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  1. Medieval Irish chronicles record volcanic-induced cold weather
  2. Tom O'Connor's "Hand of History"
  3. Celts 2015
  4. When Scotland was Jewish
  5. Cymru DNA Wales
  6. An end to Victorian idea of island Celts as pre-Celtic people who learned Celtic
  7. Blood of the Celts (2015)
  8. The Cimbri - Celtic or Germanic?
  9. Blood of the Celts (2015)
  10. Celtic Tribes of the British Isles
  11. Irish DNA Atlas, Preliminary Results
  12. Ancient DNA Ireland?
  13. Early Irish DNA to be tested
  14. Linkardstown Barrows
  15. Dark Irish - Original Celts/Gauls
  16. Radio programme: How Celtic Are We?
  17. The Celts - Blood, Iron and Sacrifice.
  18. Y DNA Composition of Males of Scottish Ancestry
  19. Would you visit 'Celtic Britain'?
  20. Haplogroup percentages for FTDNA's Ireland Y DNA Project
  21. Celtic from the West
  22. Wittgenstein and Celts
  23. The migration that missed out Wales
  24. “The Emergence of Modern Irish” - DIAS Lecture Series
  25. Bell Beaker and Early Celtic in the Isles
  26. Genomics: DNA and diasporas
  27. Celtic Music
  28. How Celtic is Scotland?
  29. Miscellaneous Welsh Odds and Ends
  30. Happy St Patricks day 2016 (from Canada)
  31. Extraordinary genealogy project connects Maine’s Irish with relatives in Ireland
  32. Top 100 Irish last names explained
  33. Secrets of 5,200-year-old Irish woman, 4,000-year-old men revealed in genome project
  34. O'Hare, O'Hir - How do you pronounce it in Irish?
  35. Robert the Bruce , Unique genetic marker found for Scottish king's great grandson
  36. British Celts Have More Steppe Ancestry than British English
  37. DNA study of Britons has shown that genetically there is not a unique Celtic group
  38. Marilyn Monroe linked to an ancient Scottish clan?
  39. Facial Reconstructions of 6th century Britons from Cramond, Edinburgh
  40. Who settled Ireland before the Celts?
  41. Welsh specific genetic drift
  42. Damnonii
  43. Nephin Cave Remains (Co. Mayo, Ireland)
  44. How can the Welsh be 30% AngloSaxon?
  45. Are the Bretons closer to Welsh and Cornish people or to other French people?
  46. Irish and Scottish DNA links
  47. Meanwhile in Cork...
  48. Iron Age Galloway - was it really different from the rest of Scotland?
  49. Thousands of new aerial views of Welsh heritage
  50. Do Bretons trace most of their lineage back to the Dumnonii tribe?
  51. Do you think there is an incomparable cohesiveness that celts have?
  52. UK...British...Celtic...?
  53. Learning Celtic languages
  54. Lugii
  55. Welsh Y-DNA and claim of 25% descending from rulers of the Middle Age
  56. Blog post: "Was The Celtic Transition Demic?"
  57. Looking for a percentage list of the POBI regions
  58. Swearing in Irish Gaelic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyfx0gUALxk&sns=em
  59. The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice (BBC)
  60. Irish tribal links
  61. No Ancestry Past 1600s?
  62. Cornish and Breton ancestry and DNA
  63. What will Breton ancestry show up as in a DNA test?
  64. The Celtic Holocaust - Podcast
  65. What are the top unbreakable rules in an Irish pub
  66. Tullynaskeagh Chambers yDNA
  67. Insular Brythonic Lingo
  68. Roman descriptions of the ancient Britons
  69. Irish Y-Chromosome subclades
  70. What does it mean to be "Celtic" vs British?
  71. Robertson Groups R1 and I
  72. British results from Kent
  73. The Scandinavian Intervention
  74. Were Celts once 30-40% of Europe's population?
  75. Foraging in Wales
  76. How much of my English ancestry is Celtic Briton?
  77. Is the English West Country accent Celtic?
  78. Do specific known areas of England show as Celtic or French?
  79. New Paper in the Offing: The Genomics of [Irish] Megaliths
  80. Scotland: More similar to Ireland or England?
  81. The largest Scottish Diaspora was in Poland
  82. On the Britons and Anglo-Saxons
  83. What contributes to differences in skin colour within Natives across the British Isle
  84. What contributes to differences in skin colour within Natives across the British Isle
  85. Cú Chullainn's battle frenzy
  86. Does Wales have more R1b than Ireland?
  87. Is this surname Irish or British?
  88. Norman/French input into England since 1066
  89. “Outlaw King”, on Netflix. Warning!! Spoilers.
  90. Griffin surname and When did we become Irish?
  91. what exactly is Scotch/Irish?
  92. Do you think the Scottish are shorter than the English ?
  93. What percentage of people in United States do you think descends from Celts
  94. 2nd Generation and down Irish English/Americans looking more Irish than the Irish
  95. A Perthshire Gaelic dialect survives!
  96. Series about Brian Boru to be made
  97. Happy St Patrick's all!
  98. Looking for information on the Gaulish language and the languages of modern France