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  1. Waves of migration into South Asia
  2. Difference between Hindi and Urdu
  3. Post an inspiring or memorable Punjabi/Urdu/Hindi kalaam
  4. What Desi song are you listening to
  5. What do you speak (fluently/accentized/fairly/poorly); understand; read/write?
  6. Hephtalite legacy in India
  7. Montgomery and Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan
  8. Bengali...?
  9. Ravuthari
  10. A Question - Understanding Frequency of Haplogroups
  11. Passion brings Gulzar to Tagore Chair at PU
  12. Two genetic variants up the diabetes risk in Indians
  13. Photos of Village c.1920
  14. Modeling S Asians with qpAdm
  15. GedMatch Harrapa Results Pakistani Punjabi
  16. Anthropological Profile of Punjabies - Physical Appearance and Bone Structure
  17. Are South Asians and other ethnic groups Correctly Captured in ISOGG Tree ?
  18. South Asian Clan / Ethnic Groups - One Song for Each
  19. Food for thought - A possible South Asian Admixture Calculator?
  20. S/SC ASIAN Results :: WeGene
  21. Bhanji last name?
  22. GED Match and DNA land: Uttar Pradesh,Bihari and Bengali DNA?
  23. Ancestry Results South Asian
  24. Origin and Ancestry of Ghoraywah Rajputs
  25. Interpreting GEDMatch Results?
  26. A look at history of Indian subcontinent
  27. Makrani-Siddi mtDNA study
  28. Living DNA - Pakistani Ancestry results
  29. Origin and genetics of Chitpavan Brahmins?
  30. Han Chinese and Indian ancestry ?
  31. Y DNA - Haplgroup H coverage in South Asia and around the world
  32. Living DNA Baloch Component
  33. South Central India Results (Hyderabadi)
  34. Aryavarta and it's historic definitions
  35. Archaice Maching Segments for my Gematch Kid
  36. Post your Eurogenes maps
  37. South Asian DNA Tribes Results
  38. My Gene Plaza Ancestry Results
  39. Help interpreting DNA data - Punjabi Arain
  40. Looking for some help
  41. Missing Punjabi Component in Admixture /ancestry composition -Gencove
  42. Surname Jahan?
  43. Custom duty and return shipping
  44. Help deciphering Gedmatch results
  45. Haryana jats more then 20% Northern Euro?
  46. Q1b in UP India?
  47. New study - Y-DNA analysis of Jats Hindu/Sikh/Muslim hot off the press
  48. Indo-Aryan Migration - Bmoney version
  49. The Bhil-Nihali paper
  50. Thanks and good wishes!
  51. Pakistani Gujjar Results: Harappa
  52. Punjabi Gujjar Results: K12 Ancient Origins (Gene Plaza/Kurd)
  53. Jatt Results: K12 Ancient Origins (Gene Plaza/Kurd)
  54. What is South East Eurasian?
  55. Spicy food and Indian genes?
  56. Religious impact of genetics in South Asia
  57. Haryana jatt song
  58. Muley Jats
  59. Ancestry of IVC people?
  60. About Ancient Eurasian K6 (GedrosiaDNA GedMatch)
  61. Jarawa people
  62. Khaśa Paharis
  63. Mer/Mair/Maher
  64. Learning from this guy?
  66. Punjabi Gujjar Results: Eurogenes/Davidski Admixture_EBA_K7 and f4 Model
  67. Salt-Range/Pothwar Raja DNA results.
  68. Interpreting my ancestry.
  69. Has 23andme updated anyone's Ancestry composition lately?
  70. Some Punjabi Ramgarhia/Tarkhan results and Halogroups
  71. The Problems with Kurd's Calculators
  72. (Meagre) info in the below pics from South Asia conference in Max Planck Institute
