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  1. Full Y Chromosome Sequencing: Phase III Pilot
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  5. what software do you use for interpretation of Full Genomes Corp results?
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  7. Charity event: public service announcement by FGC
  8. What time the companies do they take into account ?
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  10. Cost / Specification of Y Elite 2.1 test if submitted today
  11. Medical grade cancer test
  12. yFull 3D Secure payment issue.
  13. Im looking for a company that can go back from present till 5000 years only
  14. Health applications of Y chr sequencing
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  21. Offerings in Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory supplements
  22. Y chromosome and health: new findings (2017 paper)
  23. New products: AMProject, HAproject, DNAkits etc
  24. Are there any tests that do karyotyping/chromosome counting?
  25. SNP reliability debate
  26. R1b U106 discussion group
  27. WGS Testin (Dante Labs) and Ancestry Analysis
  28. FGC helped identify Joseph Newton Chandler, cold case suicide
  29. Uploading FGC Data to GEDmatch?
  30. FGC Advanced whole genome variant analysis pilot
  31. Punjabi Pakistani need help with analyzing results
  32. Long Read Chromium Whole Genome Product
  33. 15x whole genome - $570 with coupon
  34. Whole genome: Basic analysis with ancestry reports vs Whole genome: Advanced Variant
  35. Identified Jane Doe Homicide Victim after 31 years with DNA Doe, OCPD, and FGC Corp
  36. Y Elite: now $450
  37. Genetics & heritability: professor discovers murderers in his ancestry
  38. FGC receives recognition from US government: US Department of Justice
  39. Long Read Pacific Biosciences Whole Genome Pilot
  40. 15x Whole Genome: Now $545
  41. Lavender Doe identified: DNA Doe Proeject worked with FGC on the case
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  44. Full Genomes raw-data on Gedmatch etc?
  45. FGC Interface/Tree Display
  46. 90,000+ SNPs discovered by FGC
  47. "John Clinton Doe" case solved
  48. Y Elite: $425
  49. BigY700 & FGC Bam Analysis
  50. Using the correct Y chromosome coverage statistics
  51. blood sample option for 10x Chromium tests
  52. round for investment
  53. FGC team (primary active members)
  54. blood sample option for 10x Chromium
  55. "Whole Genome: Basic analysis with ancestry report", Is it enough?!
  56. DANTE lab troubles
  57. Y Elite: $395!
  58. Belle in the Well solved; murder victim identified with FGC's help
  59. Orange Socks case solved: DNA Doe Project & FGC's analysis
  60. J1 Project
  61. Cases solved to date
  62. Case solved
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  64. Phylogenetic tools to analyze combine FTDNA Big Y and FGC Results
  65. FGC beta autosomal ancestry analysis
  66. FGC beta ancestry analysis: $1
  67. Case solved: article in New York Times
  68. 2,000 SNPs discovered in 10x Chromium "linked-read" tests
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