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  1. Upcoming DIY Eurogenes K7 & K8 Calculator & Oracles for tracking E Asian & ASI
  2. EHG and ANE
  3. Post MDLP K27 Results
  4. Why are Sicilians and southern Italians so similar genetically to Cretans?
  6. More West Asian/Middle Eastern than Maori?
  7. Iraqi girl need help interpreting my results plz :-)
  8. DNA Tribes is offering SNP admixture analysis on 23andMe, AncestryDNA & FTDNA
  9. Post your DNA Tribes SNP Results for Analysis
  10. My DNA Tribes SNP Results
  11. Iraqi Girl Posting my interesting findings & results I got from different projects..
  12. Afghan results ( not mine )
  13. Best Turnkey Service to Get in the Game?
  14. Post Genetic Genealogy Kit Autosomal Results
  15. PCC between Kostenki 14/Ust'-Ishim and modern Eurasian populations
  16. Which is more reliable..Gedmatch or 23andMe?
  17. Post your best matches with ancient genomes
  18. My countries of ancestry
  19. MDLP K12 beta
  20. MDLP K10 Ancient_Roots (beta)
  21. My MDLP k23b results
  22. Paternal/Maternal patterns within Chromosomes 1-22?
  23. Genome-wide data
  24. Ancestry Composition and Gedmatch
  25. WHG Component in Neolithic Anatolia
  26. Originhunters
  27. Neanderthal Origin SNPs
  28. Post your Euro7 (Dodecad)
  29. German Sinti Gypsy? GedMatch DNA results?
  30. My Ancestry DNA vs FTDNA
  31. Non Gedmatch calculators
  32. Tutorial – How to use DIY calculator files and oracle data sheets
  33. Eurogenes ANE K7?
  34. My Harappa World results
  35. Eurogenes K36 question
  36. Middle Eastern (XY Intersex female) results... any further explanation?
  37. Dstats against noise...
  38. Punjabi Ramgarhia results (UK)
  41. Genetic Structure of the East Asians
  43. How would close family effect your AC results?
  44. Admixture proportions and "noise"
  45. Help. Newbie to commerical service Autosomal testing.
  46. What is the basis for saying 23andMe gives the best results?
  47. SEGMENTS not SNP's?
  49. Eurasia K19 ADMIXTURE run
  50. Eurasia K16 Admixture Run
  51. DIY Calculator with PASNP data
  52. MDLP K13 Ultimate beta-calculator
  53. Asians, please post your ancestry results and Dodecad K7b results.
  54. Distribution map of people carrying a red hair mutation in Eurafrasia
  56. Post World 25 Admixture Results
  57. Admixture K10 Run for Asians
  58. Post your Gedmatch calculator Gedrosia 12 results
  59. which calculator is best for mixed 'race'/ethnic people
  60. Greeks with Slavic Ancestry and Without
  61. Help determining Norwegian DNA match with Bulgarian
  62. More than just British isles?
  63. Gedmatch question.
  64. Which calculators measure ancient ancestry and which measure recent ancestry?
  65. Some Native Americans have West Eurasion DNA.
  66. Gedmatch oracle question?
  67. [Split] Genetics, Anthropology & History of S-C Asian Ethnicities
  68. Post Gedrosia 11 - Kalash Results
  69. What can Autosomal DNA tests tell you?
  70. Sikeliot and mother's FTDNA MyOrigins results!
  71. Autosomal heritage GEDMATCH
  72. Eskimo DNA????? Please explain
  73. What is Basal Eurasian?
  74. MDLP K13 crowd funding
  75. Which country or countries in Africa might my minor SSA percentage be from?
  76. Eurogenes Uralic genes Analysis
  77. East Med and West Asian populations at Gedmatch
  78. Homozygoty
  79. a tools site
  80. Oracles map
  81. Felix's Genetic geneology kit
  82. Upcoming "Ancients" calculators
  83. In your opinion, what is the most accurate calculator and why?
  84. Shared IBD Segments With Cousins and Grandmother's Paternity
  85. Eurasia 14 - Neolithic Calculator
  86. Autosomal substructure in W & S Asians
  87. Post your GedrosiaDNA Eurasia K14 Neolithic Results Here
  88. Post Eurasia 14 Ancient/Modern Oracles
  89. How much of a caveman are you?
  90. Accessing Genomes from Turkey
  91. Do most Spaniards have any North African admixture?
  92. Eurogenes K36 Fennoscandian Component Compare