  73. Who built the Indus Valley Civilization?
  74. Gujarati Muslim Results
  75. South Asian Genotype Project - Razib Khan
  76. Need Help on Deciding on which Kit to purchase
  77. Wegenes results
  78. More Punjabi Gujjar Results for David's Fst 4 Caulcator
  79. Gencove just updated their results
  80. Sapporo's Living DNA/FTDNA/Ancestry.com Results + Mother's 23andMe V5/FTDNA Results
  81. S/SC ASIAN Results :: DNA.land
  82. Admixture proportions by chromosome
  83. Gedrosia Eurasia K14 Neolithic
  84. Punjabi Gujjar-Weird Oracle Results on Gedmatch
  85. 23andme top 20 closest male relatives - y and mtdna
  86. Kashmiri Muslim Gedmatch Results
  87. Pakistani Punjabi-Need help with results
  88. Social Ills in India - Bhagat Singh legend
  89. Razibs posts
  90. HarappaWorld PCAs
  91. South Asian Syeds results
  92. Sindhi Results
  93. Sindhi refugees in India
  94. Davidski Eurogenes PCA + Ancient Genome Modeling
  95. EUtest V2 K15
  96. PJL Samples
  97. puntDNAL K12 Modern & Ancient
  98. GenePlaza K29 admixture results
  99. Punjabi Gujjar-David's K25 Global Calculator
  100. Pakistani Syed needs help analyzing data
  101. Would Pakistani Punjabis, as a whole, be genetically different from Indian Punjabis?
  102. Bengali comparison thread
  103. Understanding GedMatch- Pakistani Punjabi
  104. Alphabet Soup -- Regional Languages Discussion.
  105. The South Asian Institute of Regional Surname, Gotra, Clan, and Tribal Analysis.
  106. 23andme V5 vs FTDNA calculator differences
  107. British Raj Guide to the Military Turban by Ethnic Group
  108. What is the relationship between South Indian Dravidians and Austro-Asiatic Tribals?
  109. Please post your 23andme ancestry composition
  110. Nepali Genetics
  111. Punjabi Sikh Nai results
  112. MDLP K16 - South Asian results with oracles
  113. Need to know where to start. All four grandparents Muhajirs who immigrated from UP(?)
  114. My new DNA.land results
  115. Your lactose tolerance status (raw SNPs)
  116. Tiger Hunt in Nepal
  117. Global25 PCA -- Forum members as components
  118. Tracing Ancestry of Gujarati-Hindu Family. Researching Desai & Patel Surnames
  119. Lukasz K36 Indian Report
  120. Me vs. Some South Asian People
  121. Urdu documnetary Kurdistan
  122. Post Eurogenes K36 results
  123. Origins of Hindi
  124. What happened to the Kushans?
  125. South Asian GedMatch PCAs
  126. 23 and me results
  127. Use of the term “UP” or “Bihari” in results?
  128. Post your 23andme ancestor birthplaces
  129. South Asian PCA based on the latest 2018 South/Central Asian paper
  130. Pakistani Kashmiri Ancestry DNA Results
  131. Sapporo's Living DNA Results
  133. Mother-Of-All GedMatch SouthAsian PCA
  134. Post your Eurogenes Hunter_Gatherer vs. Farmer
  135. (New Paper) Ancient Human Migrations to and through Jammu Kashmir
  136. Indus Valley People Did Not Have Genetic Contribution From The Steppes, Rakhigarhi.
  137. Match Strength - 23 and me Ancestry composition
  138. Global25 automated nMonte for South/Central Asian members
  139. Genesis calc results have changed, post regular gedmatch vs gen for ftdna and v5 kits
  140. Causes of Y DNA mutation and Autosomal Mutations
  141. Help Deciphering K13?
  142. K14 Ancient Cultures Calculator - Gene Plaza
  143. Post your GenePlaza K14 results
  144. Yamnaya derived culture did not contribute western Eurasian DNA in South Asia
  145. Is this normal for Gujarati GEDMatch on Harappa World?
  146. Central Asian component in Dravidian Speaker
  147. Punjabi Results
  148. Modeling Jatts and other South Asians based on Haryana Jatts
  149. Post your Geneplaze K29 results
  150. How common is mtDNA haplogroup T in India?
  151. Y Haplogroups amongst Punjabi Jatts
  152. J2 Haplogroup Fam
  153. South Asian of possible Northern Somali origin
  154. The Chaush
  155. Guys !
  156. Research Publication and Spreadsheet Resource Center
  157. WeGene updated my Y DNA haplogroup
  158. In Uttar Pradesh, 4,000-Year-Old Chariots And Coffins Found
  159. আসুন বাংলায় আলোচনা করি
  160. Mauritian Indian heritage
  161. Genotype vs Phenotpe - when your Phenotype does not Match with your claimed Ancestry
  162. town Brahimov
  163. Gedmatch automated PCA for South/Central Asian members
  164. Rakhigarhi: DNA study finds no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan invasion theory
