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  1. Genes mirror geography in Europe - Slovakia
  2. Genetics of Silesians and Wielkopolans
  3. Medieval mtDNA from Napole cemetery, Poland - Scandinavian?
  4. Teorie Paul Wexler
  5. W sprawie koni
  6. Wiosna
  7. Rugia - "skansen" słowiański ? [Rügen - culturally germanized, genetically Slavic ?]
  8. Y-DNA polskiego rycerstwa [Y-DNA of Polish knights - in Polish]
  9. Two "most Polish" Y-DNA subclades do not belong to R1a
  10. Genomiczna mapa Polski
  11. Please provide Y-haplogroup frequencies from a private Czech database
  12. "Jocz" surname - where did it come from?
  13. Poles (n=54) in Eurogenes K36
  14. Dziadkowie z Prow. Posen, Śląska, Prus Zach. i Wsch., Pomorza itp., ur. w prom. 80 km
  15. Early Medieval Czech DNA (years 600-900 AD)
  16. mtDNA research Poles?
  17. Ślązak bardziej Czechem niż Polakiem?
  18. Poles and Ukrainians!
  19. Nikola Tesla was not I2a but R1a
  20. Ethno-religious structure of pre-war North-East Poland
  21. Ancient DNA from chamber graves in Pień
  22. Winged Hussars, "Spartans" of cavalry
  23. Polish DNA Project
  24. Am I half Polish, or half a more interesting Slavic mixture?
  25. West Slavic R1b
  26. Polish communities in Eastern Europe
  27. Ethnic groups of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  28. Wielkopolska region and its people
  29. Food recipes from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  30. 1938 color film about Poland
  31. Poland under Mieszko I ca. 960-992 AD, video in English
  32. Polish & Czech languages, comparison
  33. Land of Drahim in West Pomerania
  34. Are Hungarians descended from local Scythians?
  35. West Slavic Tribes in the 8th century
  36. Slavic admixture in South Lithuania
  37. Slavic admixture in German samples on Global25
  38. Poland's marriage with the Baltic Sea
  39. Czech–German relations
  40. Polish Haitians
  41. Czech Population Genetics and Regional Differences
  42. Genetic differences between West & East Germans
  43. Why do Slovenes plot within Hungarians in PCAs
  44. Kolebka Słowian na Pomorzu, Kujawach i w Wielkopolsce