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  1. Genetics 101: The Basics
  2. Ordering from 23andMe
  3. Where in the world are my features most common
  4. When is an SNP not an SNP?
  5. SNP not on tree
  6. Ftdna vs 23andme
  7. A question about Plink
  8. Glossary
  9. GEDmatch questions from a newbie
  10. Commercial testing - Australian Aboriginal ancestry
  11. Any good resources for getting up to speed with current population genetics/anthro?
  12. What are the chemicals used in DNA sequencing
  13. Mathematical Formulae used in genetic genealogy
  14. Help With Y-DNA Results
  15. Gedmatch data interpretation
  16. Gedmatch vs ftDNA
  17. MesolithNeolith,CW/BB/Bronze Age sites/museums to visit in Germany, Denmark & Sweden?
  18. Using GEDmatch Oracles for matches between populations
  19. YSEQ results
  20. Y DNA SNPs question
  21. how does someone make an admixture calculator?
  22. AIM: frequencies spreadsheet
  23. How can I interpret My Genetic Signature
  24. The Significance of Autosomes
  25. DNA reference populations - French profiles - what gedmatch, sites to use
  26. Dutch mtDNA dataset on EMPOP
  27. Interpreting Autosomal Results
  28. Gedmatch problems
  29. How do you calculate overall admixture percentage when looking at chromosomes
  30. Bone marrow transplants and genetic information
  31. Is it possible to infer a Y-DNA haplogroup from a FTDNA project results?
  32. Gedmatch - "generations"
  33. 23&me - "relatives"
  34. Are there any DNA sites with a predominate British / European client base??
  35. Ancient dna / 23&me
  36. Big Y vs 111 Markers - FTDNA
  37. Need some help interpreting results please
  38. New Test.
  39. I keep getting different results on different websites! Help! What am I?
  40. Threshold for regional admixture "noise" ?
  41. Is it just me or do others note a U.S. North/South difference in DNA testing
  42. Can someone teach me? (D-stats+Qpadm)
  43. Chromosome Ancestry Schematic
  44. Extracting individual genotypes data from a dataset
  45. Question - lack of paternal relatives? Am I "reading" this wrong?? FTDNA
  46. X-DNA recombination
  47. Gedmatch question ? Relative or glitch?
  48. Clarification about my gedmatch & ancestry dna findings would be appreciated!
  49. Best gedmatch for ethnicity?
  50. Why Do We Inherit Mitochondrial DNA Only From Our Mothers?
  51. FTDNA - Big Y Bam file - what can you learn from it / who can request it
  52. Why do Europeans have such widely VARYING percentages of Near Eastern DNA?
  53. Cheapest Y-DNA test?
  54. spatial maps of Eurogenes K13 admixture regions?
  55. How does one work the DIY calculators
  56. gedmatch numbers of ancients
  57. Davidski / Eurogenes DNA analysis?
  58. Requesting permission to use Gedmatch numbers of British and Irish people...
  59. I cant find the README.txt file
  60. Phasing on Gedmatch
  61. Anyway to find a haplogroup with a Ancestry DNA kit?
  62. Help with reading autosomal comparisons?
  63. X DNA- phased kit and one to many
  64. Is there a website for DIY calculators
  65. Eurogenes K13 & K15 - How far back are results consensus?
  66. Looking for any Finns - compare gedmatch kits
  67. Just How "accurate" is autosomal DNA ethnicity
  68. Experiment with Gedmatch's Phasing & Lazarus tools? A possibility?
  69. Holiday Season Need Helping Choosing the Right Test
  70. FTDNA BigY - Timeline between matches / aDNA correct use
  71. Calculating TMRCA Using SNPs
  72. YFull's Responsiveness
  73. Some terminology clarification
  74. Which is more informative from Gedmatch - Ethnicities or "population" %
  75. What or who is gedmatch's Basque [French/Spanish] population??
  76. Does anyone know what happened to I-F2735 at YFull?
  77. PLINK and 23andme raw data file
  78. Admixtools & Ubuntu
  79. plink/convertf/mergeit : my nightmare
  80. What I need to run D-stats
  81. 3% Irish Mom + 1% Irish Dad = 5% Irish Son, Possible?
