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  1. Rajputs of Rajasthan and Gujarat
  2. 36 Royal Races of Indian Subcontinent
  3. 0 penalty removes BMAC from nmonte runs in G25 ancients run among SouthAsians
  4. My Insitome Regional Ancestry
  5. The Legend of Maula Jatt(2019)
  6. Mark Wiens (US food vlogger) in Gilgit Baltistan
  7. South Asian genetics misconceptions
  8. Descent from Royals, Sages, Saints [ South Asia ]
  9. DNA Portal nMonte3 oracles
  10. NorthWest Admixures
  11. Who our Ancestors were? Aryan Origin flawed
  12. Helix Ancestry Basics Results
  13. Geno 2.0 Results
  14. James Lick mtDNA tool - Accurate?
  15. Aryan vs Dravidians - A Myth by Dr. Dr. Subramanian Swamy
  16. Interesting Article on Rakhigarhi Bodies and the corelations
  17. Lactose persistence genes spread in India
  18. Warrior Genes
  19. Are Haryana Jats the closest living descendents of our Vedic forefathers ?
  20. The diversity of modern Arabians
  21. Are Gujaratis really North Indian?
  22. Just a question about Muslim and Sikh jatts
  23. Genetic characterization of Y-chromosomal STRs in Hazara ethnic group of Pakistan
  24. EMPOP-quality mtDNA control region sequences from Kashmiri of Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  25. 23andme Beta updated Ancestry composition
  26. High Y-chromosomal Differentiation Among Ethnic Groups of Dir and Swat Districts
  27. Whole genome sequencing of an ethnic Pathan (Pakhtun) from the north-west of Pakistan
  28. nMonte for HarappaWorld
  29. Geographical origins for South Asian populations
  30. Hindu Pashtuns of Pakistan
  31. The Kalash Genetic Isolate: Ancient Divergence, Drift, and Selection
  32. Traditional Folk Tunes/Songs from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangla and Nepal
  33. A comprehensive portrait of Y-STR diversity of Indian populations
  34. The Punjab
  35. Cultural AMA Thread
  36. Ethnogene Results
  37. Brahmin Genetics
  38. Neanderthal Admixture in South Asians
  39. Warning: Enhanced Member Scrutiny (South Asian section)
  40. Sinhala Genetics
  41. Ancient Euro like mix found in KOL, Burusho, Brahmins & Kammas
  42. Any Punjabi Jatts who are R1a-Y7? Testing opportunity
  43. Gonur2 among members
  44. Dada Jaan's results - Punjabi Rajput
  45. Post Gedrosia Ancient Eurasia K6 results
  46. Specialized rainforest hunting by Homo sapiens ~45,000 years ago in Sri Lanka
  47. Videos from British India
  48. Ancient DNA from Roopkund lake reveals migrants of Mediterranean origin in South Asia
  49. MASSIVE 23andMe update for South Asians!
  50. 5,000-year-old human skeleton found in Kutch
  51. What is the best provider for testing for y and mtdna haplogroups?
  52. Do South Asian/part South Asian members have any EDAR variants?
  53. Genetic structure of Kho population from north-western Pakistan based on mtDNA
  54. The Genetic Ancestry of Modern Indus Valley Populations from Northwest India
  55. Differential demographic histories and opposite selective pressures in modern S Asia
  56. Punjabi Rajputs
  57. Sale at FTDNA
  58. Post your results from mytrueancestry.com
  59. [split] Loanword Exploration in Indo-Aryan Languages
  60. Post your MDLP K18 results + oracle (admixstudio12)
  61. 4000 years old civilisation at ‘Mahabharat era’ excavation site, different from IVC
  62. Post your Turkic K11 results
  63. Post your K47 results
  64. Post your tukasz K15 + oracles
  65. Telugu castes haplogroup distribution
  66. Global K25 models for the Mundas of India Part 1: Bonda and Juang
  67. Post K36 Oracles - YourDnaPortal
  68. Post Eurogenes Globe 4 results (admix studio)
  69. Post Eurogenes WEAC results (admix studio)
  70. Kohistanis of Pakistan were genetically linked to West Eurasians
  71. Pre-Caucasoid and Caucasoid genetic features of the Indian population
  72. Who are the most West Eurasian shifted Indo-Aryan speakers?
  73. Pre Harappan village of Kunal- Hakraware people
  74. A little personal announcement.
  75. My Living DNA results
  76. "We are the inheritors of a rural civilisation": Indus Valley Civilisation
  77. Compact Moderns+Ancients model - amateur version
  78. About sindhi and baloch jats
  79. Guidance: Phenotype/Physical Appearance Discussions @ AG's S. Asian Section
  80. Any Sinhala people here that I can compare my Ydna and Mtdna with?
  81. New Simulated AASI G25 Coordinates (+ Updates)
  82. UP Syed Results
  83. My Ethnogene Results
  84. Isolating pontic steppe admixture in south asians in nmonte
  85. HarappaWorld averages by state in India (S Indian, W Eurasian, and E Eurasian)
  86. Narasimhan values
  87. Somos Ancestria
  88. 27% R1a1 in 1000genomes Sri Lankan Tamils - Kerala origins?
