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  1. The Ossetian question
  2. Origins of the Armenians during the Bronze Age
  3. "Towards a Formal Genealogical Classification of the Lezgian Languages..."
  4. Balochistan
  5. Distribution Maps for Kurds & Other Iranic Groups in West & Central Asia
  6. Persians of East Africa
  7. Kurdish Music
  8. Persian/Azeri Music
  9. Borders of a future Kurdistan
  10. The problem of ANE in Caucasus
  11. Iranian Kuwaiti/Ajam/Ayam Uniparental Marker Data
  12. Laz Y-DNA Distribution
  13. The Ghori Kurd Dynasty of Afghanistan
  14. Brahui-Kurd Origins
  15. Kurd-Brahui Genetics with qpAdm & Dstats
  16. Kurd Genetics using Formal Stats
  17. Caucasus Music / Folk Music
  18. Khorasan
  19. Kurd - Baloch & Indo-European language split dates
  20. Kurd-Baloch Genetic Similarity via Formal Analysis
  21. Armenian ancestry in Poland
  22. Persian (Iranian) Anthropology/Genetics/History/etc discussions
  23. Deep Ancestry using qpAdm
  24. Caucasian Geno 2 results
  25. Hemshin - Hamshen Y-DNA Distributions
  26. Caucasians, do you see yourselves as closer to Europeans or to Middle Easterners?
  27. Iranian qpAdm modeling
  28. Kurd Modeling with qpAdm using ancient Iranian genomes
  29. Caucasian Writing Dates Back 3,000 Years
  30. Laz samples DNALAND compositions
  31. East Asian Geneflow to Kurds
  32. Iran Neolithic vs Natufian Shared Drift
  33. EHG levels using Dstats
  34. DNA Land Results
  35. Yamnaya shared drift with Kurds
  36. Zoroastrians - A first look
  37. Armenian- R1b
  38. QpAdm Steppe Models for Kurds
  39. Mysterious Italy/Greece component in Caucasian People received from Ancestry.com
  40. K10- W Asian Admixture in S Asians
  41. European ancestry in Iran
  42. Excess Steppe Ancestry in Kurds
  43. Do I have Iranian Ancestry?
  44. Caucasian component in Arabian peninsula
  45. Tracing Kurdish origins
  46. Caucasian in South Asian
  47. Brahui IBD Results
  48. 23andMe’s New Admixture Date Estimator
  49. Identity by Decent (IBD) Results
  50. LAZ Y-DNA distribution from Balanovsky
  51. Nowruz
  52. A new ADMIXTURE test
  53. Understanding my Gedmatch calculator results
  54. Armenian in Eurogenes K36 unofficial Oracle
  55. My Gedmatch results
  56. Kurdish people of Northernmesopotamia admixed?
  57. Caucasus Results Comparison
  58. FTDNA Kurdish Project
  59. Mixed marriages Kurds - S Asians
  60. Koçgiri/Qochgiri tribe
  61. Modern Iranians are not Ancient Iranians! There is a difference!
  62. Inquiry About Kurd_SE
  63. The historical and genetic (?) link between Iran (Persia) and Avars/Ossetians
  64. Kurdish Music
  65. Were the Achaemenids and Medians primarily of Sintashta or BMAC descent?
  66. Kurds now allowed to wear their traditional clothes & speak their language in Syria
  67. New study Iraqi Ethnic Groups - Y DNA
  68. Shahr-e-Sukhteh
  69. 1000 ancient Mittani graves near Dohuk
  70. Mother in law's results, opinions?
  71. Family is Kurdish, but ancestry.co.uk is saying I'm Armenian, how do I know for sure?
  72. I'm from Dersim area and I'd like to share my DNA in any research groups
  73. Göbeklitepe added to UNESCO 'World Heritage List'
  74. Deep Persian ancestry.
  75. Genetic variation of Armenians and GEDMatch results to show this variation?
  76. Genetic Papers - Kurds
  77. DNA results of my Kurdish father
  78. Looking for a Possible Caucasian Ancestry - South Asian
  79. Kurdistan-Urdu Documentary
  80. Y Hapolgroup J-CTS5368
  81. Shared drift with Cimmerians, Sarmatians, & Scythians
  82. Grandfather's side are Armenian, but I suspect they're Zaza. Any way to find out?
  83. Please Help About Understanding MY DNA Details
  84. Distant Iranian Relative found on Gedmatch
  85. Neadnderthal % in MENA regions
  86. How can I tell if I have unbroken patrilineal descent to Iranians of Sassanian times?
  87. The Persian Speaking World: Similarities and Differences
  88. Do Yemenis and possibly other Arabians have Hunter-Gatherer ancestry?
  89. [Split] New Yazidi Kurd Data (+ Iranian Azeri, Other Kurd & Lor Analysis)
