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  1. Baltoscandia
  2. Madicken01: »Panskandinaviskt språk ›nordiska‹ / ›skandinaviska‹ med ~22 mil talare..
  3. Athanasiadis et al. 2016 - Genetic History of Denmark
  4. New Viking graves discovered in Denmark.
  5. Scandinavia before the Viking Age
  6. Viking and native: re-thinking identity in the Danelaw, by D.M. Hadley
  7. Male-biased operational sex ratios and the Viking phenomenon ...
  8. The Lost Norse
  9. In a land of thundering reindeer, suicide stalks the indigenous Sami
  10. The ‘People of the British Isles’ project and Viking settlement in England
  11. "Who Do You Think You Are" in Norway
  12. A Tenth Century Boat Burial from Swordle Bay
  13. A funny short video about scandinavian languages
  15. ... Viking age chief buried in ship with his sword and dog.
  16. Researchers unearth 1000 y.o. Viking graves in Lærdal, NO
  17. Archeologists find 1K y.o. Danish WC
  18. Greenlanders' genetic secrets
  19. Viking castle in DK now dated to 1000 ybp
  20. More Viking gold found in Jutland
  21. Genetiske analyse av 150 dansker
  22. Repton Viking Remains
  23. Kvinnelig Viking i Sverige: DNA resultater
  24. Sjællands Borgring (på engelsk)
  25. Is this surname of Scandinavian origin?
  26. Thrifty medieval bailiffs accidentally saved Old Norse texts
  27. Population genomics of Mesolithic Scandinavia
  28. Missing Viking Runes Found
  29. Looking for Scandinavian Eurogenes K36 results to use for a small project
  30. Native American in a Finn?
  31. Dansk dna-forsker hjælper politiet (på dansk)
  32. 2 X-kromosomer: grunn til et lengre liv?
  33. How to track down a Finnish ancestor
  34. 1500 år gammel guld fundet i Vestsjælland (på dansk)
  35. Norsk bioteknologiråd advarer mot DNA-tester
  36. Swedish, Danish, German prehistoric sites.
  37. (Film) Etisk spørsmål om medisinsk DNA-test
  38. Northern y-dna haplogroup ın Anatolia
  39. Vikings saved Ireland’s population from ‘serious decline’, study shows
  40. Hvad skal jeg dø af?
  41. Baltic Finns
  42. Triangulation exercise for Finnish matches
  43. Sami people genetics
  44. The Baltic Finns were Vikings too, but the world ignores it
  45. The genetic makeup of Finns
  46. Genetic makeup of Wales
  47. Is there a chance that my ancestors were Geats before becoming Swedish?
  48. How Gustavus Adolphus Dealt with the Winged Hussars
  49. Was there a 'East Denmark Single Grave' ?