  82. Baltic DNAs
  83. Any Y-DNA mining done from UK10K Project
  84. Genes Connected with Hair going darker with age? Facial hair versus [head] hair?
  85. Vault access
  86. Adoption - where to start?
  87. Need help: How to read geno files
  88. Can you help me interpreting my results?
  89. Professor Doug McDonald
  90. Big Y Results - Inferring Most Recently Shared SNP/Haplogroup before Yfull submission
  91. Y Full - Ever Prolonged Expected Date :(
  92. Genbank Query - To Submit Data or Not
  93. Need Help Combining Kits at FTDNA
  94. GEDMatch Question
  95. Question about segment sizes and their age?
  96. GEDMatch vs. commercial companies
  97. Open Office Base Database problem
  98. One-to-one matches cM vs #SNPs
  99. Which DNA testing service is best for me(South Asian)?
  100. Confused about gedmatch-new to this. Ashkenazi
  101. GEDmatch one-to-one comparison... what do these terms actually mean?
  102. How to run Admixtools
  103. Questions on Autosomal DNA
  104. Eurogenes K13 Red Sea Level Question
  105. PLINK extracting to 23&Me format - too large size of file
  106. GEDmatsch tokenization
  107. Combining different Reich dataset samples in a D-stat run
  108. clarification on mito results from FTDNA and james lick mito predictor?
  109. Gedmatch Genesis Kit ML9630348
  110. Do Iberians score more British&Irish..or more French&German on 23andme?
  111. Why are D-stats of same samples differing between datasets?
  112. Open Search Database
  113. BeNeLux DNA Project
  114. GEDMatch Help - Percentages, Distance, Etc.
  115. Needing advice
  116. qpAdm-How to identify a good fitting model
  117. Phylogenetic visualization software for STR results
  118. British Vikings
  119. y-DNA Haplogroup P (P-P295)