  165. My GEDMmtch Results
  166. Interpreting my mom's results? (Bengali Brahmin)
  167. So who has steppe and who doesn’t?
  168. How Inbred Are You? (Post your Gedmatch and RoH results)
  169. 23andme vs LivingDNA
  170. A Case for Gujaratis to be Closer to West Asian Than South Asian?
  171. South Asian genetic trees
  172. S/SC ASIAN Results :: FTDNA
  173. Result of western up jatt
  174. How many generations are documented in your family? (Genealogy)
  175. What ancient component forms the bulk or majority for typical South Asian genetics?
  176. S/SC ASIAN Results :: 23andMe
  177. S/SC ASIAN Results :: AncestryDNA
  178. Xcode announces South Asian Genome (SAGE) Project
  179. GIH, PJL, and ASI... Oh My!
  180. West Eurasian (ANI) and ASI estimates for South Asians (Sengupta et al. 2016)
  181. Is it a thing for South Asians to change their surname with subsequent generations?
  182. Do these results show that I have Persian ancestry?
  183. Gujarati Patels Report your Kit Number Here
  184. Hyderabadi Ancestry - Deconstruction
  185. Frequency of mtDNA of 7 tribes living in Abbotabad and Mansehra
  186. Farangi in South Asia
  187. Mamoo took 23andme test
  188. চেহারাمنهنचेहराముఖంمخமுகம்چہرہਚਿਹਰਾ
  189. Gedmatch Harrapaworld and oracle results for gujarati patel
  190. South Indian DNA
  191. Haplogroups - What does that mean?
  192. Could ASI/AASI have originated outside the Indian subcontinent?
  193. Ydna test
  194. Scoring Caucasus in Ancestry DNA test
  195. Media Reports on Rakhigarhi Paper are now out
  196. How to determine my AASI amount
  197. Punjabi Ravidassi (Chamar) Results
  198. S/SC ASIAN Results :: MyHeritageDNA
  199. We are all Harappan - Rakhighari
  200. S/SC ASIAN Results :: LivingDNA
  201. Post your MDLP 23b Results + Oracles!
  202. PGG Population Database
  203. domestication of horse issues and our changing understanding of PIE homeland
  204. Gedrosia K12 results
  205. canot upload my 23andme raw data anywhere.
  206. Seraiki Harrapa results
  207. Eurogenes - Interesting Mapping Tools (South Asia)
  208. Wet or dry eaxwax?
  209. Amir kKan vs Samuel Vargas
  210. NW South Asian Brahmin Results
  211. Use of the term "South/Central Asian" or "South Central Asian?"
  212. Aryan Migration : Who are our ancestor really?
  213. Post your GenePlaza K35 Bronze & Iron Age results
  214. Got my results from Living DNA
  215. Genetic Similarity with current day Populations
  216. Did Greeks impact the Indian genepool?
  217. Historical Ancient Punjab - Its Extent and People ( Open Discussion)
  218. Late Gupta era admixture in Western India
  219. Gir forest-people and lions
  220. Hindu Jats vs Sikh Jats affinity with Southern population
  221. Share puntDNA K13 Global results
  222. South Asian HarappaWorld results
  223. India-Pakistan partition and its effects on Punjabi gene pool
  224. Post Gedrosia K3 results
  225. The History of South Asia Every Year - One of the Best Videos!
  226. Prehistoric art hints at lost Indian civilisation
  227. Your Neanderthal percentage and any inherited Neanderthal traits
  228. WeGene K35 Calc
  229. Pakistan Bhatti Rajput
  230. Xcode Life's Updated Ancestry Report(beta)
  231. Genetically isolated populations & Endogamy
  232. Dodecad V3
  233. The Geographic Origins of Ethnic Groups in the Indian Subcontinent
  234. Punjabi DNA Results 23AndMe/GEDMatch
  235. Post your Harrapa world single population sharing results - Gedmatch
  236. Eurogenes K36 (Lukasz PCA) nMonte Runner
  237. [Split] ASI outside of the Indus: How and When?
  238. help with DNA results
  239. post your checkfit group averages under 5 in order
  240. Mean Melanin Index for select South Asian populations
  241. What genetics reveals about Indian origins
  242. Post your K47 results (DNA Portal)
  243. Andaman Island tribe(Onge related) killed a trespassing tourist/missionary
  244. Emigration of Iranian Elites to India during the 16-18th centuries
  245. Punjabi Music/Songs
  246. Malayalam Corner മലയാളം മൂല
  247. Sports icon Saina married fellow badminton player from AP Kashyap
  248. The genetic makings of South Asia – IVC as Proto-Dravidian
  249. WeGene updated my MT DNA Haplogroup
  250. Unique Sounds That Others Might Have Difficulty Pronouncing In Your Language