  93. Interpretation of Results? (Eurogenes K15)
  94. ANE - West Eurasian?
  95. autosomal exercise
  96. Post your Eurogenes K9b Results
  97. Chromosome #22
  98. Gedrosia K15 Admixture Calculator
  99. Best Test For ANE Ancestry
  100. E Eurasian vs W Eurasian
  101. which gedmatch tests are best for mixed people in your opinion
  102. Eurasia K3 Calculator
  103. European admix in Non-Euro West Eurasians
  104. Mediterranean component in Near Easterners
  105. Interpret Admix Results
  106. Help Interpreting Results
  107. If Sicilians have significant Greek ancestry, then why...
  108. puntDNAL K11 Ancient
  109. Germanic Admixture in Deutschland
  110. Large Discrepancies Between 23andme, DNA Land, and Gedmatch
  111. Help with Ancient Matches
  112. Are there are actually two different Mongol groups genetically in terms of aDNA?
  113. New Calculator Eurasia 11 - CHG - NAF
  114. Post your matching segments with CHG
  115. Forensics teams using DNA to reconstruct faces
  116. My Koshur Kashmiri / (Rajput?) Story
  117. What group will be genetically closest to my friend and where would he cluster on PCA
  118. Middle Eastern Ancestry?
  119. Phasing with gedmatch
  120. Post Eurasia 10 CHG Results
  121. Maps of puntDNAL K8 African only components
  122. Post matching segments with these ancients
  123. Post your Eurasia K11 CHG-NAF Admixture Proportions
  124. Centromere Locations
  125. Comparing your DNA to 1000 genomes ?
  126. Discussion: how much can WGS variant data improve admixture calculators?
  127. Does African admixture always mean it is actually African?
  128. Help (Family Finder Results)
  129. Neanderthal dna admixture test
  130. My IBD Segments With Finns
  131. Smaller IBD segments and MRCA estimations
  132. My East-Asian is not entirely South-Asian owed?
  133. I Discovered the Red hair Gene!!!
  134. K8-CHG Test Results
  135. Upcoming Eurasia ASI / CHG calculator
  136. Who are Sicilians descended from?
  137. Upcoming update to the puntDNAL K11
  138. Interpretation of 2 Gedmatch Tests
  139. Post Eurasia 9 ASI / CHG results
  140. Gedmatch Admixture help? Pretty please?
  143. Post your Neandertal alleles count (Interpretome)
  144. Gedrosia K3 🤔
  145. Help analyzing GEDMatch results please?
  146. Are there any Autosomal DNA statistics for endogamous groups?
  147. How many are AG or AA on rs12442916?
  148. An alternative for 4Mix
  149. Post your PaleoCalc K11 results
  150. Gedmatch results of an Early Farmer from Anatolia
  151. Distribution maps of PaleoCalc K11 components
  152. Satsurblia-based CHG ancestry might not really exist
  153. Eurogenes K13 Chromosome Results
  154. Gedrosia results - Russian/Siberia ancestry
  155. Gedrosia results - Russian/Siberia ancestry
  156. Is the Neolithic Anatolian Farmer a MENA or European component?
  157. Which project/calculator for Saudi/Arabian?
  158. Gedmatch not coinciding with FTDNA?
  159. MDLP K13 Ultimate Strange Results
  160. A Way of Calculating Europeanness
  161. Genes for Good Results
  162. Help me figure out my Grandmother's results and match
  163. Autosomal portrait of a familial clan from northern France
  164. Question about autosomal DNA of Xiaohe mummies
  165. American Presidents: Brown eyes (almost) need not apply
  166. Matching on gedmatch?
  167. puntDNAL K12 Modern
  168. Member IBS & Dstat Resutls
  169. Can someone help me analyze my DNA Tribes SNP report?
  170. Caucasian Ancestry of W & S Asians
  171. Chromosome 6 HLA Region
  172. Looking for Project manager..
  173. Calling out all West Melanesians - Eastern Indonesians!
  174. How to Use nMonte
  175. A new tool. post your results
  176. On average what percentage of my ancestry is subsaharan african and mixed?
  177. 500K SNP Member IBS Comparisons
  178. AIMs'experiment: part II
  179. Estimate your East Eurasian ancestry with Ethiohelix K10+Japanese .
  180. Red Tracer DNA Test for the Red Hair Variants
  181. ADMIXTURE K6 & K7 Transversion results
