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  1. West Eurasian admixture in Khoe-San via East Africa
  2. Horn of Africa & Berber genetic connections?
  3. Do Sub-Saharan Africans Have Basal Eurasian Ancestry?
  4. Birthplace of Y-DNA DE and E - Africa or Eurasia?
  5. The link between South Africans and Oceanian people
  6. My fellow Africans share your ancestral results from different DNA companies
  7. Coincidental Linguistic Similarities Found Outside of Africa
  8. Error found in study of first ancient African genome ,Eurasian ancestry was mistaken
  9. Guess which African countries/regions I have roots in!
  10. Ancient Hebrews, Ancient Egyptians and others' phenotypes tangent
  11. What is your known ancestry?
  12. Africa before ancient DNA: The deepest splits
  13. Share music which takes your heart home :)
  14. Ancient Eurasia K6 - Deducing Traces of Back to Africa Migrations
  15. East African vs West African
  16. Share your family surname locations from locatemyname.com
  17. L3 or l3e in Nigerian populations? Which people have this maternal haplogroup?
  18. Technically am I part east African or not?
  19. Could my great grandfather have been mixed?
  20. Share bits of culture from your background that you like
  21. why do some African Americans have east African heritage?
  22. My Africa 9 results ( African-West Eurasian admix calculator)
  23. My results from MyHeritageDNA
  24. Post your uploaded results from myheritage dna
  25. Genomic selection in Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo speakers (Pre-print)
  26. Reconstructing Prehistoric African Population Structure
  27. Surnames discussion
  28. PuntDNAl K12 Modern interpretation needed
  29. The peopling of the last Green Sahara revealed by high-coverage resequencing of trans
  30. Mauritian Slaves
  31. Statistical Palaeoafricans
  32. Post your Eurogenes K36
  33. Why do so many calculators report my Bantu ancestry like this?
  34. Tales of Human Migration, Admixture, and Selection in Africa (Schlebusch, 2018)
  35. My Dr Mcdonald results
  36. (hypothetical) phenotype of natufians?
  37. What is Africa? A human perspective (Pagani)
  38. How come i score so many different African populations in my DNA? (read desc pls)
  39. The New View of Africa - Ancient DNA and How the Lost Tribe Found Family
  40. [Modern DNA] Rare genetic sequences illuminate early humans' history in Africa
  41. Carriers of mtDNA macrohaplogroup L3 basal lineages migrated back to Africa from Asia
  42. How much of New World Black ancestry is Congolese/Angolan?
  43. what did the first humans look like?
  44. Ancestral mitochondrial N lineage from the Neolithic ‘green’ Sahara
  45. L2'3'4'5'6a (new ancient L lineage)
  46. A dispersal from southern to eastern Africa immediately preceded the OoA migration
  47. International conference: “Africa, the cradle of human diversity”
  48. Preprint [Population history and genetic adaptation of the Fulani nomads: Inferences]
  49. Ancient DNA reveals a multistep spread of the first herders into sub-Saharan Africa
  50. How closely related are Nilotics to Bantu and West African Niger-Congo peoples?
  51. Study of present-day DNA evidence from the African slave trade
  52. is there an african population k8 map similar to this?
