 'found' in Madagascar
  18. Kweilin 1647-48
  19. Amazing Data Visualization of WW2 casualties
  20. George N curazon's ethnological description of the feyli tribes
  21. The Romanov dynasty (not quite Russian)
  22. Video: Biography of Bela Lugosi
  23. Why Nations/People Succeed?
  24. The Battle of Stalingrad (excellent documentary)
  25. great little WW2 Navel yarn
  26. Finding the fallen half a world away , 2,000 American pilots and crew members
  27. 73 years later Sgt. John C. Holladay fallen American 1st Marine Raider comes home
  28. World War II US airmen remains found in Indian jungle flown home - 76 years later
  29. An Analysis of the Alleged Skeletal Remains of Hermann Goering's Wife Carin
  30. Racial Purity,Harvard’s Eugenics Era
  31. Wreckage of Captain Cook's ship Endeavour may be in U.S. harbor
  32. Decades later, servicemen laid to rest thanks to DNA advances
  33. The Quest To Identify Vietnam's Unknown Soldiers Pushes The Limits of DNA Technology"
  34. Bloody Leaves from King Albert's Deadly Fall Are Authentic, DNA Shows
  35. The Great Irish Famine: Identifying Starvation in the Tissues of Victims Using ....
  36. Best WW2 Battleship
  37. Hidden Images Revealed in Pre-Hispanic Mixtec Manuscript ‘Codex Selden’
  38. DNA shows first inhabitants of Vanuatu came from Philippines and Taiwan
  39. DNA testing links 300-year-old remains of a baby to a Colonial Md. governor
  40. The Lost Tribe of Clover Hollow – Oldest Civilization in the World Found in Appalachi
  41. Earliest Depictions Of Spanish Conquerors Discovered On Walls Of Remote Mexican Caves
  42. 300 yr old French shipwreck restored
  43. European Diseases Left Their Mark on First Nations’ DNA
  44. Danish Bishop's 300-Year-Old Poo Offers Whiff Of History
  45. Arab tribes of the Ottoman Diyarbekir province
  46. "The only surviving images of veterans of the Napoleonic Wars, now in HD Color"
  47. Scotland and the KKK
  48. Jinnah did not want Partition (Pakistan's Modern History)
  49. Amazing skill...Building a Cedar Strip Canoe
  50. Passchendaele 1917
  51. The Italian highlanders who may have Scottish roots
  52. US Civil War Submarine mystery solved
  53. 'possessed' Nun's secret revealed
  54. German WW1 U-boat found off Belgian coast
  55. Kennedy Assassination
  56. Elizabeth I's Secret Agents.
  57. 19th century Algerian skulls in France's museum of natural history
  58. An Ireland screw up.
  59. last American slave ship?
  60. Searching for 'Capt. Molly", female US rev. war hero
  61. Archaeologists start a new hunt for the Lost Colony
  62. Great documentary: The Children Who Built Victorian Britain
  63. Population in Ireland 1841, 1936,2002 - maps
  64. Nazi occupied Bosnia 1941
  65. September 1939 in radio
  66. Map of Eastern (Kresy) Poles in modern Poland
  67. Borders in Europe 1000-2013
  68. Lessons for development from two natural experiments of history
  69. Yugoslavian (mostly Serbian) deal with Hitler to annex Thessaloniki
  70. "Luther and the Protestant Revolution" - new documentary
  71. East European German admixture in Germany after WW2 - where they settled
  72. US civil war 'old tymie' medicines really worked
  73. The Polish Corridor
  74. Swedes in Neuvorpommern
  75. Education in the Austrian Empire ca. 1840s and 1850s
  76. Nevada national security site
  77. The history of Southern Yeniseian peoples
  78. Napoleon's Invasion of Russia
  79. Lock In at Cork Pub??
  80. How many World Wars were there
  81. Tolerance in the Rzeczpospolita
  82. Survey of U.S. Army Uniforms, Weapons and Accoutrements
  83. Rise of the Cossacks - Origins of the Ukrainians
  84. Exhumation of remains of a Galician nobleman to check if he was related to C. Columbu
  85. Voyages to America before Columbus
  86. How come Brazil, the UK & other countries could abolish slavery without a civil war?
  87. Japanese Manchukuo: "an Auschwitz state or concentration-camp state [...]"