  89. mtDNA samples from Haryana for Yadav population
  90. Nepali girl DNA results YouTube video!
  91. S/SC ASIAN Results :: Sequencing.com Ancestry (EDGC/Gene2me)
  92. Haga Jat descended from Hagamasha who was a satrap of Mathura appointed by Kanishka
  93. Post MDLP K6 from YourDNAportal
  94. Was the ancient sites in South India active trade partners with Shahr-i-Sokhte
  95. Shahr-i-Sokhte is it connected to Megalith sites in India ?
  96. Post your Eurogenes g25 ancient and modern with gradient descent
  97. How do I break down my dna kit for ancestry of source population?
  98. Post your Vahaduo Global 25 view
  99. Indus Valley Civilisation & Tamil Brahmi scripts are linked: Report
  100. Indians and autism
  101. ROR_56 matches
  102. Proto-Indo-Aryans vs. Proto-Iranics
  103. SNP for skin color rs16891982 (SLC45A2) and rs26722 in South Asia
  104. Harappa Gedmatch results for the HGDP Baloch, Brahui, or Mekrani samples?
  105. The genetic composition of Shina population from Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
  106. North Indian and Pakistani muhajir results (UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana)
  107. Sunni and Shia South Asian Muslim results on GEDmatch
  108. Which DNA test gives best ethnicity results for South Asia?
  110. Hindkowans
  111. Harappa Gedmatch Results for Gujarati Houston Samples?
  112. Harappaworld results for Gangetic plains
  113. On the existence of a perennial river in the Harappan heartland
  114. Y-DNA haplogroup J2a among South Asian tribal peoples
  115. After the Harappans, large influx brought steppe DNA into South Asia: Narasimhan
  116. Population growth patterns in South Asia
  117. Pakistan Swat Saidu Sharif Buddhist monastery 400-200BCE samples
  118. Pakistan Late Bronze-Iron Age Swat Protohistoric Graves 1400-800BCE
  119. Early hominin settlement of India
  120. Harappaworld results for Gujarati Brahmin
  121. Ancient Migrations
  122. S/SC ASIAN Results :: NGS tests and YFull (WGS 30X, Big Y, Y Elite, etc)
  123. Tajik Harappa Results?
  124. Genetic results for Afghan/Pashtun mixed Indians?
  125. Pakistani Jatt From Azad Kashmir, Gedmatch and 23andme Results. High SW Asian?
  126. South Asian Tribals
  127. Individual Arain Xing GedMatch Harappa Samples?
  128. why are there no muslims in nepal
  129. G25 Modern Population Calculator
  130. Quantifying BMAC Ancestry in South Asians
  131. Where in am I from based on my GedMatch results?
  132. Post Neanderthal, Denisov %s from ancientcalculator
  133. How to Convert Xing Data to Gedmatch Format?
  134. The genetic affinities of Gujjar and Ladakhi populations of India
  135. Pakistani Ancestry Result?
  136. Nepal Related Discussion Thread
  137. Earliest of social groups found in records
  138. Jatt Origins
  139. Sage Agasthya and Southern Migration
  140. Molecular diversity of 23 Y-STR genetic markers in the population of Rajasthan, India
  141. DanteLabs or Nabula Genomics for WGS
  142. Which YSEQ panel to order for Pakistan Awan Ancestry - JM172 according to 23andme
  143. Gujjars have links to Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan, says CDFD study
  144. Shia Harappa scores
  145. Where do people with the surname lodi originate from in south asia?
  146. Jewish DNA in Indian/ Pakistani Results?
  147. Post Dodecad k12b results!
  148. Post your Michal K25
  149. Where did Asi come from?
  150. Seraiki Harappa Results?
  151. Dedocad K12b Ancient & Dedocad K12b Ancient West Eurasia Results
  152. Do you have Native American variants?
  153. Post your Harappaworld extended results (Admixture Studio)
  154. Ethnicity Family Tree for SA?
  155. South Asian Genetics: A Punjabi Story
  156. LM Genetics K47 results
  157. Nucleotide Diversity Levels
  158. Looking for a consolidated harappworld score sheet for South Asians
  159. my results /plz comment
  160. How can I get some modern South Asian samples in Eigensoft format easily?
  161. US Colonial American Ancestry + Desi/South Asia DNA - Gedmatch Project
  162. South Asian-like signal associated with farming in Anatolia
  163. Serious thread
  164. Understanding the "Caucasian" component on Harappa World GEDmatch
  165. Admixture Studio Eurasia K20 results
  166. South Asians and PD. Role of MAPT
  167. persian origin of gujarati muslim ?
