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  1. HBA39's results and discussion thread
  2. Help understanding results
  3. Steppe ancestry estimate on Gedmatch
  4. Getting G25 results
  5. Southeast Asia and Oceania - G25 map
  6. 1552 new African samples g25 [repost from africa g25 thread]
  7. Yusufzai swat Pashtun result rz93 haplogroup
  8. I need some results for Attock Pashtuns
  9. G25 Family Comparisons Results
  10. Update K15 PCA
  11. Some questions about Davidski G25 ancient model
  12. New G25 samples for Southeast Asians, Oceanians, and some Indian populations:
  13. can anyone please post the simulated basal eurasian G25 coordinates ?
  14. MDS plots for European modern individuals
  15. Balkanic people with qpAdm
  16. The 4 corners of Europe V5 (G25 scaled model)
  17. My results changed, is this normal?
  18. I got my G25 results and this is what they look like.
  19. Model for West Asians using G25 scaled
  20. UMAP of G25 ancient and modern samples of Europe and North Asia
  21. Having a dabble with the populations
  22. Are Szekely and Csango Hungarian or Romanian ethnically?
  23. Shared Segments: Common Ancestor?
  24. What is the difference between YourDNAPortal and GEDMatch?
  25. the genetic difference between nomadic bedouins and urban populations in arabia
  26. Incorporating individual samples when modelling oneself, or exclusively averages?
  27. European/Middle Eastern ancestry, REALLY need help interpreting autosomal DNA tests
  28. What is Penalty?
  29. G25 Ancestry
  30. Still I am looking for k15 averages!!!
  31. Is the basque WHG real WHG?
  32. Simple visualization of G25 25 dimensions
  33. R program with nMonte vs Vahaduo?
  34. Slim bens experimental model
  35. Scaled G25 Model with 4 PCA "extremes" European references +1 central reference.
  36. Help-me to find my great-grandpa
  37. My Gedmatch Results. How would you guys interpret them?
  38. MyHeritage updated results?
  39. Which country/region is KO1 in Eurogenes K15 Yourdnaportal?
  40. Just a coincidence?
  41. Admixture Studio and Gedmatch
  42. SNP length / shared SNP - what does it tell?
  43. Presence of Peninsular Arab in Southern Europeans
  44. Am I jewish admixed?
  45. Legitimacy of Haplogroup D inheritance
  46. My results from Geneplaza and Sequencing.
  47. Distance to average north africans populations, mixed VS canarians and ibérians
  48. Half venitian half french
  49. Which European countries would you consider to be the most diverse?
  50. Could someone help me with my results?
  51. 23andme G25 model (scaled)
  52. Latin American Calculator
  53. Fancy G25 PCA plot
  54. French gedmatch 23andme results
  55. G25 Admixture Calculators vs G25 PCA - which is better/more accurate?
  56. G25 Unscaled Results, average populations
  57. Mothers ancestry
  58. Mdlp K 23 it's very bad, for q mixing of 4/8 Lebanese,3/8 northItalian and 1/8 Brazil
  59. Oracles results G25 with all modern individuals, scaled
  60. East Asian admixture in Bengal
  61. My ‘traits’ never get accurately predicted
  62. Croatians and the Caucasus/West Asia
  63. Euclidean and Manhattan distance for Global 25
  64. Sites to upload raw data?
  65. Results from Brazil
  66. A set of coincidences or not?
  67. Slovenian roots?
  68. Does gencove still provide ancestry reports?
  69. Has anyone tried iMapDNA?
  70. Similarity between two people using K36
  71. Eurogenes K13 SSA admixture
  72. Global 25 open database project
  73. PC14 co-ordinates
  74. Finnish matches in Russian people
  75. Guanche
  76. Shell commands and R scripts for working with G25
  77. Has G25 been discontinued?
  78. Deep Ancestries Mediterranean Scaled Calculator
  79. Is 24genetics worth their price?
  80. My dads my true ancestry results.
  81. Does anyone else find secondary sites more accurate than commercial tests?
  82. Southern Italy, Dalmatians and match triangulation
  83. Ph2ter's Easter G25 PC Components On the Map
  84. Could my great grandfather have been Ashkenazi?
  85. Romanian matches with DNA.Land..
  86. Genetic difference between Arab Israeli Christians and Palestinian Christians?
  87. Eurogenes K13 next to 23andmes 5.9 estimate. Does it seem accurate to you guys?
  88. G25 Model for Eurasians
  89. Where do I get G25 coordinates?
  90. Gatty/Gatley
  91. K13 results from an Albanian (Gheg) from Montenegro + Vahadou
  92. Simulating G25 Coordinates for Historical Populations
  93. How much Germanic admixture does Iberians have?
  94. Which would you say is the better match?
  95. Ultimate World Deep Ancestry Scaled Calculator
  96. mytrueancestry royalty?