  90. Iranian Arabs
  91. Baloch/Gulf Arab confusion
  92. Translation help
  93. Modeling Syrians on G25...
  94. Talysh people
  95. Cushitic ancestry in Yemen
  96. Arabian peninsula ancestry showing up as East Med ancestries on less robust sites?
  97. g25 and mytrueancestry for levantine people
  98. Why do Arabians carry low Anatolian ancestry compared to Middle Easterners & Egyptian
  99. please help me understand my results
  100. Info on J-L25 in Georgia and the Caucasus
  101. Bakhtiari or Balochi Y-DNA
  102. [split] Armenians: Origins & Steppe Admix?
  103. A “Persian” Iran?: Challenging the Aryan Myth and Persian Ethnocentrism
  104. [split] Yazidis & co.: A Mitanni Signal?
  105. Where Do The Mehri of Yemen/Oman Plot on PCA?
  106. Breakdown of Jordanian Yfull branches
  107. Ibrahim ibn Adham, Safi-ad-din Ardabili and Ismailites from Alamut
  108. [split] Kurdish Languages: How Should They Be Classified?
  109. Prediction Haplogroup for 17 YSTR Markers in the Diyala Arab Population:IRAQ
  110. Rebuilding Iran
  111. Understanding Mother's possible West Asian - Deep ancestry ??
  112. Indian male part of Druze founding population?
  113. How much of the Yamnaya-like Ancestry in the People from Dagestan is real?
  114. Iranian G25
  115. MY DNA results
  116. Azerbaijani g25 results
  117. The Genomic History of the Middle East
  118. Iraqi Arab Y DNA
  119. Arab World Classification
  120. Iranian Jew results?
  121. The last of the Caucasian Albanians: Udi people of Azerbaijan
  122. post your ancient eurasia k6 results @west asians
  123. post your puntdnal k13 global results
  124. Why are Lebanese Muslims genetically more European than Lebanese Christians?
  125. post your Iran Neolithic K6 calculator results
  126. eurogenes k12b results of west asians
  127. Interesting Turkish results.
  128. Zoroastrian results from Iran
  129. The 'Irani' people. Culture, cuisine and genetics.
  130. Indian Zoroastrian results
  131. Is U1a3 a Mesopotamian haplogroup?
  132. Were pre-Turkic Anatolians genetically Semitic?
  133. Do Levantine Muslims have Egyptian ancestry?
  134. What exactly is Hajji Firuz BA?
  135. When did Iranian speakers first arrive in modern-day Iran?
  136. The Mandaeans
  137. What percentage of Anatolian population is genetically in Anatolian cluster?
  138. Pontic Greek results
  139. Mysterious Middle Eastern ancestry in my family, what ethnicity is it?
  140. Qatar Genome: Insights on Genomics from the Middle East (discussion)
  141. Help please
  142. The origins of Steppe ancestry in North West Caucasian people
  143. Do some Arabians have minor Steppe ancestry?
  144. What is Aryan ?
  145. Azadmard's Iranian Genetics Project
  146. Is the African ancestry of Arabians underestimated by G25?
  147. But why do Southern Iraqis have higher North European characteristics than Saudis?
  148. Arab study
  149. Are natufians considered Mediterranean with ana ancestry
  150. Fine-Scale Genetic Structure in the United Arab Emirates Reflects Endogamous and Cons
  151. What is the DNA of Turkey - sanli urfa?
  152. What are Arabs considered genetically?
  153. Migration of archaic Armenian tribes
  154. Human responses to climate and ecosystem change in ancient Arabia
  155. Arabs ran against Emirati A
  156. SaudiA, SaudiB, SaudiC, EmiratiA, EmiratiB, EmiratiC - What is the difference ?
  157. Story of Sinaí
  158. The Middle Holocene ‘funerary avenues’ of north-west Arabia
  159. Projecting ancient ancestry in modern-day Arabians and Iranians: a key role of the pa
  160. A possible way to differentiate between Adnanite and Qahtanite-descended Arabs?
  161. Mesolithic Iranian and CHG Ancestry
  162. Genomic insights into the origin of farming in the ancient Near East
  163. Palestinians G25
  164. New Natufian sample
  165. Do (some) Levantine Christians have legitamate Arab ancestry?
  166. West Asian qpAdm models
  167. Where can I learn more about the Natufians?
  168. Central/South Asian ancestry in middle east