  168. Unknown Persian great grandmother
  169. do sindhi / gujarati have mixed with baloch ?
  170. Ydna H3 - Punjabi Lahore (PJL D) connection to South India?
  171. Anatolian farmer?
  172. can someone estimate ancestry with pictures of a family ?
  173. South Asians with Turkish/Turkic/Mongol descent thread
  174. environment through migration influence in genetic of south asian
  175. Basal Eurasian (West Eurasian) came from South Asia, so did East Asian and 'ANE'
  176. Vahaduo HarappaWorld results
  177. J1b1b1 Mtdna in South Asia
  178. any South Asian under R-Z287?
  179. Any migration from Middle East to South Asia?
  180. Demographic history of tribal and caste groups from West Maharashtra
  181. South Asians with West Eurasian mtDNA
  182. Haryana / West Uttarpradesh high NE Euro reason?
  183. Do South Asians Plot Closer to Southeast Asians than to West Asians?
  184. Muley jats?
  185. Any Updates on the New IVC DNA from Fall 2019?
  186. I want to get tested, where to start?
  187. (GUJARAT) south arabian DNA in coastal area (surat, bharuch) ?
  188. South Asian My True Ancestry results. Need opinions/further insight
  189. Whos dna do you get more? father or mother?
  190. What to do next - South Asian Genetics
  191. Ancestry calculator
  192. Global25 results help
  193. Alamut (CHAM/SYRIA) and iranic migration in south asia
  194. World K134 G25 results
  195. 0 - 1000 BCE (Iron Age) G25 Calculator
  196. Which South Asian groups most related to Iranians/Central Asians?
  197. G25 ancient 2500 BCE - 2000 BCE calculator
  198. Global25 South Asian
  199. G25 Modern Averages scaled results
  200. G25 Ancient Averages scaled results
  201. Swat Valley Iron Age samples?
  202. G25 Ultimate modern world k=50
  203. Question about Kokcha samples?
  204. How did ASI reach central Asia?
  205. Pashtun ancestry?
  206. Central and South Indian Shaikhs
  207. Is Haryanvi the Sharpest/edgy Indo Aryan language?
  208. The FTDNA J1-specific Project
  209. are Kalash Indo Aryan or Proto Indo Aryan?
  210. Supreeeme AncestryDNA G25 model scaled
  211. Which Y-DNA lineage best represents the AASI?
  212. Post your Marques K64
  213. Kashmiri Results
  214. Haryana/West Uttarpradesh/ (Harappa) Results thread
  215. Who were the Awan tribe? Need help with report
  216. Graeco-Bactrians, Indo-Greeks, Seleucids et. al.
  217. South Asian with 25% NE Euro / Caucasian component?
  218. Variants of mt-DNA haplogroup A in South/Central Asia : Expert opinion required
  219. lohana caste's origin in modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan
  220. Ancestral South Indian dna?
  221. Rank top five most essential utilities for interpreting South/Central Asian raw data
  222. Assistance understanding results
  223. gedmatch results from a pothwari gakhar rajput
  224. South Asian HGDP Haplogroups
  225. Would these group averages be correct?
  226. Ancient mixed Genome in South Asia
  227. Post your GedMatch Eurogenes ANE K7 scores
  228. Has anybody got any data on haplogroups and autosomal admixture for the Jammu Dogras?
  229. Does anyone have gedmatch kits or autosomal dna of the Khasi from Meghalaya?
  230. Early Indians by tony Joseph
  231. Why Indians never recorded their history or events?
  232. New mathematical method shows how climate change led to fall of the IVC
  233. Gakhar / pothwari rajput results
  234. What explains the unusually high Caucasian component for Irula?
  235. post Geneplaza K5 score
  236. New 3D PCAs - South Asian focus
  237. Complete Novice question about IVC ancestry in Sindh and Punjab.
  238. Trace ancestry in Bengali 23andme result
  239. genomelink results
  240. Indus Valley DNA
  241. Archaic human admixture in South Asians
  242. Did coastal South Asian populations genetically impact Southeast Asia?
  243. Did Proto-Telugus migrate from the Yamuna area or from Gujarat like Proto-Tamils?
  244. Starting Awan Tribe Results thread
  245. Disproportionate reduction in Baloch component with increasing East Asian?
  246. Share your Global 25 results
  247. Kalhana's Rajatarangini (Kashmir’s Game of Thrones)
  248. Rajasthani Meghwal results
  249. Dakhni/Deccani results thread
  250. Physical Appearance of Iranian Neolithic Farmers