  97. What is the population reference for "West Asia" on GEDmatch calculators?
  98. What is everyone’s thoughts on DNA.Land?
  99. Does FTDNA allow the same data upload?
  100. Can a female take a DNA test?
  101. What’s the difference between distance and single on G25 Vahaduo?
  102. Help analysing PCA plot?
  103. What to do with full genome results
  104. R scripts for ADMIXTOOLS 2
  105. What other countries are genetically similar to those in the Balkans?
  106. Gedmatch - American Eurogenes K13 Results + Oracle
  107. Shell and R scripts for SmartPCA and ADMIXTURE
  108. Mother, son and cousin results of turkish ancestry
  109. A Gatti match at Geneanet
  110. atDNA what does 38cm signify
  111. Balkan Migration calculator by ph2ter 2021
  112. Is it worth taking another 23andme test?
  113. Tracing my Gatty ancestors
  114. Updated Tax de Similtude and Removed regions
  115. PCA as a moving gif from Neolithic to Bronze Age Europe
  116. central EU: Migration/Invasions and early Iron age admixture GEDmatch calculators/alt
  117. Test results from 6 different companies and GEDmatch Calculators
  118. Lack of Matches on Short Arm of ch. 14
  119. Organ Transplant effect on DNA results.
  120. YourDNAPortal updated oracles
  121. genomelink.io results - brand new - AA and Caribbean
  122. Yourdnaportal
  123. What does it mean to have many chromosomes in a specific region?
  124. YourDNAportal - Modern + Civilizations paid results:
  125. Bug fixed in Admixtools
  126. G25 Jewish Results (Greek Decents?)
  127. Spanish DNA
  128. Significant ancestry inheritance and DNA testing
  129. Celtic - Does Ulster Irish and Western Scot dna combine to as an Irish like signal?
  130. Slavic G25 ancient calculator by Feiichy
  131. What do you think about MDLP K22?
  132. Ethiohelix
  133. American Haplogroups
  134. Taino Sample
  135. Interesting mtdna find
  136. Was there ever a genetic cline between Europeans and Caucasians? And if not, why?
  137. YourDnaPortal MDLP World 22 Results
  138. yourDNAportal Ancient Near East K13 new resuts
  139. Sources of steppe ancestry in Anatolian, Fertile Crescent, and Caucasian populations?
  140. G25 Vahaduo - Separdic based on ?
  141. New way to get G25 coordinates
  142. How can I marry two G25 coordinates?
  143. RAW DATA explanation
  144. Anglo-Saxons were largely a group of immigrants unified by language and culture — no
  145. G25 scaled Results with average ancient populations
  146. G25 shows many Uralics to be genetically closer to Turkics than to most Euros?
  147. father gets Levant_Yehud_IBA in G25 -> Jewish admixture?
  148. Minor Native American scores among Polynesians on MyHeritage
  149. North Italian genetic structure
  150. The Thousand Polish Genomes Project - a national database of Polish variant allele
  151. Population structure of Brittany provides new insights on the introduction of steppe
  152. Summer 2021 G25 Ancient Eurocentric World Calculator - for fun
  153. All my autosomal results - comparing pictures
  154. West Asian/North African centered G25 calculator
  155. How ubiquitous near eastern ancestry in south asian populations?
  156. Why are Italians much closer to most Greeks than to Iberians?
  157. Is this model good enough for Albanians?
  158. British Isles "natives" post their commercial ethnicity estimates
  159. East Med, West Asia, Red Sea, South Asia
  160. Anyone with 1/4th levantine ancestry and 75 percent European ancestry?
  161. A question about MDLP k23b results
  162. Gedrosia K3 for G25 Scaled
  163. Do modern Albanians have post-Roman/Byzantine Near-Eastern ancestry?
  164. K36 ancient map question
  165. Studio Kit DNA Ancestry (Jewish results) totally recommend.
  166. Making drift-free northern European(Celtic, Baltic, Scandinavian, and Slavic) samples
  167. East Med/West Asia and european scores.
  168. MDLP K33 West Asian versus Caucasus
  169. Rethinking near eastern (read: levantine) ancestry in Mainland Greeks
  170. Results for a Bosnian Serb, not sure if anything is out of the ordinary. (Eurogenes)
  171. What is this signal proxying for?
  172. Excessive scandinavian on all GEDmatch and G25 calculators.
  173. PCA of some samples of some genome projects
  174. New Italian Samples from Isolated Populations