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  1. Living DNA launched 22 Sept 2016 - British Isles focus
  2. Based on your paper trail, what are you expecting your living DNA results to be?
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  25. Bradford and Bremen my Yorkshire%
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  27. Sale price?
  28. Living DNA horrible customer service
  29. ACHOO!
  30. How long does it take to say kit received?
  31. Have any Latinos tested with LivingDNA?
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  33. Northumbria region: Where are your ancestors from?
  34. Living DNA - Some "Ancestry Through History" feature" of a Southner Spaniard
  35. Question from an amateur regarding SNPs?
  36. Living DNA 'Though history'/Ancestry ethnicity results
  37. Lincolnshire - anyone get a high percent with any paper trail ?
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  40. Which counties are in which subregions?
  41. Living DNA raw data downloads are now available
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  43. Beware LivingDNA Requires Customer to Indemnify Company to Download Raw Data
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  62. % realy high in regional...
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  64. Are these differences that hugeWe are identical twins.( Stephanie and Katherine)
  65. 3rd party sites
  66. Confusion at Mothers Living DNA Results.....? Please Help!!
  67. NW England region - LivingDNA
  68. My living DNA result (Northwestern french)
  69. raw data/LivingDNA
  70. Is "TOUR" a new feature?
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  74. Further proof the Living dna upload to Genesis is crap
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  76. LivingDNA shooting themselves in the foot?
  77. Viewing Gedcoms on Gedmatch Genesis
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  79. 2 LivingDNA Questions
  80. Aberdeenshire - Irish?
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  84. Anyone know when the Living DNA Irish regions are due out?
  85. Cautious mode from Living DNA
  86. What does the Raw data of Livingdna look like?
  87. Compare your Livingdna YDNA haplogroup with 23andme, Ftdna, and Geno 2.0.
  88. What YDNA SNPs are tested at Livingdna?
  89. Basque, Sardinian, SW Asian (Burusho etc.) - Welsh or Irish?
  90. Error Code 104
  91. What tree does Livingdna base there YDNA assignments on?
  92. North Scotland showing Ireland..New?
  93. Living_DNA has sale on $99
  94. What is the "Value" of Living DNA UK when if POBI went one generation back
  95. My results - Spaniard
  96. What does each component in LivingDNA's test represent?
  97. Is it possible to guesstimate when an ancestor lived based on a %?
  98. LivingDNA on Geneplaza and Gencove
  99. What does South England and Wales component represent?
  100. Autosomal results don't match mitochondrial and Y-chromosome results
  101. Living DNA - My German (PA Dutch) Father's results
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  103. Living DNA "Holiday Gift Sale" - ONLY $99 US
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  105. One family one world project
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  108. Tuscany
  109. One Family: Scottish DNA
  110. Living DNA results for a Caucasian Jew
  111. Maternal haplogroup j1c2b5
  112. PCA vs. Map of Polish regions
  113. Irish regions
  114. Breton/French Result.
  115. Which of your regions get unassigned in Standard/Cautious Modes?
  116. Does LivingDNA often overestimate British DNA%?
  117. Living DNA Through History Feature
  118. What sites can i upload my raw data from LivingDNA too ?
  119. Map changes between Standard and Cautious
  120. LivingDNA - African results
  121. Family Networks - Beta coming soon.
  122. Living DNA at RootsTech 18 (Irish/German/Scottish Project update)
  123. Shetland and Orkneys
  124. Questions from a newbie
  125. Any third party site's/applications for LivingDNA raw data?
  126. GEDMATCH: LIVINGDNA vs 23andme & AncestryDNA
  127. Is there a way to convert LivingDNA to ancestry or 23andme format?
  128. Ethnically Polish results in Living DNA
  129. Odd family result
  130. Any news regarding the upcoming matching service?
  131. Ordering kit to the US hasn't shown up?
  132. Is it worth taking an AncestryDNA test?
  133. Understanding my results
  134. What can I do with my Y-DNA raw data
  135. Anyone else get Chuvashian?
  136. LIVING DNA 1 SWAB OR 2????
  137. Any news on German and Irish update?
  138. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Results for Living DNA
  139. LivingDNA Waiting Times
  140. No experience with mtDNA haplogroups, help?
  141. My Living DNA results (Greek) and comparison to other autosomal results
  142. British Living DNA Results - care to share?
  143. LivingDNA results for Punjabi Jatt
  144. Is it worth getting for British/Irish results?
  145. French results
  146. Primarily German results
  147. LivingDNA Partnering with FindMyPast
  148. Living DNA One Family One World - Southeast (and Central-East) Europe
  149. No british/Irish ancestors but you have % with Livingdna: post your results!
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  152. LivingDNA Question: Germany/Denmark/Norway??
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  154. LivingDNA results from Angeln / northernmost Germany
  155. When will LivingDNA proccess the uploaded kits from the free promotion they're having
  156. Pannonia and Chuvashia?
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  158. Great Britain and Ireland Sub-Regions
  159. Peak at Future Subregions Shown in Family Networks Video?
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  163. Testing error; requires attention
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  174. How long does it take to get the results?
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  176. Getting timeouts
  177. Overestimate of European in Mixed people
  178. North German LivingDNA results - Baltic connection in Pomerania?
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  180. Living DNA Y haplogroup Predictor?
  181. Post your LivingDNA Y haplogroup story (only)
  182. Will I get an dna analysis from upload?
  183. LivingDNA updating ancestry on March
  184. British and Basque
  185. The LivingDNA Irish update and being careful what you wish for...
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