  53. My Gedmatch Results
  54. A Rare Deep-Rooting D0 African Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup and Its Implications
  55. A cogent classification and nomenclature for the peoples of the African landmass
  56. G25 nMonte - Inferring ANA/Eurasian layers in SSA pops
  57. African evolutionary history inferred from WGS data of 44 indigenous Africans
  58. PCA G25_scaled - Africans only (Users & Ancients/Modern Avgs)
  59. Global25 automated nMonte for Horner members
  60. Genetic signatures of gene flow & malaria-driven Nat-S in SSA of the "eBL belt"
  61. Ancient Swahili East African coins found in Australia
  62. Uganda Genome Resource Enables Insights into Pop. Hist. & Genomic Discovery in Africa
  63. Was the great Zimbabwe created by the Cushitic 'race' or Niger-Congos?
  64. Did Niger-Congos came about as a fusion of "NE African"-like and Khoisan/"Pygmies"?
  65. The intentions of Ahmed "gragn's" conquest of "Abyssinia"
  66. Blame it on the Rain: Paleohydrologic considerations for Shaping African Substructure
  67. Substantial Paleolithic European admixture in West Africans: is it possible?
  68. What is the origin of mtDA U6?
  69. Have any of y'all tried MyTrueAncestry?
  70. Just how related are Nilotes and West-Africa A/Senegambians?
  71. No Bantus or Niger-Congo In Cameroon
  72. 12th Dynasty Ancient Egyptian Mummies Analysis
  73. F4-ratio analysis of Neanderthal Admixture in Africans
  74. [Discussion] Chronology of the Bantu expansion
  75. Reconciling the claimed West-African ancestry in certain Great Lakes clans
  76. What pops should I used to gauge the percentage of West Eurasian in East Africans?
  77. Discovering father's minor Sub-Saharan African
  78. Some Malagasy gedmatch results
  79. Scientists claims that A00 in Shum Laka is actually A1b
  80. High-depth African genomes inform human migration and health (Choudhury et al. 2020)
  81. Revisiting the Out of Africa event with a novel Deep Learning approach
  82. Best DNA company for someone of Afro-Caribbean descent?
  83. Eritrean uniparentals
  84. Medieval genomes from Nubia
  85. Mota ancestry in Northern Ethiopia & Eritrea
  86. What is Sub Saharan African genetically?
  87. "Are All Africans Genetically North African?"
  88. Afro Canadian history and genetics questions
  89. Asia in the Horn. The Indian Ocean trade in Somaliland
  90. Which snps are responsible for the extremely dark skin tones found in Nilo-Saharans?
  91. I’m taking an Ancestry DNA test, what do you think my results may be?
  92. African Genetics, History And Misconception
  93. Who were the first herders of the Green Sahara and Nile Valley?
  94. North and East African mitochondrial genetic variation (Fähnrich et al, 2021)
  95. Are the Shum_Laka samples on G25 the oldest African samples to date?
  96. Ancient DNA and deep population structure in SSA'n foragers (Lipson et al 22')
  97. What does this 'Western Semitic' mean in my admixture proportions?
  98. Question about North African ancestry:
  99. How accurate is this nilo-saharan coordinate?
  100. Can someone please help me understand this discrepancy in my results?
  101. Do the Toubou from Chad, Niger and Lybia have cushitic admixture?
  102. Questions in regards to Oromo ethnogenesis
  103. Source of mtdna U6 in Ethiopia?
  104. Other mar Ln samples?
  105. Upcoming South African archaic aDNA?
  106. Are natufians carrying ssa admixture?
  107. COG_MatangaiTuru_IA
  108. Question regarding chadic speaking groups
  109. Shum laka question?
  110. Can somebody explain the Eurasian affinity in mota?
  111. Suggestions on right populations on qpadm
  112. Why is Mbuti so distant from other African HG groups with G25?
  113. How much ANA do Mota & South Sudanese carry?
  114. Genome wide variation in the Angolan Namib desert reveals unique Pre-Bantu ancestry
  115. Epicanthic fold
  116. Why does KEN_Kakapel_900BP get a high kura-araxes percentage?
  117. Origins of Great Lakes pastoralist populations (Tutsi, Ankole, Hema etc.)
  118. why are Fulani and Wolof put together on dna tests?
  119. What are chadic people? are they Nilo-Sahara that speak a Afro-Asiatic or something
  120. Why do some Senegambia people carry nilotic dna?
  121. Echoes from the last Green Sahara: whole genome analysis of Fulani
  122. Has anyone got results from Berkane?
  123. Is there any genetic evidence of trans indian ocean slave trade?
  124. 2023 UPenn whole-genome sequencing on African population demographic history
  125. Any evidence of Khoisan-like populations migrating North?
  126. East Asian ancestry in Morocco?
  127. Echoes from the last Green Sahara: whole genome analysis of Fulani, a key population
  128. Nigerian Hausa uniparentals