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  1. Autosomal DNA data from Sudan, Dobon et al. 2015
  2. The Swahili people of the east coast of africa
  3. My dad carrys the M1a1 Maternal haplogroup, rare or common?
  4. Cushitic haplogroup
  5. Why do Tigrinyas think that they are semite when they look almost identical to somali
  6. A fellow Kenyan Swahili's GEDmatch results
  7. When did Nubia become Nubian?
  8. mtDNA & Y-DNA E predictions for Plaster et al. Horn Africans by Passa
  9. hg T in Somalis. Could it have come with Islam.
  10. New High-Coverage Northeast African genomes
  11. AncestryDNA results of a Kenyan, Lamu Swahili
  12. Swahili ethnic genetics study
  13. Take away for Y-STR data from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya ( Iacovacci 2017)
  14. IBD Sharing in the Horn
  15. Medieval Swahili coins found in Australia
  16. Sudanese results
  17. east african dna
  18. Genetic Ancestry of Hadza and Sandawe Peoples
  19. Study on Mandibular Morphology of Nataruk Remains (~10,000BP Kenya)
  20. Where exactly did nilo saharans originate from?
  21. Madagascar Independence Day
  22. Are proto nilotics a combination of proto proto mbuti and proto mota?
  23. question regarding the autosomal makeup of somalis
  24. Do the South Sudanese like the Dinka have West Eurasian/North African admixture?
  25. [Pre-print] Chabu (Modern HG from SW Ethiopia)
  26. East Africans appearing in a Classical Era Chinese Miscellany
  27. Why were the Maasai excluded from the 1000 Genomes Project?
  28. .. East African HG pops and insights into local adaptation (Scheinfeldt, 2019)
  29. can somebody provide me some somali GEDmatch results?
  30. Gluten intolerance in Somali
  31. how close are nilotes and omotics genetically?
  32. The territories of the Somali clans, and their historic migrations and wanderings.
  33. Middle Stone Age foragers resided in high elevations of the glaciated Bale Mountains
  34. Somali J1 sample on yfull
  35. DNA matches of Somalis
  36. The genetic landscape of Ethiopia
  37. Are Semitic/Cushitic Ethiopians genetically closer to Levantines than to Bantus?
  38. Adal sultanate/"Gragn" Ahmed a Somali, or Harari?
  39. How/what was the Swahilli language before it was "creolized" by Arabic?
  40. Afars, what groups are they genetically affiliated to?
  41. How old is the Erythrean Northeast Africans 'race' existed on earth
  42. How did pure South Cushitics gone extinct?
  43. Nubians/Arab Sudan
  44. Exaggerated diversity in Ethiopia.
  45. Boranas admixed or 'Cushitic'
  46. did the somali language and ethnicity form in the north or southern part of somalia?
  47. what modern day population is the closest proxy to the eurasian ancestry of cushitics
  48. Neolithic farmer DNA in Somalis
  49. Confusing DNA result
  50. do somalis have any iranian neolithic ancestry?
  51. Molecular and isotopic evidence for milk, meat, and plants in prehistoric...
  52. East African genes in India? or vice versa?
  53. When did the Ethiosemites receive their semitic admixture?
  54. Any genetic results from any Somali bantu?
  55. The Land of Punt
  56. why do i have more ETH_4500BP than the average somali?
  57. High Levels of Genetic Diversity within Nilo-Saharan Populations
  58. Is there any strong argument against a South Arabian origin of Ethio-Semitic?
  59. Was the Syrian God Hubal worshipped by Northern Somalis?
  60. Where did the Cushitic language originate?
  61. Quick question about the Beja
  62. Just how accurate is this thing? (Tolan Recent Ancestor - More Precise)
  63. Are the Somali Jiddu an assimilated Cushitic group?
  64. Modern Nilotic Dinka wrong proxy for ancient African admixture in East Africans?
  65. 'Ethiopian' affinities of Ethiopian Somalis
  66. Lack of lactase persistence alleles amongst South Sudanese Nilotic peoples
  67. Evidence of the interplay of genetics and culture in Ethiopia
  68. Has anyone seen any DNA results from the tombs in Axum or Yeha?
  69. Any J2a Horners?
  70. Ruined towns in Nugaal: a forgotten medieval civilisation in interior Somalia
  71. HG genomes reveal diverse demographic trajectories.. in E-Africa (Gopalan et al, 22')
  72. autosomal Natufian in Horn Africa
  73. Lactase persistence and rarity of sickle cell among Hutus in Rwanda/Burundi
  74. Central Sudanic peoples: their origin and genetics
  75. Genetic on South Ethio-semitic spekaers
  76. The Entwined African and Asian Genetic Roots of the Medieval Peoples of the Swahili C
  77. Most southern/western reach of Cushitic expansion?
  78. Cushitic ancestry in Bedouin b
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  80. 4000-year-old hair from the Middle Nile
  81. How good are the Somali reference samples used on 23andme?
  82. SLC24A5 in the horn
  83. Genetics of Sudanese Arabs