  120. Haplotypes Network
  121. What is the recommended setup for raw DNA data analysis?
  122. Checking my math... matching phased data: What to consider beyond simple probability?
  123. How to get a BGA analysis from Dr. Doug McDonald?
  124. Mephisto´s [First] K2 Admixture Calculator
  125. Confusing haplogroups on Morley
  126. Question about EU Test on gedmatch
  127. Genotype rate - Would you explain this term?
  128. Diversity across Mexican Amerindian groups?
  129. Nevgen queries
  130. Are there any DNA testing company with shipment for Iran?
  131. How exactly does qpAdm work things out with f4 stats?
  132. atDNA run at ancestry or FTDNA. HOw does it handle heterogenous SNPs
  133. newbee here
  134. Can someone please explain gedmatch?
  135. Plotting of PCAs
  136. Mitochondrial haplogroup origin dating & placing, is it actually that reliable?
  137. Genetic Company, Number of SNPs used and Reliability
  138. General question
  139. Is it rude to ask for the origins/ethnic of the Gedmatch Kit numbers you have?
  140. Help with Genesis (Gedmatch) Error for Helix data
  141. Tips for maximizing performance with Y-STR's BAM Analysis Kit?
  142. Few questions on getting started with analysis
  143. Atacama skeleton MtDNA Results
  144. How results across tests differ: which to trust most?
  145. Mixed Mode Population Sharing
  146. Gedmatch / Eurogenes, large population distances but not mixed
  147. Which Y DNA test should I go for?
  148. Best DNA company for full Y, and MTDNA information.
  149. MDLP K23b/K27b global PCA charts
  150. Getting an ancestry test in Bahrain
  151. Methods of measuring genetic distance/proximity between populations
  152. Benefits of DNA Testing?
  153. Simplest way to make colorful admixture bars in R?
  154. Pro Genealogist?
  155. How to use (find?) qpgraph and qpreroot?
  156. ONGE
  157. Question about PCA: Eigenvector and explained variance
  158. PCA: How many dimensions are enough?
  159. What to do with raw DNA data?
  160. newbie looking for help with morleydna ysnp subclade predictor
  161. HapMap Build 37
  162. GEDMATCH genesis
  163. How to call BAM files?
  164. Understanding Formal Statistics, f4 and D-Stats
  165. Inquirie about IMPUTATION
  166. Basic help with nMonte in R required
  167. Understanding your admixture results
  168. Eurogenes K13 and K15 - Populations approximation question
  169. What am I doing wrong? (Sequence Tools)
  170. Can BEAGLE be run on a laptop?
  171. How to add RSIDs to a .BAM or VCF file?
  172. GenotypeHarmonizer
  173. Who are the Sephardis in Eurogenes calculators?
  174. PAST neighbour joining error
  175. Calculator percentages
  176. Creating PCA plots in PLINK
  177. How to get AdmixTools running
  178. AtDNA results-can you just join them together for siblings to create a "family" atDNA
  179. What is the sample being measured against when you put it in calculator?
  180. How to interpret GENOtation PCA?
  181. Fraud and frequent preprocessing in Genetic data
  182. Is this type of research what ethnicity calculators are based on?
  183. Raw DNA data and calculators
  184. problem with Geneplaza not finishing loading
  185. How far back would they be related?
  186. Does my Gedmatch Africa 9 results suggest Sephardic genealogy?
  187. I need help with Global 25
  188. Need some help
  189. The genetics of tanning
  190. Serious question for genealogists, experts, and project admins.
  191. Need deeper (not basic) understand of snps
  192. Global 25 coordinates
  193. Converting .VCF file to 23 and me format using Python3
  194. .txt file format to .fasta
  195. British Samples from 1000 Genomes Project
  196. What is my true total European percentage on this gedmatch calc?
  197. How to access 1000genomes Y-STR data?
  198. How to convert Myheritage rawdata to 23andme format in PLINK?
  199. Are Y-DNA SNPs more a function of age (continuous cell division) or generations?
  200. Medieval Alemannic graveyard
  201. How do YOU define the word "Celtic"?
  202. Question about sending messages on gedmatch and yourdnaportal
  203. Does my mom have actual genuine/recent South Asian admixture based on this 23andme re
  204. Verifying Two Branches Descend From Same Ancestor (18th Cent)
  205. Plot.ly PCA - Data plotting incorrectly (PAST imported data)
  206. Gedmatch Admixture (heritage) Utilities
  207. Egyptian Jewish kits?
  208. Kiss your privacy goodbye
  209. Applications/Software for discovery of novel & extremely rare whole genome variants
  210. How to merge 2 datasets with different number of SNPs using plink?
  211. Using the GEDmatch Admixture (heritage) tools - Interpreting the numbers
  212. 23andme V5 or Converted V3 for G25?
  214. Phasing tool?
  215. How do you deal with eigenstrat files
  216. How do I run Admixture Studio on a Mac?
  217. Help finding Y-STR values from public sample
  218. Where can I find samples [do they have to be requested directly from authors?]
  219. Which specific DNA company or test does the best chromosome painting IYO?
  220. How to get a bayenv2 usable file from a .geno file
  221. Ph2ter map reports
  222. Samples stuck at US customs
  223. Is nMonte/G25/nMonteRunner more similar to FST, or to LeastSquares method?
  224. Incomplete Y DNA test
  225. How do I convert RAW DNA to G25?
  226. Dendrogram/cladogram software
  227. Merged or "super" kits?
  228. Where do I start?
  229. FTDNA Raw Data
  230. Question regarding Subclades on YFull
  231. Atrium
  232. help needed with Excel or Access to store multiple sets of Raw Data
  233. Inquiry about FTDNA family project
  234. Modern people belonging ancient basal haplogroups
  235. How do I use workspace in R?
  236. Question about YFull
  237. Help Understanding Haplogroup Info
  238. German and Dutch data
  240. Question regarding Triangulation
  241. Question about possible match
  242. how long is G25 coordinates suppose to take?
  243. Testing of roughly 350 year old teeth
  244. Gedmatch - deceased relatives?
  245. Maternal origin search - questions about admixtures & oracles
  246. Use samtools to convert CRAM file to BAM file or Fasta file.
  247. Negative test for upstream SNP?
  248. Question regarding PLINK files and qpAdm
  249. Yfull testing?
  250. Computer hardware