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  1. William and Mary researchers study milkweed to help save monarch butterfly
  2. Philistines introduced cumin, opium poppy and sycamore into Israel
  3. Canadian indigenous people's squash grown from ancient seeds
  4. Dispute over supposed ancient wheat found in the Channel
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  6. Rare Wild Orchids in Florida
  7. Death Valley Super Bloom
  8. Ancient DNA from Çatalhöyük Wheat
  9. Scientists document rare DNA transfer between animals and plants
  10. Grape domestication
  11. Founders of Western civilisation were prehistoric dope dealers
  12. 6000 year old barley grains sequenced
  13. Every grain of rice: Ancient rice DNA data provides new view of domestication history
  14. 32,000 yr old seeds brought back to life
  15. Plant fossils at K-t boundary tell the story
  16. Iconic Giant Sequoia has fallen
  17. Vegetation across Eurasia from the last glacial maximum to present
  18. World's oldest plant-like fossils discovered
  19. Genetically Engineered Algae
  20. hunting for old timee Apples
  21. Did the first flower look like this?
  23. NGS Eliminates Food Fraud in Ireland
  25. Mirabilis jalapa (Four O'clock) flower color genetics?
  26. Coast redwood and giant sequoia genome sequencing
  27. Redwood Forest near San Francisco?
  28. The Origins of Coca: Museum Genomics Reveals Multiple Independent Domestications ...
  29. The Fruit That Must Rot to Be Ripe???