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  57. Can i change my username
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  62. Some recent issue with new windows 10 upgrade ( mid April )
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  72. please unsubscribe me
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  74. Contribution to Anthrogenica
  75. Is it possible to change my user name
  76. Could We Get a Spot for MyHeritage in the Commercial Testing Subforum?
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  78. Using browser as a blockchain currency miner
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  80. Forum Upgrade Bug Reporting Thread
  81. Relationships - Centimorgans and segments
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  92. I suggest you relax about "pseudoscience"
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  95. photo attachment
  96. problems with pics in post
  97. Trying to share my gedmatch results, but detects it as URL's
  98. Trying to share my gedmatch results, but detects it as URL's
  99. wrong gender in profile
  100. Donation question
  101. I want to change my username...To maintain anonymity
  102. Can I be banned upon request?
  103. Is there a taxonomy section on this forum, or no?
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  109. New Forum Layout
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  119. tried 'all read' button and got security token issue
  120. sorry to have entered in this forum
  121. Forum Accessibility (24 Feb 2019 onwards)
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  126. General Statement: Be Careful With Your Data!
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  137. New, exponential growth? Or some sort of bug?
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  141. staying logged on issues
  142. Ignore List
  143. test
  144. how do I edit my profile?
  145. Why on earth does it state that I'm male?
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  147. Logging On
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  149. Just new to Anthrogenica to learn how to use site where do I go?
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  151. Why does my profile say that I'm male? Is there anyway I could switch it?
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  153. Cloudflare captcha
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  156. Just got told I was IP banned, and then wasn't?
  157. How to delete my account?
  158. Avast threat indicated
  159. keep getting logged out
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  161. Account registration?
  162. How do I change my name?
  163. Edit my own thread that has incorrect information?
  164. Chrome warning Https connexion not secure
  165. Forum Sluggishness: Fixed (30th May 2020)
  166. Admins, moderators, can you ban my account for good please?
  167. User Name Change Request:
  168. Need help
  169. Photo Uploads Bug (8/4/20)
  170. CloudFlare Bug-Reporting Thread (08/14/20)
  171. Can't edit posts in Chrome
  172. Need help editing a post
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  174. Editing a post
  175. Can my Gold Level Membership me changed to Gold Level Membership with Atrium Access?
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  180. Account removal
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  182. Changing my gender.
  183. Unable to see members' other Y and mtDNA
  184. Locking redundant threads request
  185. Post-Upgrade Bug Reporting Thread (4/28/21)
  186. edit post
  187. request to delete a post of mine
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  190. Add Additional Information Block under user profile for closest Ancient DNA sample
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  193. The origin of the Slavs thread
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  197. This site canít be reached anthrogenica.com took too long to respond
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  200. Which forum/sub forum should I post to?
  201. Is it possible to merge two profiles together?