  182. Gene associated with gray hair discovered.
  183. AIM experiment part III: AncestrySNPMiner
  184. Why do Balochs, Brahuis score very low North Euro compared to other NW South Asians?
  185. Ancient Chinese ancestry?
  186. Can DNA test admixture percentages tell if I'm a normal White American?
  187. Confused about Gedmatch calculators
  188. Is this indicative of Native American ancestry - Results from PuntDNAL K12
  189. Gauging East Asian ancestry in Ashkenazim: a calculator study
  190. What are the odds of inheriting no DNA from a great, great, great grandparent?
  191. Using the 2-D Chromosome Browser for Ashkenazi ancestry
  192. Calculator to test for Negrito admixture?
  193. Unveiling the Ancestors of Middle Easterners
  194. Post your Papuan, Kalash and South Indian scores on Eurasia K11-CHG-NAF.
  195. Spacial Ancestral Analysis: maps by chromosome
  196. Is there high IBD sharing between Armenia and Sicily?
  197. Human adaptation and population differentiation in the light of ancient genomes
  198. I can prove that the original UK people come from N.Spain just with my gedmatch kit.
  199. questions about dna segments (in regards to matching)
  200. upcoming puntDNAL K10 update
  201. reliability of short segment matching?
  202. Post your AfriCalc K12 results [DIYDodecad calculator]
  203. DIY calculators and people without advanced computer skills
  204. Eurogenes K13 Results for Western Iberians
  205. Genetically Speaking, You’re More Like Your Dad (?)
  206. Paleolithic ancestry in modern Europeans.
  207. Question: how long can traits be carried through generations showing
  208. Ancestry of Peruvians
  209. Could someone help me interpret this D-stat?
  210. Large IBD Segments That Cross Centromeres
  211. Are Welsh people a restricted gene pool, autosomally?
  212. Effective population size of Slavs before the Migration Period
  213. Are Austroasiatics and Paniyas the most East Eurasian genetically of South Asians?
  214. Minor populations
  216. Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds
  217. My garbage DNA tribes str results
  218. Can Noise Be Found On The Same Locations On Chromosomes Consistently?
  219. Largest IBD Segments That You Share With Finnish People
  220. Do many matches on a segment always equal IBS?
  221. Post your results from all commercial companies + Eurogenes K13 + known background
  222. Gedmatch calculator result analysis? Help trying to pinpoint ancestry
  223. New puntDNAL GLOBAL22DNA
  224. Small segment high snp matches?
  225. Is Gedmatch one to one buggy?
  226. Gedmatch one to many vs one to one-- what is a real match?
  227. Genetic Variation of the Human Populace
  228. Where does my South_Indian on gedmatch come from?
  229. Gedmatch triangulation tool; can't grasp it.
  230. North African Berber results
  231. Prevalence of chimeras and implications for DNA testing?
  232. Natural selction in Britain during the last 2000 years
  233. Newb question about fst distances and proximity
  234. Dnagen match graph
  235. Analysis of a northern french
  236. Analysis of an East Anglian
  237. Colonial American Grandmother's 23andme Results
  238. How vald is the less than 2% equals noise rule ?
  239. Why does this persian+azer+georgian mix have high hindu kush ancestry?
  240. Welsh/West Country Kale Romani heritage markers and kits?
  241. My heritage is adding free dna matching
  242. FF matching thresholds being lowered
  243. How many autosomal Finnish matches do you have?
  244. Question about possible red hair SNPs
  245. Sub-Saharan autosomal and mtdna input in Madeira and Azores islands, Portugal.
  246. British Celts have more steppe ancestry than British English
  247. Post your 23andMe Y-DNA Relatives Matches
  248. Post your 23andMe mt-DNA Relatives Matches
  249. Which chromosome painting/admixture utility do you trust more?
  250. Is there a way to extract chromosome start-stop segments from Eurogenes/MDLP models?