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  1. Origin of the Bulgars
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  3. Albanian DNA Project
  4. A new paper comparing current Albanian (Ghegs, Tosks) Y chromosome with Arbereshe
  5. Cretans
  6. The Balkan Food Thread
  7. How much Slavic DNA exists in Greece?
  8. Forumi shqiptar
  9. Why are Cretans more genetically outlying than the other Aegean islands?
  10. The Origin of Romanians (Vlachs)
  11. Romanian 23andme
  12. Serbian atDNA results
  13. Ancient Thrace and Sardinia
  14. Serbian mtDNA
  15. Map of Slavic y-dna in Greece, compiled by user Passa
  16. The Y chromosome of the ancient Dorians
  17. Ancient dental plaque sheds new light on the diet of Mesolithic foragers in the Balka
  18. Croatian Genetics and Anthropology Thread
  19. Hungarian DNA
  20. unusual surname origin
  21. Gedroasia 11 giving high balkan readings
  22. Fantiastic Albanain gentics study !
  23. H11A and E1b1b1a2 but very low Balkan
  24. Albanian & Arbėreshė Admixture Results
  25. Genetic origins of the Minoans and Mycenaeans and their relation to modern Greeks
  26. Bunjevci / Bunjevacs / Буњевци
  27. The Hungarians - Magyars
  28. Hungarian Bronze age & Asian connection
  29. Romanian test and calculator results--your comments
  30. The Golden man fron Varna chalcolithic necropolis was T-M184
  31. Ancient DNA from Romania
  32. Pomaks
  33. Interactive Greek Autosomal ADMIXTURE Map
  34. Macedonians from North Macedonia genetically the same as those from Greek Macedonia?
  35. Why do people from APULIA and BASILICATA, S. ITALY plot nearer mainland Greeks?
  36. What is the best explanation for why Trapani, Sicily doesn't plot with Crete?
  37. Coat of arms of the Angevin dynasty
  38. Aegean Islands: evidence of significant genetic variation? Here is some evidence.
  39. Aeolian Greek was Early Slavic Language?
  40. 23andme results for partial Arbėreshė ancestry
  41. Any La Gomera GEDmatch kits?
  42. Am I actually part Greek? Or is it mixing my Sicilian and Slavic?
  43. Unrepresentative GEDMatch samples from the "East Mediterranean" continuum?
  44. Albanian Tribe/Region Reēi
  45. Did Greek Orthodox Christians fleeing Arab rule spread Levantine DNA to SE Europe?
  47. G25 South and Central Italian samples - how much Greek is each sample? Who can model?
  48. My first models for various South and Northwest Europeans. Any thoughts?
  49. Pale White/Ginger Phenotype in Portugal?
  50. Continuum Population Modeling using Vahaduo - My first attempt :)
  51. Are Bosnians significantly more 'Slavic' than Serbs genetically?
  52. MENA shifted Sicilian DNA that stands out to me
  53. Most likely SOURCE of extra "Levantine" in SE European populations?
  54. How common is it for Italians to get their DNA tested?
  55. Modeling of Iberian populations on Global25. Could these be improved?
  56. Did Greeks leave any genetic imprint on Iberia or southern France?
  57. How much genetic legacy can we attribute to the Phoenicians in Southern Europe?
  58. Slavic DNA in Spain
  59. Question for the Italians here...
  60. Shestani-Kraja
  61. Albanian and Vlach tribes in Herzegovina
  62. Y DNA of the Peloponnese
  63. The Plague of Justinian and Slavic migration in the Balkans
  64. Who's More Paleo-Balkan, Albanians or Greeks?
  65. New Study Finds South Italians more "West Asian-like" Than European
  66. Y-dna of ethnic Macedonians from four DNA studies
  67. How much pre-Greek ancestry do South Italians have?
  68. Genetic History of the Italians
  69. Greek colonisation of South Italy and Sicily (Magna Graecia)
  70. How to group Italian samples in order to obtain good references?
  71. Y-DNA studies on Albanians
  72. PAST4 Greek regionals plot.
  73. Origin, Y-DNA of Sandzak Muslims
  74. Romani DNA, what type of other pops would you see?
  75. Montenegrin Stature
  76. Ancient Greek Genoplot OPTIMAFIT Oracles.
  77. E-V13 in Bulgarian Iron Age
  78. Hebrews in Balkans
  79. Haplogroup Distribution in Romania and Republic of Moldova
  80. Albanian Malesors and Montenegrin Brda: Tribal Relations, Mixing & History
  81. Curiousity on my origins. (Albanian/Malesor/Kelmendi)
  82. Greek regional samples (median) with Corded Ware.
  83. Tribes of Montenegro
  84. Can people explain my haplogroups to me?