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  1. West Eurasian admixture in Khoe-San via East Africa
  2. Horn of Africa & Berber genetic connections?
  3. Do Sub-Saharan Africans Have Basal Eurasian Ancestry?
  4. Autosomal DNA data from Sudan, Dobon et al. 2015
  5. Birthplace of Y-DNA DE and E - Africa or Eurasia?
  6. The link between South Africans and Oceanian people
  7. My fellow Africans share your ancestral results from different DNA companies
  8. Sub-Saharan African Admixture in North Africa
  9. Coincidental Linguistic Similarities Found Outside of Africa
  10. Error found in study of first ancient African genome ,Eurasian ancestry was mistaken
  11. How comparable are the medieval West African kingdoms to East African city states?
  12. Guess which African countries/regions I have roots in!
  13. Khoisan ancestry!
  14. What was the amount of the genetic input of Arabs in North Africa?
  15. The Swahili people of the east coast of africa
  16. Calling experts on North Africa
  17. Haplogroup R1A1 in north africa
  18. Ancient Hebrews, Ancient Egyptians and others' phenotypes tangent
  19. What is your known ancestry?
  20. Africa before ancient DNA: The deepest splits
  21. Share music which takes your heart home :)
  22. My dad carrys the M1a1 Maternal haplogroup, rare or common?
  23. Cushitic haplogroup
  24. Ancient Eurasia K6 - Deducing Traces of Back to Africa Migrations
  25. East African vs West African
  26. Why do Tigrinyas think that they are semite when they look almost identical to somali
  27. Share your family surname locations from locatemyname.com
  28. L3 or l3e in Nigerian populations? Which people have this maternal haplogroup?
  29. Technically am I part east African or not?
  30. Could my great grandfather have been mixed?
  31. Share bits of culture from your background that you like
  32. why do some African Americans have east African heritage?
  33. A fellow Kenyan Swahili's GEDmatch results
  34. My Africa 9 results ( African-West Eurasian admix calculator)
  35. My results from MyHeritageDNA
  36. When did Nubia become Nubian?
  37. mtDNA & Y-DNA E predictions for Plaster et al. Horn Africans by Passa
  38. hg T in Somalis. Could it have come with Islam.
  39. Post your uploaded results from myheritage dna
  40. New High-Coverage Northeast African genomes
  41. AncestryDNA results of a Kenyan, Lamu Swahili
  42. Genomic selection in Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo speakers (Pre-print)
  43. Reconstructing Prehistoric African Population Structure
  44. Swahili ethnic genetics study
  45. [KABYLIAN] FTDNA My Origins Results
  46. Egyptian nMonte modeling
  47. Surnames discussion
  48. Take away for Y-STR data from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya ( Iacovacci 2017)
  49. PuntDNAl K12 Modern interpretation needed
  50. Would the Predynastic to Middle Kingdom Egyptians be connected stock to Mespotamia?
  51. IBD Sharing in the Horn
  52. The peopling of the last Green Sahara revealed by high-coverage resequencing of trans
  53. Mauritian Slaves
  54. Medieval Swahili coins found in Australia
  55. Sudanese results
  56. Statistical Palaeoafricans
  57. east african dna
  58. Post your Eurogenes K36
  59. Genetic Ancestry of Hadza and Sandawe Peoples
  60. Why do so many calculators report my Bantu ancestry like this?
  61. Tales of Human Migration, Admixture, and Selection in Africa (Schlebusch, 2018)
  62. Study on Mandibular Morphology of Nataruk Remains (~10,000BP Kenya)
  63. Where exactly did nilo saharans originate from?
  64. My Dr Mcdonald results
  65. (hypothetical) phenotype of natufians?
  66. Madagascar Independence Day
  67. What is Africa? A human perspective (Pagani)
  68. How come i score so many different African populations in my DNA? (read desc pls)
  69. The New View of Africa - Ancient DNA and How the Lost Tribe Found Family
  70. The genetic history of Chad (Shriner et al 2018)
  71. Are proto nilotics a combination of proto proto mbuti and proto mota?
  72. [Modern DNA] Rare genetic sequences illuminate early humans' history in Africa
  73. question regarding the autosomal makeup of somalis
  74. Do the South Sudanese like the Dinka have West Eurasian/North African admixture?
  75. Carriers of mtDNA macrohaplogroup L3 basal lineages migrated back to Africa from Asia
  76. How much of New World Black ancestry is Congolese/Angolan?
  77. [Pre-print] Chabu (Modern HG from SW Ethiopia)
  78. East Africans appearing in a Classical Era Chinese Miscellany
  79. Why were the Maasai excluded from the 1000 Genomes Project?
  80. .. East African HG pops and insights into local adaptation (Scheinfeldt, 2019)
  81. can somebody provide me some somali GEDmatch results?
  82. what did the first humans look like?
  83. Ancestral mitochondrial N lineage from the Neolithic ‘green’ Sahara
  84. L2'3'4'5'6a (new ancient L lineage)
  85. A dispersal from southern to eastern Africa immediately preceded the OoA migration